Thursday, 9 January 2014

Classic Zombie Map Layouts from from Black Ops 1 & 2 - Call Of Duty Black Ops

Going back to older Zombie Map Layouts In COD Black Ops 1 and 2.

Hi guys,

This post features map layouts from:
  • Tranzit - Black Ops 2
  • Kino-Der-Toten - Black Ops
  • Moon - Black Ops
  • The Five - Black Ops

Just trying to get as many detailed maps as I can now about even older maps that some people still play on their Xbox 360's and on the PC versions of Black Ops incase they are having trouble or difficulty finding their way around.

I wont go into detail about all of the secrets in each map and redrawing them in Microsoft Paint or in FPS Creator, but I will reference other peoples maps which they created themselves, long before I started the idea for this blog. I hope you enjoy them as some are very high quality much better than mine I think some are:

Tranzit Map Layout - Black Ops 2 from

Kino-Der-Toten map layout - Black Ops from

Moon Level Layout for Black Ops 2 from Image Shack User in the US

The Five map level layout from user

Thanks for reading guys and I hope this was useful to some of the guys and gals who like playing the classic maps from time to time on either PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.



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