Sunday, 4 May 2014

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Watch the trailer here released 4th November 2014!

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Sledgehammer games news

Out November 4th November 2014!

Hi guys,

Well the news has come a lot sooner than we expected about the new Call Of Duty game that is being called Advanced Warfare. We do not know however if this will be the actual title when it will be released as they are just teasing us with this trailer at the minute featuring none other than the awesome Kevin Spacey!

The trailer had somehow got leaked onto youtube by accident as it was not supposed to be aired until this Sunday the 4th May. This pictures are obviously not of the highest resolution and look like they maybe have been taken of the screen while the video was playing or someone has done a bit of shoddy job doing a screenshot and lost some quality in the compression of it. It could also be very early game footage even though it may be nearly completed, it hasn't been fully polished yet.

Anyway who cares about that for now its KEVIN SPACEY who is a very good actor in films and hopefully it will transfer across his energy and emotions etc and talent into the game as well.

From the link apparently Spacey in it says:

"In the video storyline, The House of Cards star, features as the head of a private military corporation that has attacked the United States.

Earlier this week, there was also an Instagram teaser posted shortly before the full trailer was leaked.

In it Spacey speaks to the camera in an extreme close-up. "Power determines who is right," he says.

"I have the power, so I'm right.

The video closes with the Microsoft and Xbox One logos, followed by date the new Call of Duty game will be revealed."

Enjoy the teaser and looking forward to seeing what other teasers are released the closer we get to release date. I am eagerly waiting to see what is in place of zombies or extinction this time as it is going to have to live up to one hell of a lot of expectations from people.



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