Saturday, 20 December 2014

Nacht Der Untoten FREE PDF Download Guide From COD Zombified - Call Of Duty Easter Eggs, Secrets and Map Layouts

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 Five --- Kino  Der Toten ---  Shangri La --- Verruckt --- Call Of The Dead --- Nuketown Zombies --- The Moon --- Shi No Numa --- Nacht Der Untoten -- Die Riese

Hi guys,

Due to the limits of App Inventor 2 from MIT, making a Call Of Duty Zombified App had proven a little bit difficult. This is due to the sheer amount of information that needed to be included in the App which basically caused my phone to wanna jump out the window when it saw the download coming for it.

SO instead I have tried making my own PDF documents. They are downloadable or can simply be viewed online via Google Drive. I have only shared them so that they can be viewed, but cannot be changed but anyone but myself. I know I feel like a spy going all secret super hacker security safe on them but I like them the way they are.

Check out the layout of the documents, they should be easy enough to read on any PC, Mobile or Tablet device. This is the layout of the first PDF document which covers Nacht Der Untoten:

Access, View and Download the Nacht Der Untoten Guide here:

I will be doing a PDF for every single level over the next month and hopefully they will be finished at the end of January. It is fast creating them as a lot of the content for older maps is taken frmo the Call Of Duty Wiki, where the newer maps which I have covered will include all my blog tips as well. I will also try to include links to videos within the documents, as they are interactive PDF documents, meaning links can be clicked inside them which will open up your Mobile, Tablet or PC defaults Web Browsers Automatically.

These documents are FREE to download and FREE to share with anyone!

Thank you for reading guys always a pleasure :)


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