Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Verruckt FREE PDF Download Guide From COD Zombified - Call Of Duty Easter Eggs, Secrets and Map Layouts

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 Five --- Kino  Der Toten ---  Shangri La --- Verruckt --- Call Of The Dead --- Nuketown Zombies --- The Moon --- Shi No Numa --- Nacht Der Untoten -- Die Riese

Hi guys,

Here is the second PDF guide I have created for all the past Zombie Maps that have existed so far in the Call Of Duty Universe!

The first one I created is for Nacht Der Untoten which the link for can be found at the top of this post. The document is available on Google Drive to view only and can be downloaded for free to your Tablet, PC or Mobile device for quick reference when playing the game.

To view the PDF for Verruckt online simply visit:

I recommend playing the older maps again if bored as there are so many secrets and easter eggs to find that you may have missed some on the first few play throughs. Zombies, no matter what map, never bores me and it probably never will, which means its a game that will always be a classic in my eyes and never die......kinda just like a zombie?

To view the PDF for Verruckt simply click below:

Thanks for reading guys


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