Friday, 2 January 2015

Shi No Numa Call Of Duty Zombies Classic Map PDF Guide - Easter Eggs, Secrets and Map Layout

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Hi guys,

Here is the classic FREE PDF Guide for Shi No Numa zombies level, available to view online and download for FREE on your desktop PC, tablet or mobile device.

This was a very addictive map and inttroduced the 4 heroes that would feature in multiple zombie levels, including the  last one, "Origins" which is my favorite zombie map to date. What will the Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies bring on January 27th? We will have to wait and see and hope they don't screw it up like Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction mode did!

Little did the four characters in this map know that they would become legends in their own right in the actual game and in the real world as they are so memorable the characters. They are a bunch of arse kicking, zombie head chopping killing machines that like a laugh along the way....who doesn;t when they are working? 

They are of course Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and chief zombie azz kicker Edward Richtofen. Take a bow chaps we salute you.

To view and download the document online, click here:

Here is a small video showing the location of the Meteor in this map and one of the radio locations. Several more videos follow on in this series to show more secrets so watch them all:

Thanks for visiting and reading guys, I will be creating the Maps for Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies the same day it comes out or the following day. Watch this space!


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