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Exo Zombies Infection Easter Egg Guide and Walkthrough - COD ZOMBIFIED

Hidden Song: Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Infection Easter Egg Walkthrough: Part 1 --- Part 2
--- Part 3

Map Areas: Hoard More --- Value Voltage / Gas Station --- Atlas Command Centre --- Sewers Upper Level ---

Hi guys,

here is the Easter Egg for the Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Map INFECTION, from the Ascendence DLC. It is not as hard as some of the other Zombies Easter Egg's, which is a good thing, as some are so hard you would chew your own arm off in frustration, whether you had turned into a zombie or not!

This one is a lot easier of course with 4 players as this map is not easy to be honest as the zombies seem more agile, more smarter and the huge one in the juggernaut armour terrifies me everytime he appears. Just the sound of him appearing makes me want to surrender as soon as I hear him coming!

Anyway lets show you how to complete the MEAT IS MURDER Easter Egg and get this level done and dusted.


Retrieve the Golden Frying pan from the girder on the roof of Hoard More, the level initial spawn area. To do this you will first need your Exo Suit from the sewers to jump up and hold X or Square to grab it. When you do it will be added to your inventory. You guessed it, we are going to cook up a storm in Burger Town with this pan, all we need is an oven to get this party started.


You need to go into the sewers and start doing some pipe hunting. Thats right you heard me, this rare beast that roams the sewers is very elusive, but with the right pair of eyes, you will find them. You need to find 4 yellow pipes that have an orange wheel valve on them to activate. Once activated, they will slowly start to turn their wheels, when they have stopped turning, you know that pipe is activated so move onto the next PRONTO!

Step 3

Once the 4 pipes have been activated in the sewers, go to the part of the sewers which has the waterfall flowing. As you have probably noticed before, you can get behind the waterfall but there was a solid wall in its place. Go there now and you will see that a secret chamber has opened up to reveal another room. 

In the room you will see an altar which you place the Frying Pan onto. In doing this, the altar will collapse to the floor and the pan will remain on it on the floor. You kill zombies in this area and you will see the sunken area in the floor fill up with blood, when you kill enough zombies, the altar will raise again and it will allow you to pick up the frying pan again and continue on.....just don't cook your dinner with it without washing it first!

Step 4

Head to Burger Town and place the frying pan on top of the oven in the kitchen. Now you will need to find 4 pieces of meat that are scattered around the 4 areas of the map. There is one in Burger Town, One in Atlas Command, One in Value Voltage and one in the Sewers. They spawn in different locations each time, however there are some common spawn locations you will start to notice when you have played the map a few times. ONLY ONE PIRCE OF MEAT SPAWNS AT A TIME.

 The meat looks like this below:

When you get the meat, run back to Burger Town and place it on the frying pan. You will see the meat you have added physically in the pan when you add it like below:


When all 4 pieces of meat are on the pan sizzling away, go to the 3D printer and get the MAGNATRON MICROWAVE GUN which is this levels special weapon. Go back to the Burger Town kitchen and cook the meat the highest tech way a piece of meat has ever been cooked before :). When you cook it you will hear a loud noise when it is done and it will burst into flames.

Now lets move on to STEP 6 in the next post

Thanks for reading as always guys


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