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Map Layouts: -- Main Spawn -- Lab A Perimeter -- LAB A Swamp -- Laboratory A -- LAB B Perimeter -- Laboratory B -- Laboratory B Swamp -- Bunker -- AA Gun -- Docks

Secrets:  -- Gas Mask -- Skull of Nan Sapwe -- Zombie Shield -- KT4 Wonderweapon -- Masamune (KT4 Upgrade) -- Musical -- Golden Bucket -- Spider Bait --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hey Guys,
here is the third and final part of the Zetsubou No Shima Easter Egg Guide Enjoy, and if you get to the ending cut scene, don't lose your head! 
Step 9 - COGnitive Electro-Therapy
By now, all players should have completed the personal challenges set by the pillars near the start of this Easter Egg Guide. You will know if all players have completed their personal challenges, 3 in total for each player in the game, as the SKULL SHRINE will constantly be struck by lightning every so often...shocking I know, but wait for it..... the next bit is electrifying.
You need to have the SHIELD built also by this point and you will use it to absorb the lightning that is striking the skull shrine. Stand on the skull shrine platform with the shield equipped and let it hit you. When it does, you will notice that the shield becomes electrified. What this allows you to do is access and electrocute interactive objects within the level.
The electrified shield is also used in a part for the KT4 Upgrade. However, we are using it in this instance to get the 3rd Cog Part. To get this third cog, we will need to use the zip line near LAB A, but before we can access the zipline, we need to hit the control panel at the zip line with the electrified shield to short it out.
Shorting out the control panel opens up the zipline safety gates that are currently closed. When they open, simply hop onto the zip line and slide down until you see a platform underneath, when you do, press back on the left thumb stick of your controller to drop down into the secret area where you can pick up the 3rd cog piece without putting a hair outta place....easy!
If playing in Co-op mode, this way of getting to the 3rd Cog Part differs slightly. In co-op you need to take the zipline from the Top area of LAB A, then have someone with the ELCTRIFIED SHIELD melee the zipline box by the docks once the player coming down the zipline from the top, is over the secret area. If they melee the box at the docks at the right time, the player will fall down into this secret area and be able to pick up the COG as normal.
MAKE SURE YOU CAN TRUST THE PERSON AT THE DOCKS to activate the control panel at the precise time to drop down. If you do it wrong you will fall off the map and die. You will need to wait to the next round to spawn with all your guns and perks etc gone :(.
Step 10 - This is easier to put together than flat pack furniture!
Once you have picked up the 3rd cog, make your way back to the BUNKER AREA and to the secret door which you made disappear with the Skull of Nan Sapwe. Here you will find a huge gearbox style mechanism which you attach the cogs back onto by holding the USE BUTTON on them. This will make the lift functional again by putting all the missing cogs back into place.
Fixing the elevator means that it is good to go and taking it down will reveal another new area. HOWEVER, you will need to have built the GAS MASK first before you can go down here as you can see a green type of gas rising from the ground which can down a player very quickly if you do not have the GAS MASK equipped. Also make sure you have some very good upgraded weapons INCLUDING THE UPGRADED KT4, perks and equipment before you head down so you are prepared for what you are about to run into.
Step 11 - I'd Like to see the Boss of this Establishment
When you make your way down the elevator you will come into a room filled with gas, which is where building the GAS MASK came in, which allows you to walk through the gas unharmed.
Find the corridor which has the large glowing vines blocking the way and equip the upgraded KT4 Wonder Weapon. Do a charged shot and blow your way through these vines and they will lead you to the final boss fight area.
Step 12 - Wakey Wakey Time Mr Boss Man
When you get into this area as soon as you clear the vines from the corridor you came down, you will see the boss behind what looks like some iron bars. What you need to do to activate him is fire a shot from the upgraded KT4 Masamune and hit him on his left arm which contains a spore that you can see. This probably stings like hell and is probably the reason why he wants to knock your block off....seems fair enough.
When the boss is activated, tons of thrasher zombies, normal zombies and spiders will begin attacking you non stop like they are gonna rock ....rock ....around the clock. We however have more important things to do than just kill never ending respawning zombies. What you need to do is run around this area killing as many enemies as you can, all the while checking the boss who is stuck in the iron bars and keeping an eye out for another spore that will eventually appear.
Whoever has the MASAMUNE in the game has to shoot that spore each time it appears every so often. This how damage is inflicted onto the boss, but the more damage you do to him, the more enemies will spawn. They will not let you kill the boss easily as he is the one pays the cheques and bills.
Each time you hit a spore, a MAX AMMO will drop so don't worry if your running low by the time the next spore shows up, shoot it ASAP and get your weapons back to full strength. After a few spores have reappeared and you have shot them a number of times on the boss, it will trigger the end cut scene and you can finally chill and relax as you have just earned yourself the "Seeds of Doubt".
The end cutscene is very interesting regarding the other Takeo....just don't lose your head over the ending.
If unsure about any steps of the Easter Egg, check out MRDALEKJD's video below:


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