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Zetsubou No Shima Map Layout LAB B Perimeter - Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hi guys,

here is the map layout for the LAB B Perimeter, which consists of two areas, for Zetsubou No Shima zombies in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. This area does not have a lot of room so watch out for tight spaces and corridors that you may get swamped in by a zombie horde. You can get into this area straight away by opening the first door on the right of the MAIN SPAWN AREA.

I think the saying goes 4 heads are better than one? this area as it contains the MAIN SKULL SHRINE which houses all 4 skulls that need to be placed on each of the shrines dotted around the map, which corresponds to that skulls symbol.

Lets see what the area looks like from above for LAB B PERIMETER:

This area has a few key features to note such as:

4 Skull Shrine

Use the 4 skulls to match their corresponding symbols to the shrines dotted around this level. Pick up a skull, check the symbol on it,  and take it to the corresponding area that has that symbol on its skull shrine. Place the skull on it and you will initiate a spawn of zombies hell bent on only destroying the shrine itself rather than you. While they are doing this however, the normal zombies will spawn within the round you are in so watch your back. One zombie may not attack you but one may surprise you and take a chunk out of your arm when you least expect it....don't be on the lunch menu!

To help you out, here are the 4 symbols that the skulls have on them:

Personal Challenges on the Pillars around the Shrine

As part of the Main Easter Egg, each player must complete their own personal challenges before continuing a certain part of the Easter Egg, if 2 or more players are playing, everyone has to complete their own personal challenges, on solo mode, you only need to complete the 3 given to your character.
Walk up to the pillars around the SKULL SHRINE and you will only be able to look at the ones that apply to you so check all of them. Some of the tasks you may be asked to do include:
  • Use the Fan Trap to Kill 20 Zombies
  • Kill 10 Spore Infected Zombies with headshots
  • Kill 3 zombies as they are mutating
as well as many others so just keep track of which ones you have completed and have still to do. Once completed each one will flash on the screen notifying you which one has been done. This is part of the MAIN EASTER EGG and must be completed to finish this map.
Other things in these two areas include:
  • Perk Machine
  • LCAR-9 machine pistol
  • Argus shotgun
  • 2 Seed Planters
  • 4 Skull Shrine
  • Mystery Box Location
  • Access to Bunker
  • Access to Lab B Swamp
  • Access to Main Spawn Area

Thanks for reading as always guys


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