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Gorod Krovi How to build the Dragon Strike "Crystal" Guide - Black Ops 3 Zombies

Map Layouts: Belsinki Square --  Department Store -- Armory --
Tank Factory -- Infirmary -- Supply Depot -- Operations Bunker -- Dragon Command

Buildables: Dragon Shield --

Secrets: Musical "Dead Ended" -- Drone Hat / Mask -- Pack A Punch -- Dragon Strike Crystal -- Gauntlet Of Siegfried -- Wrench -- Axe -- Malice --  Musical "Ace Of Spades" -- Musical "Samantha's Lullaby" --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Hi guys,

here is the guide on how to get the Dragon Strike Controller in Gorod Krovi which rains down bombs on the flesh eating zombies below, within a designated area. You designate the area you want the bomb strike to happen in with a marker and wherever you place it, it will attract zombies to it like catnip. Once they get there, they are not getting a reward or a treat, but a 50lb artillery shell or green energy burst to the head! It is almost like a type of artillery where you designate your target and wait for the rain, or pain, to fall.


It only has one use per round but can be great when you train a huge cluster of zombies together and are either low on ammo or just want to see a good fireworks show. You get it by heading over to the PACK A PUNCH ROOM. If you are not sure how to access this room then check out my PACK A PUNCH GUIDE to see how, Once you activate this Easter Egg, you will not be able to leave the Pack A Punch room until you complete 3 or 4 rounds and waves of zombies coming at you, which also includes mechanised zombies. Yes these are a special 3 or 4 rounds that restrict you to Pack A Punch and forces you to complete the zombies sick game.

Want to know how to get it? Course you do otherwise you would not be here...lets go.

Step 1 - Punch me don't slap me...its the only way and the only step!

So in order to get the Dragon Strike Controller its very simple, make your way over to Pack A Punch by calling the dragon via one of the terminals on the roof's of the buildings dotted around the map and "yee haw" your way on over to the Pack A Punch building. Your character will automatically exit the dragon and dive off its back into the hole in the roof, and you will now be in the Pack A Punch room.

Head all the way to the top floor of this building and you will find there is a crystal encased in a kind of stasis device. Hole the Use button on the crystal and it will initiate a silent alarm that will trigger 3 or 4 waves of zombies continuously attacking you from every window there is a gap in. You can tell if you have activated the waves of zombies as you will notice a RED flashing warning light indicating your currently performing the release of the crystal as well as some mechanised zombies attacking you as well.

Once you have killed all the zombies, you will notice all the barriers on all the windows will also lift and if you head back up to the top floor of the Pack A Punch building, the stasis shield surrounding the Dragon Strike Crystal will now be lowered and allow you to pick it up without your hand being burnt off by hot plasma.
Picking up the Crystal will also open a new room allowing you to now exit the Pack A Punch room when you like. It leads down into the basement and allows the player to exit the building via a open sewer mains hatch, where it will send you on a fantastic water slide ride, and spot you out like a fish back at the MAIN SPAWN AREA.

You are now the proud owner of the Dragon Strike Crystal / Controller! If you are still a bit unsure how to get this Dragon Strike Crystal, watch Herp's Youtube channel video below for a clear walkthrough:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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