Sunday, 21 August 2016

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare "Zombies In Space" Zombie Map Video Teaser AWESOME!

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare - Zombies in space
The new Zombies map reminds me of the movie Zombieland the end scene at the fair ground. This zombies map gives off a shockingly great feeling that is that 80's vibe with kick ass music from Frankie Goes to Hollywood singing "Relax Don't Do It" which is a killer song from the 80's.
The whole map has a few little sneek peek at a few things like the monkey bomb appears to be replaced with a ghetto blaster, beatbox, whatever you like to call it, and causes the zombies to break dance and bust a few moves before....being busted up them selves with an explosive charge going off in their face which is attached to the side of the beat box.
A trap also noticed on the dance floor with the glowing squares is that the Disco Ball turns into a multi spinning laser which disintegrates all athe zombies on the dance floor.....thats one way to clear it without any bad dance moves I guess.
The 4 characters are definitely retro 80's style and are called:
Andre, Poindexter, Sally and A.J.
It looks like a lot of fun and I am sure a lot of the best bits have not been shown and could be introduce a fresh and much more fun and chilled atmosphere to zombies. The soundtrack enough is enough to get me to buy it! Enjoy!
Here is the official Trailer from Call Of Duty Youtube Channel:


  1. I'm gonna be totally honest-- I laughed when I first saw the trailer. I feel like CoD is getting more and more ridiculous. hahaha. Awesome post.

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  2. Hi Tyler, thanks for the message I will reply now to your email address as I have used your website a few times to keep track of various game related news and think its great.

    I also laughed my head off at the Trailer, your absolutely rightist getting insane the ideas they are coming up with these days, they definitely must have some very creative people working over time to come up with the next theme for a zombies map.

    I will email you now with a few questions about posting to your website. Thanks