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Revelations Musical Easter Egg 1 "The Gift" - Black Ops Zombies

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Hi guys,

Here we find out the locations of the Musical Teddy bears in Revelations Zombies for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, in order to activate the awesome rock song entitled "The Gift". As soon as the song starts playing, connect to your surround sound bar, crank up the volume and let it belt out across the air waves until it is finished it is so good......that your neighbours won't even complain about the noise, they be too busy enjoying it!

Lets find out where this rock star teddy bear hangs out in the map and how we can get to listen to some musical perfection by finding him a total of 3 times in Revelations.

"Pull up a Chair" - Mob of the Dead / Origins Location

From the main spawn, if you head left and keep going as far as you can around the outer left wall of the map, you will come to the origins map section. Simply open the Door that has floating debris and head down underground in "Origins" and follow the lefy tunnel underneath until you come to the "Mob of the Dead" section.

You will find the teddy sitting on a stool looking slightly bewildered. beside a wooden wheelchair. Simply hold the USE button on the Teddy bear when you find him and a noise will play indicating you have successfully activated this location.

"The Search Continues" - Verruckt, Sitting on Wheel Chair

We can now head on through the "Mob of the Dead" area to the jump pad that leads to the "Verruckt" area. Simple head on past the first teddy bear, then go down the first set of steps heading down and into the CAFETERIA AREA. Hitch a ride to Verruckt on the Jump Pad from here.

When we arrive in Verruckt, a brief search by heading 90 degrees left and running across several corridors and crumbled walls, we come to the edge of this area and in this room, you will see the teddy bear on a wheel chair waiting to be given a hug. Its as if he met you in Mob of the Dead, then done a runner to the other area and got there before you did to mess with your head. If he is as fast as I suspect he is, he could give Mo Farah a run for his money ending up here so quick.

Again, simply hold the USE button on the Teddy bear when you find him and a noise will play indicating you have successfully activated this location.

"Teddy Of The Opera" - Kino Der Toten location

When we have the Verruckt Teddy, make your way through Verruckt to the jump pad that leads to the "Kino Der Toten" area. The teddy in this area is sitting in front of the main stage area, with the best seat in the house, the front row.

Simply do what you do best, go up to him and simply press the USE button and the song will play.

If your unsure about any of the steps in this guide, check out MrRoflWaffles video on Youtube here:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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