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Revelations Secret Melee Weapons Guide - Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Hi guys,

here are the time attack challenges details that you need in order to get the secret melee weapons that are in Revelation Zombies in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. Each of the weapons are available at the top of the Shangri-La temple and materialise on the wooden weapons board for you to purchase if you wish. They range from a delightfully black Friday deal of only 100 credits up to 500, less than half price :).

Each of the weapons cost and does varying degrees of damage to rotting zombie flesh.

  • Complete 5 rounds in under 5 minutes
  • Costs 100 credits to purchase from weapons board

When you complete this task, you will see the above badge appear confirming that the Nunchucks are now available to purchase. Get your Ninja skills topped up and use zombies as a Nunchuck punch bag. Just make sure not to hit yourself round the back of your head and knock yourself out.....that would just be just embarrassing.

Here are the Nunchucks in action. When they start swinging, the bodies hit the floor from the first swing:

Skull Splitter
  • Complete 10 rounds in under 12 minutes
  • Costs 200 credits to purchase from weapons board


When you complete this task, you get the very sharp angular looking instrument of death. Its very good at caving zombie skulls into a fine paste. Just don't hold this when there is lightning around, as its all metal, you might regret it.



Sometimes when you hit the zombies on the head with it, it counts almost like a headshot as the head goes flying off like a pinball bouncing around when it hits the ground. This is one piece of weaponry you do not want to lose your head over. Be prepared for zombie blood vomit all over your best suit as each time you hit them, blood sprays everywhere as you can see:


Buzz Cut
  • Complete 15 rounds in under 19 minutes
  • Costs 300 credits to purchase from weapons board

This buzz cut is a "cut"....above the rest of the other weapons, excuse the bad pun there. It is probably not what your local hardware and tool supplier either in Walmart, B & Q, Homebase etc. would expect you to use a replacement buzz saw blade for. They probably thought thought you were building a shed, modifying doors or planks of wood....not scalping or decapitating undead zombies. Everything however I guess has multiple uses.

This is a very dangerous weapons and does a great deal of damage up to probably around 22+. It is as scary as it looks and just as deadly.

  • Complete 20 rounds in under 32 minutes
  • Costs 500 credits to purchase from weapons board

This weapon looks like a Gatekeepers Incisors have been yanked from his mouth without any anaesthetic, it must have hurt. Luckily for you though  they are extremely good at crunching and munching up enemies....don't worry you wont be wearing these teeth like false teeth and eating the zombies to death, your going to use it in a stabbing motion to get tons of one hits kills up to around round 25 - 26. Great way to rack up lots of cash if your a bit strapped with fast instant kills. Watch the bank balance grow.

Here it is in action and all its glory:

If you are unsure of how to get any of these weapons, just watch ThePegiGames Video on Youtube Below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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