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Weasel's Hat Revelations Zombies Wearable Hat - Black Ops 3

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Hi guys,

here is a little Easter Egg that exists in Revelations that you may or not be aware of. We all know Weasel from Mob of the Dead, but what we didn't know is that this guy is in fashion with his head gear! 

Yes the Mob of the Dead prison has started selling Weasel's hat, 100% cotton, 100% class and oozing street cool. You can have this hat for a tasty $0 bucks in the Mob of the Dead Section of the Revelations map.

If you wanna look like you got swagger like Jagger, you will find it in an open cell, right where the Mob of the Dead section meets the trenches and open field area in Origins. 

If heading into Mob of the Dead from the Origins side, simply enter through the door and immediately on your right will be a cell with Weasel's hat sitting on the table. This must have been his cell. Simply hold the USE button on it to equip it and you will be the coolest zombie killer on the block. Everyone can equip it, get your wardrobe up to date and get everyone to wear one so you can see how it looks on your team mates.

His cell is basically in the middle of Mob Of The Dead just before you go down the stairs to the Cafeteria area.

Its just a little nod to the infamous Weasel, nice touch. You will notice your characters facial image will now be dawning the cool cap when equipped. No one knows what benefits as such the cap provides like the other helmets and masks within this level, but I think it is just purely Aesthetic to be honest.

If your not entirely sure on my directions, check out TheGamingRevolution video here which shows it crystal clear:

Thanks for reading as always.


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