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Turning on the Power in Zombies In Spaceland - Infinite Warfare

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Hey guys,
here is how we turn the power on to the scariest zombie horror movie and theme park in the universe that is Zombies In Spaceland. What's a world without electricity?....for one thing...I wouldn't be writing this guide on my quad core PC that's for sure, it would be written with a pen and pad. Spaceland, because of it's many rides, machines and traps all using electricity all day long, I would hate to see this theme parks electric bill.
Each area of Spaceland has its own generator and must be turned on individually to restore power to the entire park, area by area. Below I will show you where you can locate these generators as joining some games online, even after 2 month's of Zombies In Spaceland's release, many people still do not know how to restore power to the entire park.

Switch 1 - Spawn Area Power Switch

The first generator is the easiest to find in the entire map, its in the small office at the Entrance to Spaceland. It also has huge signs saying "Power This Way" with electricity symbols graffiti on the wall ....if you still are not sure where it is located after reading this sign......then I cannot help you any further :). It is compulsory to turn on this power generator otherwise you will not be able to leave this area....simples. Check the picture below:
Enter the ticket box style room at the entrance and look to your right, on the wall is a sparking box with a handle. This basically opens up the main gate and lights up an amazingly well designed pink Spaceland sign which leads through an epic looking circular archway. Proceed into the park once you activate the switch and lets have some fun!

Switch 2 - Journey Into Space Power Switch

If you are coming from the main spawn area in the map, take a sharp left to find the Journey Into Space area, and head to the right once you enter the area. Dander up the staircase that leads to the Astrocade and open the door once you get to the Astrocade arcade. Once inside the arcade, hug the wall to your right. You will notice a window where zombies can spawn from, along with a poster of Spaceland on the joining wall. This is where you will see the switch hanging off the wall, which has a small red light emitting from it, showing it has not been activated.
Whack this switch on and it will restore power to the arcade, which will allow you to play all the games in there from Activision, spanning over 30 odd years of gaming . When you’ve had enough fun in the arcade and ran out of quarters, head back to the spawn area for directions to the next box. You can play as much as you like in the arcade as money is no object this time, don't worry about trying to find a quarter if you die halfway through a level before that count down timer runs out. Just reset and replay.

Switch 3 - Journey Into Space Power Switch

If your referencing again from the main spawn area, head left to the other side of Journey Into Space, where you will have to open another door on the way, so make sure you have enough money before heading over and not spent all of it in the arcade you crazy kid. You will see a big glowing red tower with a rocket ship, keep going past this and stay to the left.
Once you pass under the actual rocket ship, an open door will be in front you, enter this and follow the tunnel to the right, On your left is the second generator box of Journey Into Space.

Switch 4 - Polar Peak Power Switch

Now it's time to head over to the icy cold mountain that is Polar Peak. This area is located in the very back of the Spaceland park, so head straight from spawn in a straight line to the very back until you hit it. Save your money up here as we have a few doors to bribe on the way there. The first door will be labelled Polar Peak when you go to press the USE BUTTON on it. Open it and make your way up the winding and twisting hallway.
At the top of the hallway is an open area, but stay to the left to open a second door that leads to another twisting hallway. The top of this hallway is the entrance to the roller coaster, you will see it on your right. The power box is located in the room directly across from where you board the ride, stay to the left once entering the coaster room, it is the one with the soda machine. Enter the room and look to your right, the generator box is on the wall. Congratulations, you are close to turning on all the power in Zombies in Spaceland and increasing your electricity bill in the process.

Switch 5 - Kepler System Switch

Taking Polar Peak as your starting point, if you have been activating these in the order we have been explaining them, then the Kepler System is in the central area on your left. If you are headed from spawn, walk forward to the centre of the map, leaning slightly right to find the Kepler System. This Spaceland generator is easy to find, because there is a giant sign that points to where it is!
Once entering the Kepler System, walk up the hill and stay to the left to see the restrooms. The restrooms will be locked, pay to open the barricade. Enter the new area and stay to the left. You will see a staircase with a big arrow that says “power” spray painted on the wall. You guessed it, walk up these stairs, the generator box will be on your right at the top of the steps.
That is every generator, that is how you turn on the power in Zombies in Spaceland! The power will stay on once you complete this, so now need to worry about turning on the Spaceland power again.
Turning all the power switches on is required in order to provide enough juice to teleport you to the Pack A Punch room.
Thanks for reading as always guys.

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