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Ancient Evil Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops 4 Zombies

Easter Egg Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 -- Part 5 --

Secrets: Apollo''s Shield -- Secret Song --

Hi guys,

here is the Main Easter Egg Guide and walkthrough for the Ancient Evil zombies map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

The map continues where IX left off, as Scarlett, Diego, Bruno, and Shaw awaken from their mind-trip to an ancient coliseum, where they battled the hordes of the undead and faced a fatal confrontation with the High Priest of Chaos. So lets not hang around and see where the story takes us to next. Before we get started though....

HOLD YOUR PEGASUS'.....before we begin the Easter Egg, we will first need to obtain the SENTINEL ARTEFACT. In order to retrieve this artefact, we will need to crack the map open like an egg, up until the point we reach the AMPHITHEATER.

In the Amphitheater, right in the centre, will be a statue with the Artefact in its hands that you need to obtain. Hold the use button on it and Pegasus will spawn and start to slaughter all zombies in sight. 

Don't worry this isn't the intro to a Columbia Tristar movie, this is one lean mean zombie killing machine. If you saw what this Pegasus did at the start of every movie, kids would be having nightmares for years to come.

The room will be locked down briefly while Pegasus deals out its appetite for destruction of the undead, then it will unlock the area letting you start the Easter Egg with flying colours.

Step 1 - Take a Punch or Two

First up, we need to open the Pack A Punch area for this map. In order to do this, we need to find a GOLDEN BRIDLE which can be found on a pedestal at the following locations:

  • Intersection of Treasuries 

  • Stoa of the Athenians 

When you pick this Bridle up, you will have angered one of the six armed zombies that are scattered throughout this map. There is nothing fancy required here, simply kill him and when you do, he will drop a part for the SHIELD buildable item, as well as prompting you to go to the SPARTAN MONUMENT.

Head over to the SPARTAN MONUMENT area and on the ground will be a BLUE CIRCLE which everyone who is in the game will have to stand in to activate holding the USE BUTTON. This will call a taxi, not in the form of an Uber, but in the form of PEGASUS who will give you a ride over to the RIVER OF SORROW area and by Joe, you will be sorry when you see how much Pegasus charges for the taxi ride!

Now you have safely arrived, we will move onto step 2.

Step 2 - The Pegasus has Landed

Now in the RIVER OF SORROW area, there are 2 paths you need to go, to one side of the PEGASUS landing site there is the area PYTHON PASS (hope we haven't got anyone here afraid of snakes.....its just a name....there are no snakes I swear), and the other side to this area is called CLIFF RUINS.

Lets be methodical about this and start with what we need to do in PYTHON PASS.

  • Shoot down a Giant Bird cage that hangs from the ceiling to free
  • Use your specialist weapon to blow the door off the cage to release the eagle inside
  • Another six armed zombie will appear who needs taken out ASAP
  • Then we go to the CLIFF RUINS area to complete its tasks on the other side

Now lets head over to the area called CLIFF RUINS and here we need to:

  • When approaching the cava area a bunch of skeleton zombies will appear and need taken out 
  • Another cage is in this area and needs the door blown off with your special weapon in order to free the trapped Eagle inside
  • Once this eagle is released, head over to the CENTER OF THE WORLD area
Keep holding out against the zombies until the Eagles are able to open the Portal to the TEMPLE TERRACE area and they have unlocked Pack a Punch.

Step 3 - What's your objective?

The next few steps involve completing objectives around the map in order to progress the Easter Egg. These objectives include:
  • Building Apollo's Will Shield
  • Purchasing tributes and challenges from the Oracle inside the Temple of Apollo (At least 6 of these)
  • Build all 4 Elemental Gauntlets on this map (To do this you will need to find a DORMANT HAND and place it in one of the 4 SHRINES within the map.

When we complete these challenges, complete them as best you can, but when finished, DO NOT COLLECT THE REWARD that is given to you at the end of each. Why are we not picking it up you may ask, shouldn't you be rewarded for your zombie ass kicking talents? Of course you should, however we are going to stack these small rewards until they turn into a much bigger reward.

 If you get in some of the challenges EPIC LEVEL REWARDS you will complete this step much faster than normal.


Now, I will cover how to get the APOLLO WILL SHIELD in another post, however in this one, we will take it from finding the location of the DORMANT HANDS, which there are around 18 different locations they can spawn within this map. 

They appear with a purple mist around them, to open them, simply melee them open to crack it open and retrieve the hand. The ORACLE will give out hints when you looking for these hands, but MR DALEKJD's video below from timestamp 3:20 to 4:55 shows all the locations, but I will help you out below showing the locations below:

Intersection of Treasuries Area
1. In the Giant Crystal glowing red inside
2. By the Purple Blossoming Flowers flower bed

Stoa of the Athenians
3. At front of the small boat
4. Facing the small boat, on the fountain in the centre beside a pot

Spartan Monument
5. In front of the pillar beside flaming lantern
6. On the ground in front of fallen statue
7. In front of Zeus in a pile of dirt
8. Behind the fast travel portal
9. Near the arrow, beside leafy green plant

River of Sorrow
10. On the demolished concrete balcony section 
11. To the left of the Odin Machine

Cliff Ruins
12 To the left of the Eagle Cage beside the window
13. On the edge of the red hot looking area, rubble

Center of the World
14. In front of the Shrine of Uranus
15. One to the left of the fast travel at the back
16. Near the VENOM TRAP in a red crystal

Python Pass
17. To the left of the TITAL wall buy
18. On the ground near the smouldering blue lantern

When you find one of these hands, pick them up and take it to one of the SHRINES. We will start off the with GAIA QUEST that involves one of these hands.


Make your way with a Dorman Hand to the Gaia Shrine within the Spartan Monument Area. Place the hand on the Shrine, the room will lock and tons of zombies will flood in....almost as angrily as if you had changed the TV channel without asking them.

Simply kill them all and survive the onslaught....when you have finished dicing out some undead justice, pick up the hand again where it will now become the HAND OF GAIA.

Even though we have just acquired this HAND OF GAIA....its the newest model....fresh off the assembly needs an upgrade straight away. 

To upgrade it we need to head over to the "Intersection of Treasuries" area where you will find a plant with 3 RED CRYSTALS on it. Simply shoot these 3 red crystals with the HAND OF GAIA and it will dissolve the plant and produce an illuminous green, tiny, cute little plant. 

Pick this up and get on your way to a SHRINE where you can plant the small plant into the soil. You will be slightly slower at moving when carrying this plant, as slow as if you just had 3 double cheeseburgers in a row, plus you will not be able to fire so keep your wits about you. Maybe it will grow into a baby Groot who knows? That would be so awesome!

Next we need to head over to the "Stoa Of the Athenians" area where there will be another plant beside a giant stone head that we will do the exact same thing to as the previous one:
  • Find the plant, shoot the 3 red crystals on it
  • Pickup the small plant that appears after it dissolves
  • Plant it in a shrine

Next we need to head over to the "Temple Terrace" area for another plant we need to use this weed killing HAND OF GAIA on. Simply repeat the steps as before. However this third time when you plant the seed, a portal will have opened that will take you to "PROVE YOURSELF TO GAIA" in the area called EARTHS REST

Don't worry you don't need a CV with your qualifications on it and experience, she just wants you to use charged shots from the HAND OF GAIA to kill green glowing Gaia style zombies.....easy job interview right......and fun!

After about 30 seconds of destroying Gaia's a green portal will appear and when you jump in, you will be teleported back to the shrine and will have successfully upgraded the HAND OF GAIA......tadahhhh!

Click here to go to Part 2 of the Guide

Still not sure how to do it? Check out MRDALEKJD's video below:

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