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Ancient Evil Easter Egg Guide Part 2 - Black Ops 4 Zombies

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The Hand of Charon

Now lets do the the Hand Of Charon. What we need to do is find another one of the Fallen/Dormant Hands that are scattered around in the map in around 18 locations that were mentioned previously in part 1 of this guide, then bring it to the area called PYTHON PASS where the RED CIRCLE is projected on the ground. Then walk up to the small post with a few mini skulls on it and press the USE BUTTON to "Begin Initiation of Charon"

Once you begin this initiation, the Oracle will do its quote from Wayne's World of "We're not worthy, We're not worthy!", just kidding, but it will ask you to prove your worthiness to it. Of course this means locking you in the area again and trying to murder you by launching 1000's of zombies at you.

Simply survive and the room will become unlocked again. You can then pick up the Hand of Charon and start the upgrade process......and not the upgrade for your mobile phone I'm talking about here.

Now we need to take this hand to the RIVER OF SORROW area and while standing in the water, kill zombies using the HAND OF CHARON. After so many kills, you will be prompted to drink from the water and by the looks of this stuff, I'm guessing its unfiltered. 

When you do drink, it will turn your screen RED, While the screen is RED, you will not be able to regenerate any of your health after you have been hit so it will be very easy to go down if your not paying attention.

While the screen is red, we need to find 3 COINS. When you find one it will prompt you to pickup CHARONS OBEL. There will be many of them dotted about the area and when you walk up to them you will get 1 of 2 options:

  • Extinguish the Obol - These are fake coins and are not real, making a fool out of you
  • Pickup/Obtain the Obol - These are the REAL coins, the real deal and are probably worth billions back in the real world

All you need to do is simply find the REAL 3 COINS and then bring them back to the SHRINE.

When all 3 have been found and taken to the SHRINE, it will activate a portal which will lead you to the area called SHADOWS BANK. Again, like the Hand of Gaia, you will enter an area where you need to kill the zombies using charged shots from the weapon. 

When you get back, the hand will be able to be picked up and it will be the newly upgraded version....congratulations...pat on back time.

The Hand Of Ouranos

Again, lets find a Dormant Hand from one of their many spawn locations and head towards the CENTER OF THE WORLD AREA to the Ouranos Shrine, just across from Pack A Punch. Place the Dormant Hand in the Shrine which again will begin a lock down of the area and about 10 or more glowing blue zombies will appear that you have to destroy.

After the lock down has been lifted, the Dormant Hand will turn guessed it....the Hand of Ouranos. In order to upgrade this hand, we need to get some zombies airborne, with no parachutes, its a one way mission. We need to launch 3 ZOMBIES at 3 GIANT ARROWS.

The 3 giant arrow locations you need to bounce a zombie off are:

  • To the left of Pack A Punch (In Center of the World Area)
  • In the Python Pass area near the Charon Shrine
  • In the Cliff Ruins area near the broken pillars

When this is done correctly, a BLUE FEATHER will float through the sky which you will need to shoot at least twice in order for it to land near the shrine. When you have done this correctly, all 3 arrows will break and fall down.

After all 3 feathers have been shot, the portal will open at the shrine which will take you to an area called WINDS CREST. The hand at this point will have a charged shot that mimics a continuous THUNDERGUN blowing zombies away like a mammoth sized leaf blower. When you have killed enough zombies using this charged shot, the portal will appear and return you back to the Shrine where the hand can be picked up again if needed.

You can return any of these hands to their shrines at any point and pick them up later again, or swap them for another hand when you feel like it.

The Hand Of Hemera

First up, you know the drill....get another Dormant Hand. Then we need to head over to the Hemera Shrine which is in the MONUMENT OF CRATERUS area, to the right of the marketplace. Again a lock down will commence and glowing yellow zombies start to appear which you need to obliterate. 

When you have killed enough of them, usually around 10 to 15, the lock down will be lifted and you can now pickup the hand of Hemera, which the Dormant Hand has now become.

In order to upgrade this hand, we need to deliver 3 ORBS OF LIGHT TO THE SHRINE. To do this, we will need to adjust 3 mirrors around the map and in each mirror, checking out how good looking we all are as we go along.

The 3 mirror locations are:

  • On the outside of Apollo's Temple (Can be seen from outside the Gymnasium Bath House)
  • On the Bridge near the Upper Road Area
  • On the Temple Terrace Area

Mirror Location 1

Mirror Location 2

Mirror Location 3

We need to align these mirrors so they are facing up the way. We can do this by shooting them with a normal gun until they are facing directly up the way. We then shoot them with the hand Of Hemera which will fire the orbs of light into a bowl down below which we can pick up and deliver to the shrine. Its like Deliveroo only your delivering light instead of food?

When you pick and orb up and try to delivery it to the shrine, if you take too long to drop it off, it will start to fade. If it fades and go out you will need to repeat the process for the mirror and get another orb. When you get to the shrine, simply melee the left, middle or centre bowl to activate that part of the shrine.

When all 3 orbs have been delivered, a portal will open and you will be taken to an area called LIGHTS REFLECTION where you must prove yourself again with the hands charged shot which projects a beam of intense zombie killing, very GDI Ion Cannon style from Command and Conquer Games, super weapon onto the map. After killing enough of these zombies, again a portal will return you back to the main map in front of the shrine.

Here you can put the hand back and go get a different one or pick it up and take it with you.

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Still unsure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below:

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