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Ancient Evil Easter Egg Guide Part 3 - Black Ops 4 Zombies

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This Fire is Blue Dabba Dee-a Dabba Da Da Ba Dee

Now that we have been working our way through the challenges  we mentioned earlier in order to get the EPIC REWARD by stacking all of the rewards for completing each challenge, then not collecting it, at some point you will notice that the FIRE in the TEMPLE OF APOLLO AREA is flaring up and is glowing BLUE.

At this point you will have need to have built the SHIELD. Equip the shield where you will have access to the SPEAR. Simply walk up to the fire and you melee it. If you have completed enough challenges, your spear will catch on fire with a BLUE GLOW to it. If your spear does not catch on fire, you need to complete more challenges.

If you have successfully been able to light your spear on fire, we will now wander around the map looking for 3 oil spills that, in the interests of health and safety, we will ignite these oil spills with our flaming spear.... just kidding....melee each oil spill and it will simply disappear.  

When doing this, do not put the shield away as it will extinguish the fire on the spear and you will have to go back and get fresh flaming hotness from the Temple of Apollo fire pit again.

The 3 locations of the oil spills are:

  • On a rock in the UPPER ROAD AREA


  • In SPARTAN MONUMENT on the wall

Redeem Yourself

Now that we have found the 3 oil spills, we need to obtain the "Redeemed Hand of Charon" located in PYTHON PASS, then making your way with it to the SPARTAN MONUMENT. When you get there, you need to shoot a BLOOD PROJECTILE onto the ground. This of course will make an awful mess, but whoever in the game shot the blood onto the ground, when they stand on top of it, their screen will go a misty blue colour.

Don't worry this is not the fumes from the spear that was on fire with the cobalt blue flame your inhaling, this is totally normal as can be in a world over run by flesh eating zombies. When you stand in the blood, look at the statues around you in this area and you will notice that one of them will have BLUE GLOWING EYES which you will need to shoot with your HAND OF CHARON GAUNTLET.

Once the statue disappears you have just shot, throw down another blood projectile on the ground, stand in it and repeat the another statues eyes will start to glow blue. Then shoot it with the Gauntlet again to get rid of it. This is a rinse and repeat step which you keep doing until completed. You will know you have completed it when you hear a completed ding sound and the screen will start to shake.....or that's just my tummy rumbling because I'm hungry.

When finished we are now ready to proceed onto the next step which is aligning the citizens.

Line Up Citizens, Wall to Wall

For this next part we will be using a ranged weapon to shoot 3 different walls. Why we don't use a drill or a jack hammer to take these walls down is beyond me, apparently assault rifles or machine guns are the preferred choice over power tools in a zombie infested world.

Location 1 - Spartan Monument

The first wall we need to shoot is located in the Spartan Monument area as shown below, located beside the steps that lead up to the Stoa of the Athenians area. Here you will need to shoot the wall, which will reveal a set of COGS which are turning.

From here you need to equip the shield and the SPEAR, and throw the SPEAR into the COGS when the little cog lines directly above with the large cog underneath. This will create a spectacular blue explosion of....sub particle.....multiverse energy.....sorry makes it sound like I know what I'm talking about :). 

Once this has been done correctly, you will see the spear stuck in the cog and it has stopped moving left to right for the little cog, its days are numbered.

Location 2 - Intersection of Treasuries

This one is located on the side of a small tomb like structure beside the red glowing crystal in this area. Simply repeat the same process as before, shoot the wall with a gun, fire the spear into the revealed cogs that are turning by spearing them at the same time the small cog lines up with the big cog.  This cog will be going up and down rather than right to left. When done correctly, the small cog will no longer be moving.

This one is much harder to see and get right so you may not get it like Batman in the Lego Movie "First Time, every time", so taking a few shots is perfectly okay....don't feel bad, Bruce Wayne doesn't.

Location 3 - Still in the Intersection Of Treasuries

This wall is located on the side of a larger building near where the two lanterns are burning fierce and the flames are licking up into the air. Simply repeat the process as before for the other two locations. This small cog however will be going anti clockwise in a square shaped pattern.

Simply fire the spear and hit it when the small cog is above the big cog and your golden.

These Statues Spin me round like a Record

Once all the cogs have been stopped with the spear, head toward the centre of where the Stoa of the Athenians is located and you will see 3 statues spinning around. 

Don't worry they are not possessed well they might be, but all you need to do is throw a SPEAR just to the left of the crystal in the middle of this area. Your hoping to hit the BIG COG that is on the front wall of the small building you can see in the background with the pillars.

Its very fiddly to hit correctly, but when you do hit the cog in the right place, you will hear a tinging noise letting you know you have successfully wrecked a beautiful piece of machinery and craftsmanship. Then the screen will shake and you will notice that the SENTINAL ARTEFACT will have moved over to the SCEPTRE and SUNDIAL as the next step in the process.

Treasure these moments, as if they were your last

Now head over to the INTERSECTION OF TREASURIES area and find the giant RED CRYSTAL in the middle of this area. Walk up to it and you will notice a part that we need to dislodge is stuck in one of its spikey. We will need to dislodge this by waiting until the 6 armed box appears again and using his SHIDL STUN attack near it in order to break it free from the crystal.

If you have got to the crystal mid round and zombies are still running around, killing them and progressing onto the next round can force the 6 armed boss to appear. When he does appear, to make him do the SHIELD STUN attack at will, shoot him in the chest and this will activate the attack. Do it just beside the red crystal and when he does it, this will break the part off for you to pick up.

Then take it down to the GYMNASIUM BATH HOUSE AREA and put it in the hand of the statue which has the BIRDS HEAD.

Place it in his left hand and his arm will start to drop, probably cause the part is extremely heavy and your crippling his arm, and his right arm will rise, will have to find it another part.

Now we need to head over to the MONUMENT OF CRATERUS and pick up the HAND OF HEMERA and place it in bird face's right hand. When you do this, it will activate a defence sequence which will make a beam of light hit the wall in front of the bird man statue.

When this happens, hordes of zombies and skeletons will flood the room, intent on tearing you to pieces limb from limb. The skeletons will try and block the light hitting the wall and the zombies will try to put you on their plate for late night supper.

After a certain amount of time and defending the beam, it will create a hole in the wall which you can peer into. In it you will see a SCEPTOR on the table along with 2 corpses tied to the wall. Pickup the SCEPTOR and give it to the bird man statue in his right hand and he will fire a beam of light into the centre of the room onto the floor. After a second or two it will reveal another mirror.

This now means we can move onto the next step which involves the SUNDIALS....finally some sunny weather is on the way, yay!

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Still unsure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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