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Ancient Evil Easter Egg Guide Part 4 - Black Ops 4 Zombies

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Dial that magic number for Sunshine!

Now we need to make a little detour and head to the SPARTAN MONUMENT and pick up the REDEEMED HAND OF GAIA. Once we have the hand, head over to the OFFERING OF THE ATTALIDS area and looking to the left of this area while facing the building with the red columns on the front of it, you will see the statue of Danu up high to the left of it.

Beside it you will see a symbol of branches on the wall beside this statue of Danu which you need to shoot with the HAND OF GAIA. When you shoot it, it will make 2 more symbols appear on the BUILDING WITH THE RED PILLARS. Shooting both these branches / symbols need to be done at the same time with one shot.

Once the 2 have been shot with the HAND OF GAIA, another 3 symbols / branches will spawn 1 partly on the red pillar building, one upstairs on the building to the right and one down below on the building next to that. Checkout the screenshot to see these locations. 

These can be quite tricky to hit with one shot and it requires you to stand in various positions when attempting each in order for one shot to break into 2 or 3 and hit all symbols at the same time. The video at the bottom of this post by MRDALEKJD shows some top tips on where best to stand to shoot these much easier.

If the symbols disappear and you haven't shot all of them, just go back to the first symbol to reactivate the procedure. If done successfully it will spawn in one of the 6 arm bosses which you will need to take to the cleaners. When you kill him, this 6 armed beast will drop a GOLDEN SPEAR / LANCE which needs to be placed within the GOLDEN PUZZLE.

Right in front of the RED PILLAR BUILDING, place the GOLDEN SPEAR in the hole in the ground where the GOLD DIAL is located on the floor. Once placed you will notice a YELLOW LINE appear on the GOLDEN DIALS. We need to pay attention to this line as we will be referring to it frequently as a reference to complete this next step.

Next we need to keep going through the rounds until we start to see CATALYST ZOMBIES spawning in. These are the ones which are electrified and what we need to do is get them over to the golden spear and kill them on the dial. When this happens, you will notice a bolt of electricity electrifying the spear.

Head over to the Dial and on the ground you will see a panel has been opened and it will be scrolling through lots of different symbols. You will notice that one of them also has a distinct BLUE SYMBOL appear. Basically the sun dial is like a clock but instead of the numbers going from 1 to 12, they only go up to 8. So there are 8 panels in total on this sundial.

What we need to do with the sundial and in particular, the blue symbol that has appeared, is line the blue symbol up with the yellow line that is emanating from the spear in the centre. Your asking though how can I line the blue symbol up as its rotating when I cannot see it? Easy peasy, each time the sundial turns, in an anti clockwise direction, you will hear a loud click. This click means it has moved to the location of the next golden panel which is going to be closed. 

Simply counting the closed golden panels on the sundial from where the blue symbol appears to where the yellow line is being projected, will tell you when this blue symbol lands on the yellow line of lights golden panel. When the blue symbol hits this panel you hit the use button on the golden spear in the middle.

In MrDAREKJD's video he offers a very good explanation below in the following screenshot:

His opened panel where the blue symbol can be found is 5 panels away from the yellow light being projected from the spear. So when the BLUE SYMBOL did appear on the open panel, he counted 5 clicks / turns of the dial, which meant it would land exactly on the golden panel the light is being beamed from, then hit the use button on the spears beam of light and it opened one of the panels that's in line with the light revealing the blue symbol. If this happens it means you have done it correctly.

Now you just need to repeat the process 2 more times, getting another CATALYST ZOMBIE each time onto the dial, electrifying the spear and it will open another panel which you need to count from there to the beam of light when the blue symbol appears. Do this in total 3 times and the sun dial will have all 3 panels opened where the light is being projected along.

The second panel will tick slightly faster than the first one and the third panel will tick quite fast so you need to be careful with this one. Don't worry if you mess it open or hit it at the wrong time, just try again by starting with another CATALYST ZOMBIE and electrifying the spear to have another shot.

When done correctly the screen will shake like a bat outta hell and the spear will sink into the sundial, letting us know we can move onto the next step woo hoo!

All players gauntlets hand in hand

All players in the game at this point will need to possess a GAUNTLET within their load out and head over to the AMPHITEATER area, where you will find glowing circles on the ground. These glowing circles correspond to each players HAND OF GOD they have equipped, and is indicated to them which one they need to stand in by the circles colour matched to your players hand of gods colour:

  • Hand of Charon is RED
  • Hand of Hemera is YELLOW
  • Hand of Ouranos is BLUE
  • Hand of Gaia is GREEN

When playing on co-op mode, whose ever coloured circle appears on the ground, they need to jump into that circle and stay there. This will then activate a sharpshooter style game where you will use the hand you have equipped to fire ranged shots into the seated area of the Amphitheater where zombies will appear and you will need to kill them. You only have a very small amount of time to kill the zombies when you are standing on your spot light colour.

The spotlight will change locations and colours until this step has been completed. When zombies appear on the ground level where you are, you need to use your charged shots with your equipped hand, rather than the ranged shot. If your standing on a circle and you don;t see zombies in the stands, it means they have appeared on the ground.

So to keep it simple:

  • Stand only in the colour of the circle that matches your hand (changes only in co-op, in solo the circles are always the same colour)
  • If zombies are in the seated / stand area of Amphiteater, use ranged single shots
  • If zombies are on the ground level attacking you close range, use charged shots
  • Only limited amount of time to complete each new circle, if you fail, you will need to try again
  • This will god on for 3 rounds and you will have 5 circle changes per round so 15 in total
  • Work together if in Co-Op as sometimes the spotlight changes colour underneath you without you noticing

When completed successfully your artefact will move onto the next step saying to CLEANSE THE CENTRE

Spelling Bee

Next we need to go to the right hand side of the SPITFIRE WALL BUY located in the RIVER OF SORROW area and locate the door which has some weird blue symbols glowing on it. What we need to do here is spell the word POSEIDON.

The order in which these symbols need shot, changes from game to game, they are not just spelt in order the word is spelled. One the wall you shoot the symbols and when they turn blue, this means you have got the order correct. If you get a few symbols along and shoot another symbol but its not in the right order, all the blue symbols shot previously will go dark.

Simply shoot them in the same order you shot up to until they went dark, and choose a different remaining letter that needs spelled out. Each time you have shot the symbols in the correct order, they will turn blue. Keep doing this and retrying if you fail, as it will take probably more than one go, until all have lit up blue. The order in which they are shot in changes every play through.

When the correct order and spelling has been carried out, the door can be interacted with. If a player however is playing as the character SHAW and BRUNO,  either one of them if they are only in the game or both need to interact with this door at the same time to open it,

This will then play a cut scene between BRUNO and SHAW. Then you will return to the map where our next step will be to build the PEGASUS STRIKE.

3 Strikes Pegasus and your out! is it 3 parts?

In order to build the Pegasus Strike, we will need to find 3 parts to summon Pegasus along with a GIANT BOW AND ARROW that he just happens to carry with it at all ya do.

The first Pegasus Strike part can be located in:

  • River Of Sorrow - 3 locations, 1 as soon as you spawn into the River Of Sorrow, on the left hand side of the top of a sunken buildings lintel. 1 as soon as you spawn in, to the right where the door is that you spell out PEGASUS sitting on top of rocks beside the door. 1 near the fire lanterns in the central area.

The second Pegasus Strike part can be located in:

  • Python Pass - 1 location is near the pile of bones where the Hand of Charon is located. Shown by the large red circle on the floor. Another location is where the bones spawn location is, do a 180 degree when looking directly at it and it will be on the wall behind you on the left hand side. 1 Last location is when heading down the stairs in Python Pass, on the right hand side of the rock near the red crystals, you will see the second part which is a HAMMER.

The third Pegasus Strike part can be located in:

  • Cliff Ruins - on the opposite side of the Python Pass, 1 spawn location is behind the pillar to the right as soon as you enter the area. If its now in the first spawn location, from when you enter the area, go left instead of right to the pillar and it will be on top of a rock immediately to the left of this pillar. The last spawn location is near the Eagle Nest in front of the SNIPER RIFLE wall buy, on top of a rock facing it.

When you have all 3 parts, head over to the CLIFF RUINS area where the table is in the centre of the room. This is the table used to build the PEGASUS STRIKE, there will be a blue flame emanating from coals in the back of the room.

You can then pick up the PEGASUS STRIKE and be on your merry way. If you have however made this at an earlier point in the game and have swapped it for something else, you will need to keep hitting the MYSTERY BOX until you get the PEGASUS STRIKE out of the box, readily assembled, not like IKEA flat-pack furniture. This can be an expensive option so best leaving this till the end to build.

Now lets move onto the next part.

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Still not sure how to do it? Check out MRDALEKJD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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