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Building Apollo's Will Shield in Ancient Evil - Black Ops 4 Zombies

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Hi Guys,

here is how to build the APOLLO's WILL SHIELD in the zombies map Ancient Evil on Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. Its very easy to do and needs to be built as part of the main Easter Egg quest require its spear that accompanies it to be used along the way to activate certain steps.

In order to build this shield, you won;t need a welder or a blacksmith, don't fret, we will simply have to find the usual run of the mill, 3 parts to build it.

Lets find out where these 3 parts are located and where the table is for building the shield.

Before we get started, we need to acquire the Sentinel Artefact which is located in the Amphitheater area.

Now we can look for the parts woo hoo.

Part 1 - Spawn locations

One possible spawn location can be on the UPPER ROAD AREA on top of the column at the base of the bridge.

Another spawn location can be at the end of this bridge as you walk across it,  on top of a rock which stares you right in the face.

If you take a right after crossing the bridge, go down the slight hill towards the river, it will be on top of a rock on the riverbed. 

Part 2 - Spawn locations

In the Stoa Of the Athenians, located behind one of the red pillars in this area, near the door buy that leads into the Intersection of Treasuries.

Head through the door buy from the Stoa of the Athenians to the Intersection of Treasuries area and as you enter it, there is a small flower bed on the left of the stoned wall. Here you will see the part sticking out of the wall.

Last location this part can be is if you continue past the small stone flower bed and on the left there will be a statue as you go down the hill slightly, which faces the Auger wall buy. The second part will be at the base of the statue.

Part 3 - Spawn locations

Now we just need to find the Golden Bridle which can be in one of two places.

The first location is on the white podium in the Intersection of Treasuries area, right beside the giant red crystal in the middle area.

The second location is located in the Stoa Of The Athenians area on top of another podium, on the balcony which overlooks all the statues.

When you pick up the Golden Bridle, it will spawn a 6 armed zombie boss which you need to kill and damage him on his open wounds with specialist weapons.

When you kill him, he will drop the last part for the shield and you are now ready to get your tools out and start constructing an awesome looking shield.

Simply take all the parts to the WORK BENCH that is located in the MARKETPLACE and construct the Apollo's Will Shield.

Still not sure how to build Apollo's Shield? Check out the video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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