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Face Melter Buildable Guide - Zombies In Spaceland

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Buildables: SETI-COM -- Face Melter -- Shredder -- Headcutter -- Exquisite Arcane -- Dischord

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Hi guys,

here is the guide on how to build the awesome Face Melter weapon in Zombies in Spaceland for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. This is an easy to get weapon that melts cheese faster than a 16 megaton nuke going off in your kitchen. It is probably the most fun and best weapon in zombies to date. When you shoot it, it leaves a devastating pool of fire which hurts other zombies who walk into it, then causes them to turn into a rocket man and shoot up into the air before exploding like a giant firework....beautiful to watch but very deadly.

There are 4 steps that we will need too through in order to get this weapon built, one even involves an alligator and a trip to the dentist. We will start with the most easiest of them....lets roll.

Step 1 - Got a quarter bud?

First up we need to acquire 3 blue coins to put into the souvenir machine which is located in the Journey Into Space area of the map. To get these, simply keep killing zombies and wade through the lose change that is dropped by them, which is probably money left over from their old arcade days in the land of the living, and input them into the souvenir machine.

When you put all 3 blue coins in, you will get a little toy rocket as a part, or souvenir depending on how you look at it, and you can now officially start your build run of the face melter weapon. Once we have all the parts to build the weapon, we will come back here and put it all together just around the corner from the actual Souvenir Machine.

Step 2 - An electrified element....I am shocked

The next thing we will need to do is acquire an ARCANE CORE for our weapon. To do this we will need to first acquire 300 tickets from various challenges, completing rounds and killing zombies etc. Once you have enough tickets, go to a Weapons of the Future cart and purchase the Arcane Core for your weapon.

Then head over to the Pack A Punch room through the portal in the centre of the map and head over to the table where the UFO's are sitting. Hold use on them and this will activate them, cause them to shoot up into the air and fly through the portal, into the map. Now that the alien menace has arrived on earth, they will start circling around various traps on the map.

This of course relates to the Elemental Weapon Upgrade Guide for this map, where the UFO's circle the traps, you activate the trap killing a lot of zombies which changes the UFO's direction and then you charge the UFO up with souls from your weapon that has the Arcane Core attached.

This is slightly different, all you need to do is go to the Journey Into Space rocket trap where the after burner BBQ everything below it, get a large train of zombies under it, activate it and it will change the UFO direction if you have killed enough zombies with it. This will alter the UFO circling above patrol route and it will start to follow a much larger patrol route radius. Simply follow it close by and kill as many zombies as you can with the weapon that has the Arcane Core attached and you will know it is working when you see little blue balls of energy go into the UFO.

Now once you have enough souls charged in the UFO, it will drop a BLUE ENERGY BALL which will infuse your weapon with the Lightning Element. Shooting zombies with this will create a Wonderwaffle style electricity chain killing all nearby enemies with one shot who are in close proximity.

Step 3 - Brute Force Solves everything

Now what we need is a BRUTE to spawn. We can force our hand in making him spawn by failing the SETI DEFENCE task each time, or simply by waiting every 5-7 rounds for him to spawn. Once you get one, bring him to the Alligator Trap in the Kepler District for him to be eaten. Alligators eat anything, surely they won't mind munching on an alien for a change.

Run through the Alligator Trap to activate it and lure the Brute into it, The mouth will close but the BRUTE's strength saves him from being eat and he holds up the mouth, but breaks the Alligators teeth, ouch and it wasn't even frozen by the dentist!

When the teeth are broke and the Brute is free, waste him. We will need to head over to the Arcade area, specifically the Gift Shop where we will be purchasing the Gold Teeth that are in the display case. We will of course, need 300 tickets first before doing this so save them up. When you purchase the teeth, go back to the Alligator Trap and place them in his mouth to give him some very cool new golden gnashers.

Once the gold teeth have been implanted, it will open up a door within its mouth and reveal a machine with 4 targets that you must shoot with the blue charged arcane core gun. Simply shoot one of the targets or all of them until one opens and it will reveal a nice blue gem for you to take, this is the second part of the Face Melter, pick it up.

Step 4 - 1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4.....5 potato BOOM!!!!!

The last part we need is the BATTERY to complete our awesome weapon. We need to head over to the Journey into Space PORTAL, press the control panel to the right of it to activate it, and then throw a NON IMPACT GRENADE into the portal in order to start the HOT POTATO stage of retrieving this part.

Once you activate the portal and its ready to jump into, throw the grenade in and you will notice it will pop back out and will be glowing RED. This means operations baked potato....I mean HOT POTATO.....sorry thinking of my stomach, is a go!

What you need to do is pick up the grenade and throw it before it explodes, you will have a few seconds to reach it each time it is thrown in front of you. When you need to do is keep throwing it in front of you and picking it up, repeating, until you get back to the MAIN SPAWN AREA with it and the Pack A Punch teleporter is located. Throw the grenade into the Pack A Punch Teleporter and it will spawn the BATTERY in front of the steps.

Now we have the last part, simply head over to the Journey Into Space area and look for the sign with the FACE MELTER - " Collect them all" cardboard cut out alien, and hold the use button to build the face melter. It will take a second or two to build, then it will be ready to collect from the sign.

This gun is freakin' amazing, when you shoot it, a trail blazing concerto of fire will spread on the ground damaging any zombies that walk into it, as well as turning some zombies into rocket men and blowing the arms and legs off, shooting them up into the air and exploding like a Katy Perry firework! Best.......weapon......ever! Even beats the BFG Gun from Doom, which is not easy.

If still not sure how to get the FACE MELTER, check out MrRoflWaffles video below which is very easy to follow:

Thanks for reading as always.


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