Saturday, 9 February 2013

Free random perk in Die Rise - Black Ops 2 Revolution

Free random perk in Die Rise - Black Ops 2 Revolution

All Die Rise Areas: 

Floor 1 layout building 1

Floor 2 layout building 1

Floor 3 layout building 1

Electricity Room Layout building 2

Floor beneath electricity room layout building 2

Rooftop Layout for building 2

Floor beneath the rooftop for building 2

Trample Steam room layout

Hi Guys,

Forgot about this simple secret some people know about and some don't it seems when you play with people on Xbox live 4 player games. When the jumping jacks appear after so many levels (usually 4 or 5), if you just knife them without shooting them, they will give you a free perk.

Its easy the first time they appear to do this as there is not as many of them in the first stage nor has their health been increased as you get to the harder levels. If you want to do it after the first time they appear, your probably better riding the elevator to the roof and in the shaft at the top is the Bowie knife, which will make slicing and dicing these annoying jumpin zombies chopped suey.

Here is a video from youtube of how you do it. A power up appears like a bottle hovering and simply collect it to get a totally random perk.

Thanks for watching and reading guys. If you want to add any of your own secrets or tips and theories about the map, please feel free to comment.


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