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Building the Lightning Staff Purple Parts With The Tanks Help - Origins Zombies Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

Building the Lightning Staff Purple Parts With The Tanks Help


Hi guys,

here is how you build the lightning staff and where to collect all of the 3 parts for the staff. All 3 need to be done using the tank, if there are 3 players you can do it all in one pass, however if there is one player playing, they will have to circle round at least twice to get all 3 parts.

Here is the video how to do it and where to jump off the zombie tank:

The first part is actually  right at the start of the game. When going from the laboratory to generator 3, if you look above where the semtex is, you will see the purple glowing piece for it.

The second piece is under the Pack-A-Punch in the main dig site. When the zombie tank goes past the main dig site on the way to the church, there is a small wooden platform sticking out that you have to jump on. You will see it is the part that is stuck in the wall up high from when you are under the ground in the main dig site but can't reach.

The 3rd piece is the part in the church which you can see when upstairs in it. This is also accessible by jumping off the tank when it pulls into the church again at the end of its cycle.

Once you have all 3 staff parts, go to the lightning tunnel with the gramophone and purple record and play it. Go into the crazy place and collect the "Lightning Stone" and then bring it back to the main dig site underneath and go to the very bottom where the coloured machines are for each staff.
Build it and then start using it.

You can only have 1 staff at a time but can swap them over at any time. I have only built the "Lightning Staff" which fires bolts of lightning and explodes a bit causing crawlers and deaths in large numbers, and the  "Ice Staff" which freezes all of the zombies especially when in large numbers. Both are very useful specially if a team mate helps you kill the zombies when they are frozen.

Thanks for reading and watching guys. More videos will be uploaded tomorrow including the whole map video.



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