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Shadows Of Evil Waterfront Area Map Layout Part 1 - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Hi guys,

here is the first part of the Waterfront area that leads from the JUNCTION area for Shadows Of Evil In Black Ops 3 zombies. This place is a bit of a bottle neck when moving between areas, especially as a lot of the streets and walkways around the canal are very narrow and don't leave much room to out run or dodge zombie attacks. One false move when a horde is chasing you and your either zombie chowder.

Here is the Waterfront District Map Layout Part 1 for Shadows Of Evil:


This area contains access to the RIFT along with a grapple point that lets you get early access to the walkway above which can open the mechanical gate you see on the right hand side of this area when you enter from the JUNCTION entrance. This is a handy shortcut which gives you access to the walkways above early and more cheaply than opening all the doors that make their way around to them.

There is a lot of zombie spawn areas in this area so be careful they can sometimes appear from nowhere, but in reality they have just tip toed up behind you sneakily and took a chomp outta your arm for fun.

When you progress through this section and the Waterfront District part 2, it will eventually take you to the ANVIL boxing ring which has one of the 4 ritual tables within it. The second part of the district also contains a build table and other important things related to this level as well as access to the walkways above through a different door near the train station location. Following the walkways in this area will lead you to one of the Apothicon Statues location inside a building.

Whats in this area?
  • Gobblegum Machine
  • Mystery Box Location
  • Chain Trap
  • Become the Beast
  • RIFT access
  • Grapple point
  • Civil Defence Point
  • Kuda Sub Machine Gun
Thanks for reading guys and I will keep updating as I go along and find out more.



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