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Mob Of The Dead - Sniper Trap Upgrade - Trapped in Time Achievement

Mob Of The Dead - Sniper Trap Upgrade - Trapped in Time Achievement

Secrets on this map: -- FEEDING THE HELLHOUNDS GIVES YOU HELLS RETRIEVER TOMAHAWK - SECRET FOUND AND REVEALED HERE -- "Rusty Cage"  - Hidden Song By Johnny Cash -- Sniper Trap Upgrade -- Hidden Blundergat and Spoon Melee Weapon

Map Layouts: -- Shower Room -- Ground Floor -- Michigan area ground floor -- Michigan Area 2nd floor layout -- Cafeteria Area -- Citadel Tunnels layout from Wardens Office to shower room -- Infirmary layout and access to Gondola -- Roof Layout -- Docks Area

Hi guys,

Here is how you get the "Trapped In Time" achievement and how to upgrade the sniper tower to turn it into the rocket launcher tower for a brief period of time.

To upgrade the sniper tower is easy, go down to where the random crate spawns at the docks, just above the switch to activate the sniper tower, you will see the symbols for afterlife. Go and shock yourself with the afterlife switch near here at the docks, where the aircract oxygen tanks are held behind a fence, go over to below the tower, and shock the power switch as shown in the picture.

This will upgrade the tower to a rocket launcher tower which is very useful I can assure you.

To get the "trapped in time achievement" simply activate each of the traps, you will need to activate the:

  • Fan trap in the wardens office
  • the acid trap in the Cafeteria area
  • The sniper tower before upgraded
  • The sniper tower when powered on, then go into afterlife, shock it to upgrade to rocket tower.

Its that simple and it will get you an extra 15 gamer points. There is a video I found online on youtube to show you how this is done below, start from 13 mins and 37 seconds onward:

Thanks for watching and reading guys hope this was helpful to you.


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