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Mob Of The Dead - Activating the Johnny Cash Song "Rusty Cage" Easter Egg!

Mob Of The Dead - Activating the Johnny Cash Song "Rusty Cage" Easter Egg!

Secrets on this map: -- FEEDING THE HELLHOUNDS GIVES YOU HELLS RETRIEVER TOMAHAWK - SECRET FOUND AND REVEALED HERE -- "Rusty Cage"  - Hidden Song By Johnny Cash -- Sniper Trap Upgrade -- Hidden Blundergat and Spoon Melee Weapon

Map Layouts: -- Shower Room -- Ground Floor -- Michigan area ground floor -- Michigan Area 2nd floor layout -- Cafeteria Area -- Citadel Tunnels layout from Wardens Office to shower room -- 
Infirmary layout and access to Gondola -- Roof Layout -- Docks Area

Hi guys,

here is how you activate the amazing song by Johnny Cash called "Rusty Cage" in Mob Of The Dead in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2.

Its very easy and the songs blends very well with the scenery and with the killing of zombies :) everyone needs time to relax, even an alcatraz escapee and a bad ass zombie killer so why not enjoy your time on alcatraz with this song? :D

Here is how you activate the music, there are 3 drink bottles located around alacatraz, one in the library at the very start of the game which can be picked up before opening any doors at all, next one is in the docks hidden beside a crate and the fence, last one is in the infirmary where the two bath tubs are filled with blood. It sits on a surgeons trolley in that room.

Check out the video if you are unsure of how to do this or what they look like. The song is worth a listen Johnny Cash is a legend and if you listen to the lyrics of this song you will find its very fitting for the location and just really cool I have to say whether your old or young.

How to do it:

Thanks for reading guys.


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