Wednesday, 7 May 2014

US UK ASIA REGION FREE Xbox One and PS4 Games up to £12 cheaper than in store prices! Tried and tested from supplier in Japan.

Hi guys,

I thought I would let you know about REGION FREE games that are available for your Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles which could save you from £7 - £12 off the prices you would pay in game stores on the high street or even on Amazon, Ebay or Play websites.

Many people think there is some catch with the games because they are so cheap, however that is not the case. If you think around £37 is cheap for one game, then you must be loaded! When you think of the grand scheme of things, all new release computer games are quite expensive, however ordering them from Asia, like most other things, can work out cheaper for you in the long run. The only catch is that you may need to wait up to two weeks, 14 days, for delivery from the release date to start playing your game. This is a minor issue though.

My mission today is to save you money. A supplier I have used since 2008 for Xbox 360 region free games is Play Asia, of which I have placed 13 orders since being a member. Every order has come without any problems with delivery, with customs or items not being sent at all. They are a very respectable company and remind me a lot of the Asian version of in relation to how their website is laid out. They also send money off vouchers with orders quite frequently which can get you up to $5 - $10 off your next order by inputting it in at the next checkout process.



What are Region Free Games?
Video games are released in different formats for different countries. America has NTCS australia and europe have PAL and japan has JAP. a game that is a different format than the system it is trying to be played on will give the system a disk read error. A region free game is one that is made in a universal format so all countries to get the same exact game. So for instance you could a region free game in a PAL xbox and a NTCS xbox. 

Example of PAL vs NTSC version of the game Watchdogs:

As you can see there are very minor differences and there usually are mainly on the front or back cover. You can see that the ratings are differentas well as the logo in the top right hand corner which states whether the game is NTSC, NTSC-J or PAL. The game is exactly the same when you play it as one you pick up at a local GAME store or anywhere else in the UK, US, ASIA, EUROPE you name it, it doesn't matter. The formats relate only to how it is displayed on the different TV's around the world. The barcode may be slightly different also as it relates to the country of origin.

Now lets look at the price difference if ordered from Play Asia for XBOX ONE with FREE P&P:

Watchdogs Price: £46.00
Watchdogs Price: £49.99
Watchdogs Price: £44.98

MINIMUM saving is  £7.68 and MAXIMUM saving is £12.69

If you do buy a lot of games per year, you can clearly se ehow these savings can add up over time. I have over 110 Xbox 360 games, as you can tell, I play a lot of games, and have bought 13 games since owning my Xbox 360 from Play Asia. This means if I saved a minimum of £7.68 per game for instance, 13 times, I would have saved £99.84!

It doesn't sound like much at the time that you are saving, but over time it does all add up trust me. The key is patience, buying a game the dya it comes out is not always the way to go, patience will yield savings :), poetic I know, but thats now my favorite saying at present.

  Any questions or doubts about ordering please let me know and I will give you any advice I can as ordering from China and Japan should be safely done, its all about choosing the correct supplier. This is a 100% legitimate supplier and if you have any problems with them you cna call me all of the names of the day, however I wouldn't hold your breath :).

Thank you.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Get 12 Months Xbox Live GOLD Subscription for £27.23 ($45.99) and 12 Months Playstation Plus Network from £29.60 ($49.99)

Hi guys,

Just letting you know how to save money when it comes to your Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3, Playstation 4 yearly subscriptions that could help go toward your next game. Also how to get games a lot cheaper, delivered right to your door from Asia, which will work without any compatability problems whatsoever on your game console. These are what is known as REGION FREE games.

Before I get onto the juicy stuff of how to get the cheaper games and explain what the difference is in them, which is very little, from one you can walk down the street and buy for around £7 - £10 more, I will let you know how to save around £6 - £12 per year on your Playstation and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

A website I have used for years, but no one has really heard an awful lot of, even to this day, is Play Asia. I find it hard to beleive not many people in the UK and Europe use it as much as they should, as I found it in 2008 and have ordered many items from it for Xbox 360 and Playstation without a single problem. I ordered Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for my Xbox 360, as my first game, just to test if it was a legitimate site or not, which it is! It is sort of like an Asian version of or HotUK Deals.

There are some real gems to look out for if you know what to look for. One which I will let you into right now is the prices for Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions and Playstation Plus yearly subscription.

Playstation PLUS Network 12 Months Subscription

The Playstation PLUS Network UK subscription for a year is £34.34 or $57.99. If you want to switch from paying online directly the £39.99 per year when signing up to the network from your Playstation device, then this is a great way to save a few pounds. The US version is even cheaper at around £29.60. It is delivered digitally and very fast delivery. have it for £39.99 for the exact same service and will save you around £5.64 which is money everyone could use in their pocket these days. 

Click the link below that corresponds to your country:

Playstation PLUS Network Subscription - United Kingdom (UK)

Playstation PLUS Network Subscription - United States (US)

XBOX Live GOLD 12 Months Subscription

The Xbox Live GOLD Subscription for a year is £27.23 or $45.99. If you want to switch from the yearly Microsoft billing of £39.99 then click on the link below that corresponds below to your country which the subscription relates to:

Xbox Live GOLD Subscription - Europe

Xbox Live GOLD Subscription - Japan

Xbox Live GOLD Subscription - United States

Prices may change due to currency conversions that change daily. Make sure to order the correct one for your country / region, or it obviously may not work, or only allow you to download content exclusive or available to that specific country the code relates too. 

Play Asia is a very reliable website and I can vouch for them I have ordered around 18 items since 2008 and never had a thing go wrong with an order. No taxes are usually charged on import duties due to their are under the normal threshold. However all tax relates to your country of residence and you should follow its laws, rules and regulations.

I will make another post now about the REGION FREE GAMES and how to get them cheaper from PLAY ASIA as well.

Thanks for reading guys.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Watch the trailer here released 4th November 2014!

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Sledgehammer games news

Out November 4th November 2014!

Hi guys,

Well the news has come a lot sooner than we expected about the new Call Of Duty game that is being called Advanced Warfare. We do not know however if this will be the actual title when it will be released as they are just teasing us with this trailer at the minute featuring none other than the awesome Kevin Spacey!

The trailer had somehow got leaked onto youtube by accident as it was not supposed to be aired until this Sunday the 4th May. This pictures are obviously not of the highest resolution and look like they maybe have been taken of the screen while the video was playing or someone has done a bit of shoddy job doing a screenshot and lost some quality in the compression of it. It could also be very early game footage even though it may be nearly completed, it hasn't been fully polished yet.

Anyway who cares about that for now its KEVIN SPACEY who is a very good actor in films and hopefully it will transfer across his energy and emotions etc and talent into the game as well.

From the link apparently Spacey in it says:

"In the video storyline, The House of Cards star, features as the head of a private military corporation that has attacked the United States.

Earlier this week, there was also an Instagram teaser posted shortly before the full trailer was leaked.

In it Spacey speaks to the camera in an extreme close-up. "Power determines who is right," he says.

"I have the power, so I'm right.

The video closes with the Microsoft and Xbox One logos, followed by date the new Call of Duty game will be revealed."

Enjoy the teaser and looking forward to seeing what other teasers are released the closer we get to release date. I am eagerly waiting to see what is in place of zombies or extinction this time as it is going to have to live up to one hell of a lot of expectations from people.