Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Supremacy DLC - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare New zombies map "Carrier" and 4 New Multiplayer maps

Supremacy DLC - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 3rd installment of zombies and 4 new maps.


** Starring Bruce Campbell ** Oooooohhhh cool :)

Hi guys,

The news has just broke of Supremacy, the 3rd DLC content available for Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare and it looks sweet!

The Exo Zombies takes place on the map called "Carrier" which appears to be an Atlas carrier at sea, either on the run from the zombie infestation because they cannot control it, or are maybe going to take it and use it to infect their enemies or even to threaten other countries governments with, holding them to ransom.


Whatever the story it looks very interesting as it appears they are trying to arm a bomb on the carrier but it keeps getting diarmed in the process. Maybe the 4 players characters know something about Atlas' plans and want to put a stop to them once and for all.

Bruce Campbell stars in this one and as you can see from the video he shoots Oz smack bang in the kisser, but I am guessing its more like his chest or leg or something as very rarely do main characters die. Its kinda like star trek when they go on away missions, an ensign or guy in red uniform always dies but no main cast members :). Best to get promoted quickly in that career or you a dead man.

Four fresh maps include:

  • The London-set Parliament
  • The Russia-set Kremlin,
  • A small symmetrical map called Compound
  • Modern Warfare 2 inspired map called Skyrise

Check out the video below and let me know what you think:


Thanks for watching and reading guys as always a pleasure.