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All Memory charm locations in Rave in the Redwoods Part 2 - Infinite Warfare

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  • 8 Ball
Spawn Location 1 - Just rolling around

It can be found in front of the RECREATION AREA SIGN in the upper level of the mines . It is just in front of it to the right and is lying on the ground. It can be hard to see at times walking past it as it is in the shadows of another object a little. Don't worry though, I will be your eyes and your ears.

Spawn Location 2 - Its a Rave not a Ball

The RECREATIONAL AREA is the second location, it is just on the opposite side of the tent where on of the boat parts is normally located, inside the rave.

Now once you have collected the 8 ball, make you way back to the MAIN SPAWN AREA and locate the pool table in the upstairs area. Place the 8 ball on the pool table by holding the USE button and then SHOOT THE 3 WHITE BALLS that are located on the table. When all 3 have been shot, you can pick up the 8 ball. Once picked up, you have completed this lovely charms challenge.

  • Fish
Spawn Location 1 - Fish out of water 

 The first location is in the CABINS AREA right behind the sign that says POWER. This is also located under RACING STRIPES. Spawn Location 2 - Fish took a wrong turn 

 Halfway down the stinky SEWER PIPE ENTRANCE. It will be lying on the ground in what looks like radioactive water due to the green glow from the water in the pipe. I wouldn't eat it, even if it was the last fish left in the universe. 

  When you have the Fish, head down to the DOCKS AREA where the boat is built and just beside the Baywatch red life saver flotation device, set the fish down here by pressing the USE button. Look out towards the lake and you will see a blue mist emanating from a fish swimming in the lake. Simply equip a grenade and blow up this gassy fish as in this era, no one uses fishing rods anymore its so last century...try explosives instead.  When you destroy this fish, pick up the fish you set down on the end of the peer and hey presto your done with this charm. 

  • Frog
Spawn Location 1 - A de-seat-ful little frog 

 First location is in the back room in the small shop store room, sitting on a seat, right beside a tasty ice cream freezer. 

Spawn Location 2 - One Crazy Frog who loves to party! 

 Inside the RECREATIONAL AREA in the back of the trailer with its back door lying open. It is just to the right of the spare tyres in the must have been hitching a ride in this trailer to make it to this rave.....that's hardcore! Now you have the Frog acquired, go down to the area where where the SEWER is near where you picked up the shovel from the grave. Place the frog down just to the left of the plants which are glowing slightly orange, then enter RAVE MODE. When you enter rave mode, you will notice frogs start to spawn in the underground section where you placed the frog. Not only that, but once in rave mode, you will have a brand new ability which is EXO SLAM!  

 Head up to the area just above where you placed the frog and jump off the small cliff and do an EXO SLAM on the ground. This will kill the frogs that you can see glowing below. Repeat this 5 or 6 times until you kill enough frogs and they disappear. Once you have done this, it means you can successfully pickup the frog again that you originally placed near the sewer and you can move onto the next charm. The perk awarded will allow you to run through water.    

  • Pacifier/Dummy
Spawn Location 1 - I'm such a dummy, its where I had it last

Near the rocks in the DOCKS area quite close to the canoes. Near the Bait and Tackle building.

Spawn Location 2 - Going down the plug hole

In the cabins shower room area under the sinks.

Pick up the dummy and head to the MESS HALL. Place the Dummy on the counter of the mess hall. When you do, all the exits will block off and zombies will start spawning in. When you need to do here is simply kill around 15-20 zombies to make the nightmare end.....temporarily.

When enough zombie shave been killed, the doors will be reopened and you can now pick up the dummy off the counter. You can now move onto the next charm.

This will get you the perk that damages zombies that you run into.

  • Boots

  • Spawn Location 1 - Life's a hoot not a boot

    Near the canoes at the docks area, just beside the trash can at the edge of the wooden pier.

    Spawn Location 2 - These boots were made for walking all over......bonfires?

    Just in the corner near the huge bonfire burning away a ton of wood which could have been better used in my wood burner in my house.

    Now you have these awesome boots which could be used for camping or on my next DIY job as safety boots, head over to the Camper Cabins area. When in the Cabins, you will see a green sleeping bag with a pair of red shoe imprints. Hold the use button and place the shoes at the bottom of the sleeping bag.

    Once you do this, you will notice a red footprint appear. You need to step on this exactly with your foot. When you step on it, another imprint will appear ahead of it. Repeat standing on the footprints and follow the trail to where it ends. This will be when it leaves the cabin. You will know you have played this game of hop scotch so to speak when you hear a chainsaw noise and you will see a slasher walk past the doorway.

    Once this happens, make your way back to the spawn area and follow the steps again. When they exit the cabin, another slasher will walk past. Try not to get scared.

    Lastly, we need to head down to the DOCKS AREA and you will notice the red footprint marks appearing again which you need to follow. Once it gets to its destination, the slasher chainsaw sound you will hear as well as seeing him walk past. Once this happens, head back to where the boots where placed in the MAIN SPAWN, and pick them up. Done and dusted.

    This perks effect is that headshots damage nearby zombies. great for large groups or hordes walking along.

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    If still not sure how to get the charms and their related perks, check out +CodeNamePizza video below which is very easy to follow:

    Thanks for reading as always guys


    All Memory charm locations in Rave in the Redwoods Part 1 - Infinite Warfare

    I can't wait to get me hands on your lucky charms!

    This guide will show you the locations for all 10 memory charms that are located in the Infinite Warfare Zombies Map "Rave in the Redwoods". These charms are also referred to as Candy Charms however I do not recommend eating them as they are a choking hazard. I am pretty sure if you did no zombie will have the motor skills to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre. The memory charms are basically like sticker pack items in that they're collectable items that are found throughout the map. 

    These charms however do not help you build larger composite items  or deadly wonder weapons, but they instead upgrade individual weapons with modifications or mini-perks. The location of each of the charms is different and the process to "activate" (turn them gold) is also unique.

    In total there is:

    • 10 Charms to find
    • Some charms have more than one spawn location

    A couple of examples of Charm perks are: damage zombies whilst sliding and chance of making crawlers increase. When a charm is activated, you will start to observe the benefits they bring.

    The following in-game achievement relates to Charms:

    Prince Charming - Find and equip Memory Charms for your weapons

    Thanks to the inventory screen we know that the 10 Charms in Rave in the Redwoods are:

    • Binoculars 
    Location 1 - Beer ....Binoculars? No beer goggles?

    The first spawn location for the binoculars can be just to the side of the main rave area, sitting on the ground, beside a mother load of Porter Beer boxes. They are also very close to a few yellow tents these happy campers have setup to sleep in for the night. These guys meant to do some serious partying here based on the alcohol stashed in various places around the map.

    Location 2 - Where did I put my binoculars?

    The second spawn location is on a bench just before the White Tail beach sign post. This is located between the Mess Hall area and the Docks area.

    Once you have the binoculars, head over to the Docks area and place the binoculars on the bench outside the front of the Bait and Tackle shop. Now you will need to get yourself a sniper rifle. When you get a sniper rifle, look towards Turtle Island. You will now notice that there are eyeballs appearing around the map which we will need to shoot with the sniper rifle to get them to disappear before we can equip our charm and get our weapon upgraded.

    In a nutshell we need to:

    Shoot 5 Eyeballs on Turtle Island with the sniper rifle. Most are at the top of the Totem Poles with one inside the cabin window as well.

    Electric Cherry when near someone.

    • Golden Shovel
    Shovel location 1 - This shovel is "Mine"....literally belongs to the mine.

    Found in the Mine Area near the HVR wall buy, also beside a mine cart in the centre of the path.

    Shovel location 2

    By the archery area shooting area to the far right beside the small hut. The shovel may be just in front of the trash can....simples.

    Now that you have the shovel, make your way over to the sewer pipe that is between the MESS HALL and the CABINS area. It will be a bit pongy but unfortunately its one of the prices to pay to get this charm. Nothing charming however when your standing knee deep in sewage. When you get there you will notice a grave on the ground where you will hold the USE BUTTON to place the golden shovel on top of the grave....get ready though.....once you place this shovel on the grave it will start to spawn in soulless skeletons, hell bent on kicking your ass.

    Simply kill the skeletons, which will be slightly more harder to kill than normal they are dead twice over.....meaning twice as hard. When you kill all of the Skeletons that spawn from the blue portals, simply go over to the grave and pick up the Golden Shovel and your done.

    • Arrowhead
    Spawn Location 1 - Shine a light

    The first spawn location of the Arrowhead is just outside of the main spawn area out of the door that costs 750 credits to open. Once you open it you will immediately see to your right a bench and a white light on the ground. The Arrowhead can spawn here.

    Spawn Location 2 - This is going to get messy

    Just in front of the sign post located just outside of the MESS HALL on the ground.

    Once you pick up the arrow head, head over to the Shooting Range and place the arrow head on the counter of the hut on the right which will have a blue flame emanating from it. You will then have to look down range and shoot 6 targets inside of RAVE MODE. When you have shot all 6 targets, look back to the counter for inspiration and you will notice the arrow head has reappeared and is ready to be picked up again. You have now completed this charm offensive :).

    • Ring
    Spawn location 1

    On the stairs in the MINE AREA, next to the BANG BANGS MACHINE.

    Spawn location 2

    Right outside the MESS HALL on the steps, next to Blue Bolt.

    When you pick it up, head over to the Main Spawn area and inside the cabin, place the ring beside the TV by holding the USE BUTTON to the left of it. When you place it down, you will notice that 2 lanterns in the cabin will start to glow white. One lantern is located on the mantle of the fire place and the other is just adjacent to it on a book shelf in front of the ring. You need to go over to each lantern and hold the USE BUTTON on them. Each time you hit USE, they will turn around and redirect the light beam it emits.

    Go back and forth to each one in sequence until both rays of light from each lantern hit the ring. When it does, you will see a bit of J J Abrams Lens flare coming off the ring. This means both lanterns are aligned correctly and you can now pick it up to move onto the next charm.

    • Tiki Mask
    Spawn Location 1 - Somebody Stop me! Shmokinnnn!....Mask Film Reference?

    Near the DOCKS AREA on the steps as you make you way down the hill towards it. Just past the BEAR LAKE sign post, close to where TRAILBLAZERS is located.

    Spawn Location 2 - I am getting tyred

    On the wooden planks where you walk over the tyres from the big bonfire in the centre of the map, heading towards the shooting range.

    Once we have picked up the Mask, head down to the MESS HALL area and locate the blank picture frame that is located on the wall. It has a black frame and green background and is not hard to miss. This part is very easy, go up to the empty picture frame and hold the USE button on it, this will place the mask in the picture frame.

    When you place it in the frame, a set of keys will spawn just to the right of this frame. Simply shoot the keys and they will fall off the wall and land on the table below. Simply pick them up....and your done.

    Still unsure about where the locations of these charms are or what to do to collect them? Then check out +CodeNamePizza video below to see how:

    Thanks for reading as always guys