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Easter Egg Guide for Voyage of Despair Part 3 - Black Ops 4 Zombies Walkthrough

Easter Egg Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

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Bossing me around again huh?

Now we have entered the POR.....point of no return....well so the boss says but, wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. I cam back from my play through of the game so I call him a liar......even though he did kill me the first 20 play he was telling the truth the first 20 times, but last time he was a liar.

So lets say hello to the big bad boss in this level and see what his problem is, to which, we have the answer.....lots of gunfire!

This boss does not give up easy and has 5 different phases, compared to in previous zombie bosses there may have been 3 phases or so to get through.

As soon as we re-emerge from our teleportation from the Poop Deck to the boss area, we will be underwater staring a a humongous tree in an area called "Inside the Iceberg". 

All we need to do here is swim towards the artefact that is lodges in the centre of the tree and pick it up. Easy right? All players must hold the use button to activate it.

This will then teleport you back to the boat and out of the icy, murky waters and make a giant iceberg emerge from the depths and overshadow the boat. It will also make a BLUE EYE appear on the boat, just pretend you didn't.....see......the eye for now.....see what I did there.

The eye is not important just yet, when it appears you just have to stay alive and survive the zombie hordes and the multitude of various zombies attacking you suck as Stokers, Catalysts, Blight Fathers etc. Standing your ground and kicking zombie undead ass is the way to go here.

After a period of time when they realise you ain't dying this way, and the screen will turn white again and the onslaught will reward you with a MAX AMMO and a CARPENTER power up. 

Pick these up quick as after the zombie onslaught has ended, you will then be teleported to the Engine Room.

Engine Trouble

Here we will repeat the same zombie onslaught as witnessed previously, except in much tighter quarters. Do the same again and survive the zombie horde for several minutes and you will be rewarded with another MAX AMMO and CARPENTER.

Once the onslaught has again ended, you have a minute or two before being telported to the next area which will be the State Rooms

Enemy of the State....Eye Eye Captain

Now in the State Rooms area things will be slightly different here as the dreaded blue eye will appear at various exists in this area and use an ice beam to freeze your molecules so he can use you as an ice cube in his favourite drink.

When you get hit with the ice beam, you will be frozen like and ice cream, but don't panic as just melee with the knife attack will break you out of this sticky situation.

All you have to do is seek shelter in rooms, avoid the zombie hordes and the eye's ice beam blasts and lean out of door ways shooting into the eye every chance you get.

Its as simple as that. It will take a lot of damage this eye, he must be wearing contact lenses as a force field or something, but in time he will hit the deck like a sack of spuds, then you will be teleported to the "Promenade Starboard Deck".

Here we follow the same process, however the eye will have spawn on the open side of the deck and ship and be firing its ice beam like a looney tune all over all over the place. All we have to do here is pump enough rounds into the eye so that it starts to crack.

As you do more damage, you will see cracks in the eye getting bigger and your characters will be throwing out some shout outs to notify you that damage is being done.....along with a few jokes.

Once you have caused enough damage it will explode, screen goes white and you will be teleported back to the Poop Deck. Don't forget to pick up CARPENTER and MAX AMMO power ups before you go.

Last but not least

On the poop deck we go through the same motions again, los of zombies spawning left right and centre, along with the GIANT BLUE EYE spawning in the air and firing ice beams all around the show freezing half the planet. 

What we need to do here again is simple, survive the zombies and keep dealing damage to the eye, which you will see start to crack the more damage you do to him.

One slight difference in this last stage is that the eye can instantly kill you with one of his attacks hes kept up his pupil.....well he doesn't have sleeves.....where the boss lets out a crying sound after you do enough damage to him each time from him shooting the ice blasts.

This new attack is an insta-kill and can totally wipe out the whole team and all your hard work. When you hear the loud crying noise, the eye will appear at the very back of the Poop Deck and it will be charging up his attack. You need to pump as many bullets you can into him at this point in order to get him to cancel the attack.

This is where people best suggest using the Water Elemental Kraken weapon as it deals huge amounts of damage....and probably blurs his eye sight as well. If you do not do enough damage into him, the WHITE MECHANIC in the game will execute here and all your team members will go down so be careful and pay attention to what he is doing.

You will have to avoid this mechanic and do enough damage into him when he charges this super move, 3 times over before he finally croaks it.

When the eye bursts, it will play the cut scene and you will have successfully completed this map woo hoo!


Here is the ending for Voyage of Despair and explanation:

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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Easter Egg Guide for Voyage of Despair Part 2 - Black Ops 4 Zombies Walkthrough

Easter Egg Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

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Beam me up Scotty

Now we have all the 4 power outlets beaming their elemental symbols onto the floor, we need to make a note of what elemental symbol is located where. 

This is because in this next step, we will have to stand on all 4 of the pads in a particular order and activate them. If in solo, everyone will have to stand on a pad and hold the USE button in order to activate an encounter that takes place somewhere on the ship, which you will very kindly be teleported to, saving your poor wee legs from walking.

If playing on solo just hop on the pad on your own and Bob's your uncle, the encounter will activate.

Here is the order in which we need to activate the pads:

  1. Poison Pad
  2. Water Pad
  3. Electric Pad
  4. Fire Pad

We can do as many of these in one round as we wish, or all of them if you have time. Unlike the plugs you do not need to wait until the next round in order to progress onto the next pad.

Poison Pad - Feeling kinda grey
Get all players, or just your fine self, onto the Poison Pad and activate it. Have no fear, the Poop Deck ye will be near sailor. 

When you arrive, the area will be locked down and this ship will throw a horde of zombies at you, along with a nice wee treat in the form of Blight Fathers too. As it is a lock down situation, you will not leave until you have completed this step correctly.

Simply kill everything that moves and after a set period of time / kills, your screen will go grey and you will be returned back to the main part of the ship. Easy.

Water Pad - Swimming in H20

In you game, find where the sparking plug with water spewing out of it was located, then again everyone stand on the pad and teleport. In this case, the Water element had appeared at the plug in the 3rd Class Berths section.

Get everyone in the game alllllll aboard!!.......wait that's for trains.....not boats that saying right? Then activate it. you will then be teleported to another area of the map which will be the Cargo Hold.

Again another lockdown situation ensues, I get the feeling the ship does not want you to leave but shhhh don't let it know that i know. The unique thing about this teleporter location is that when the area is locked down, it will start to flood with water and you will actually be battling the zombie hordes while taking a swimming lesson.

Also the infamous Blight Fathers will also be spawning in here. Most zombies spawn underneath the sets of stairs and from little nooks and crannies so just be extra careful as they are coming from all angles so check your full 360 degrees all around, up down, left right. Also don't forget to come up from air from time to time, even video game characters need to breathe.

When the lockdown is over, the blue Sentinel Artefact will hover in the middle of the room again, floating on top of the water. Pick it up before you go, things worth a fortune!

Onward and onto the next pad, the Electric Pad.

Electric Pad - Shocking discovery

The Electricity symbol / elements plug was located in the 1st Class Lounge in this play through. Everyone press the USE button on the pad and you will be again teleported outside, this time arriving at the Boat Deck.

Here is a very tight area and the zombies / Blight Fathers can spawn from many sides or climb up from areas where you may not be expecting them too. Again lockdown, kill kill kill, then pickup the artefact after the screen goes grey and we can progress onto the last pad to sew this up nicely in a neat little package.

Fire Pad - Goodness gracious great elemental balls of fire

The fire symbol plug was located on the Upper Grand Staircase in this play through. Lets do the ritual again and everyone hop on the pad and see what the last task is to do.

When you hit the teleportation and are split into millions of atoms then reassembled, you appear in the Boiler Room. 

Again lock down mode ensues and along with tons of the usual zombies, there are lots and lots of Stoker zombie sin here who have obviously been stoking the boilers to keep the engines running.

When you kill sufficient amount of these zombies, again the artefact will come down and you can pick it up and that is this section over with in relation to the symbols.

You Kraken Me Up Man......mwuuahaha!

For this next part, we need:

  • The Kraken wonder weapon to kill a poison zombie, in order to pickup the decontaminated decay pot. This decay pot will give us an elemental version of the Kraken.
  • To have built the wonder weapon distillation kit. All part for this are built in the Engine Room area.
What we are going to do in this room is mend some pipes that are leaking on board the Titanic with the Kraken wonder weapon. Normally I would call a plumber, or Super Mario Bros if they were around, but they ain' its up to you to become ships engineer, plumber, zombie killer....pipe fixer upper this time around.

We need to look around the Turbine room in the following locations in the image below and shoot the burst pipes spewing out steam / smoke with the Kraken to partially seal them.

When you shoot the pipe correctly you will see a red X hit marker appear indicating its sealed. Soon as you see this, move onto the next one. 

Once all of these blue pipes have been mended, you will notice the water level rising in the Boiler Room. This will rise and put out all fires in the Boiler Room which is handy.

We now need to place the Artefact you have been carrying around, into the Pack A Punch machine in this area. If the Pack A Punch is not currently located in the Boiler Room, you will need to flip the round in order to get it to appear in here. 

When Pack A Punch it eventually appears in the Boiler Room, it will give you the option to Pack A Punch the it.

When it is finished being upgraded, don't forget to pick it back up again.

Take me to the Stars Above
Now we have to go around the map and activate a few different symbols that relate to different planets and celestial bodies. When you activate each of the symbols, the actual planet it relates to, or the sun, will spawn in the sky....very end of the world kinda feeling I'm getting here, but it has to be done.

Activating the symbols for the planets can be done in any order so go nuts and choose a totally random sequence of activating them in. 

The locations of these symbols are:

  • Forecastle - SUN SYMBOL - behind the teleporter, on the air vent

  • Mail Rooms - MERCURY SYMBOL - on left side of pigeon / sorting holes

  • Millionaires Suites - VENUS SYMBOL - underneath table beside 4 post bed

  • Lower Grand Staircase - MOON SYMBOL - on one of the white wall panels

  • BridgeSATURN SYMBOL - in the small room facing the steering wheel on left side of brown cupboard

  • Boiler Room - MARS SYMBOL - underneath the gangway and against the wall. Its quite far down so need to go prone in order to activate this one.

  • Engine Room - JUPITER SYMBOL - on top of a box lying on the ground

  • Aft Decks - NEPTUNE SYMBOL - inside the life saving flotation rings centre

  • State Rooms - URANUS SYMBOL - hidden behind a lush green plant in the bathroom

Once all of these symbols have been activated, go outside and look up. You will see all the planets in the sky above you. When you see them all you can then move onto the next step.

Somebody Pull The Plug
Next we need to go into the Cargo Hold area and lower the water level in here. Once it has lowered, on top of some boxes will be a model of the solar system. Simply walk up to it and interact with it. 

This will cause the planets to start to flash one by one in a particular sequence. Memorise this sequence and write its sequence down in order of planets. You can activate this model as many times as you want so do not worry if you didn't get it all memorised or written down the first time.

Simply hit use on it again and it will replay the animation.

Here is the sequence of planets that occurred in my game, they change each play through the sequence, but here is the names of the planets in relation to their colours as reference:

If your not 100% sure what order the planets are in from the sun, don't fret, this diagram will help show the planets in order from the sun and give a visual representation of their colours to match the model.

When you trigger this Solar System model, it will turn this into an INFINITE ZOMBIE round and will not rest until you are either dead.......or have completed this step.

When you activate the model, it will also spawn holograms of the sun and the planets appearing in the sky outside.

Also when the solar system model is flashing, you will notice that the planet NEPTUNE is actually pointing down, while all the other are pointing up. This is because NEPTUNE won't actually appear in the sky. It is floating around the map under the water.

Star Destroyer
Next we need to go to the upper decks of the Titanic so we can get a clear view of the sky, the Boat Deck area is probably the best area for all round visibility. Now we have to shoot the planets in the order that they were glowing on the solar system model. Sort of like the game Simon says which has appeared in previous zombie maps.

As you shoot each planet you will know your hitting it with a red X hit marker appearing. When you shoot he planet, it will launch a BLUE ORB and shoot it towards the Titanic.

As you destroy each planet, this BLUE ORB will land in the original area which had the symbol for the specific planet you just destroyed.....and possibly wiped out all life on, from the locations described in the previous step called "Take me to the Stars Above".

Here are the locations where each of the blue orbs will land for each planet:

  • Neptune - Alt Decks
  • Mercury - Mail Rooms
  • Moon - Lower Grand Staircase
  • Jupiter - Engine Room
  • Saturn - Bridge
  • Mars - Boiler Room
  • Uranus - State Room
  • Venus - Millionaire Suites
  • Sun - Spawn

When the orb comes down you will have to go into each of these areas and pick up the orb. Hopefully no Aliens have come along with it or it will be an encounter of the third kind.

Now when the BLUE ORB has landed in its respective location, you need to get down there ASAP and pick it up as there is a timer before it disappears, which is not as long as a piece of string. If playing with more than one person, one person can stay on the top decks and shoot the planets while another one stays at each location ready to pick up that planets orb immediately. Make sure to wait until your friend is at the location before initiating the orb.

If you shoot the planets in the wrong order at any point, the planets will disappear from the sky and you will have to wait till the next round to be able to activate the solar system model again, to make them reappear, allowing you to go through the process again.

The sun will be the last planet in the sequence to be shot.

Get over here Sunny Jim
Once the Sun has been shot down, the orb will appear in the SPAWN AREA in the Forecastle area. All players need to haul ass to this location and hold the use button on the blue orb

You will notice the screen will go white again and this will activate a timer. However, when you start to make your way through the ship, you will notice block of ice starting to block access to areas and staircases etc. 

You need to destroy this ice blocks as you go and make your way to the other end of the ship to the Poop Deck as quickly as your little legs will carry you. 

If you fail this step and don't get to the other end in time, the screen will turn black and you will have to wait till the next round, then reactivate this step again. The ice blocks you previously destroyed will have returned and need turned into Popsicle's one more time.

When we finally get to the other end of the ship and destroy the final Ice Block at the furthest back section of the Poop Deck, the screen will turn white, letting you know you have done it in time. It will also display a symbol that appeared from when we were doing the sparking plug steps, and this will be a teleporter that takes you to the boss fight.

Before entering the boss fight, everyone says the Elemental Kraken upgrade, the water one, is one of the best ones to do the most damage on the main boss in this map. So if one of your team has it your in with a good chance.

All players need to stand in the symbol and press the USE button. You will see the message "Hold to proceed, you won't come back from this". Now you will be taken to meet your doom.....or success as you will have completed it yay!

Click here to go to Part 3 of the Easter Egg Guide

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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