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Easter Egg Guide for Voyage of Despair - Black Ops 4 Zombies Walkthrough

Easter Egg Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hi guys,

here we are on board the Titanic in this Epic map called "Voyage of Despair" for Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. We all know the story of the Titanic and how it met its fate, however I do not remember zombies running around the decks and teleporters whisking people from one end of the ship to another in the blink of an eye....must have missed that part in all the history lessons I guess. However this is still an amazing setting and has me very intrigued on how zombies will work on this map.

This level recreates the Titanic in amazing detail, a lot of which you may recognise from scenes in the film, or if you are from my home city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, from the photos, models and full size replica rooms and items on display in the Titanic Building itself, which is a major tourist attraction here in Belfast. 

I will do my bit to boost tourism and show you a picture of the Titanic Building if you have not seen it as its state of the art and ultra modern, looking FAB-U-LUSH:

Now I have hopefully added to the tourism of my fair city, time to get down to business and find out how to complete the Easter Egg for this.

Full Steam Ahead

First up we need to open up the map in order to make things easier for ourselves.....this will mean we will have to delve deep into our pockets......but as we started off in first class we can afford it. Open up the map from the main spawn area all the way to the "Poop Deck"....this by the way is not what you think it is...there is no toilets, its a stern deck basically.

When we get here we are going to retrieve the Sentinel Artefact. This is necessary for the Easter Egg and also for opening up Pack A Punch so we need to get it first or we ain't going anywhere fast on this map. So lets get it activated and then we will immediately get sorted with Pack A Punch.

Once the Artefact is activated it will go from being blue to a fiery red and it will create portals around the ship. These portals are teleporters which you can use to zip around the ship in seconds, for a cost of course of 500 credits. It will fire 4 bursts of energy into the air which will create teleporters in section that you may not have been able to access normally on foot.

If you are not sure how to get Pack A Punch on this map, then check out my Pack A Punch guide before moving onto the next step.

Once we have it activated, its onto the next step.

What Time Is It?

Now Pack A Punch is activated, we need go around the map and check the 6 possible locations which can contain a clock. You will notice that in 4 our of the possible 6 locations, the time has changed.....time stands stills for no man or woman..... as the saying goes and all that.

You will know you have found one of the correct 4 clocks that you need if you find a Pack A Punch Elemental Symbol nearby. Lets find out the clocks locations along with the location of the Elemental symbol for each.

When you reach each clock that has a spawned symbol:

  • Note the time on the clock
  • Note the symbol which is associated with the clock

Mail Room

In the Mail Room area, there is a clock to the right of the door that leads into the Cargo Hold which is filled with water. To find the corresponding symbol to go with this clock, turn 90 degrees left while staring at it and you will see a flight of stairs heading up. Go to the side of these stairs and look on the wall underneath them. 

You will see a Pack A Punch Elemental symbol. Take note of it. There are 4 symbols in total to find, which are:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water

Below is a diagram from MrDalekJD's video on Youtube that shows what each of the symbols mean:

Captain On Deck

Next clock location is in the Captains Bridge. When you enter the bridge, you will see the clock behind the steering wheel, face it then look to your right in the corner and you will see a desk. Get down on your honkers and look underneath the desk. Low and behold, printed on the right hand side of the drawers is another symbol for one of the Pack A Punch Elemental Symbols.

That is a Grand Clock

Another clock location can be on the Grand Staircase area and is engraved into a beautiful wooden carving on the wall. The Pack A Punch Elemental Symbol for this clock can be found by simply turning right, going up the stairs case onto the landing and it is marked just above the doorway facing you.

This Clock is First Class!  (The Puns Get Worse)

This clock location is in the First Class Lounge sitting on the mantle piece of a very lavish fire place which is bigger than my whole living room never mind my own little electric fire I have. If you look at the mystery box, which spawns in this location, and then look slightly to the left into the window that is beside it, you will see the corresponding Pack A Punch Elemental symbol on the right hand side of the wall.

Tin Can.....Galley?

The next clock location is in the Galley and it facing where a dead body is hanging on the wall. The spawn for this Pack A Punch Elemental  symbol can be on the wall facing the clock to the left of the cabinets.

Last but not least

The final clock is located in the Third Class Berths when you are making your way down to the Turbine Room. Its just to the left of the wooden unit as you come down the stairs. When you stand in front of the clock, turn 180 degrees to face the stairs and you will see some luggage piled up.

Look behind the luggage on the wall will be another Pack A Punch Elemental symbol. 

That is the final possible spawn location of the elemental symbol and all 6 clock locations, but remember, only 4 of these possible locations will spawn a symbol per game.

The same symbold does not spawn at the same location and the time son the clocks, along with the symbol spawn locations, are randomised every play through.

My Watch Has Stopped 4 times!

Now that we know the times and symbols associated with each symbol, we need to make our way up to the Bridge. When you get there, find the dial which has the matching symbol for the one your looking for.

For example, this dial on the Bridge has the AIR symbol on it. The clock in the area that the symbol was in had the time 11:10. If you look at the dial for the Air symbol, the small hand is pointed towards what would be 12 on a clock face, and the long handle, which would be the minute hand, is currently set to 5. This makes the time currently 12:05.

The time on our clock was 11:10, so we need to move the large handle into the position the long minute hand would be on a clock. Each time you increment or move the handle in either direction, that is 5 minutes the time is adjusted by. So in this example we need to move the long handle one more position to the right to get to 10 minutes past 12.....we will then modify the hour dial later to adjust it back one hour to 11:

NOTE: All the dials in the Bridge area can only change the MINUTES of the time for each symbol. In other areas of the ship you will see another set of dials for these symbols which will modify the HOUR hand into the right position.

So find all 4 dials on the Bridge and match the position of the handle to the position of the minute hand in each of the clocks and their times.

Next we need to set the HOUR hands to the correct HOUR in order to get the correct time for each symbol. This means we need to find another 4 dials to change these HOUR hands....a days work is never done eh?

First we need to head down to the POOP DECK area at the back of the ship and up to where the wheel is located with the 2 dials, 1 on either side of it, which correspond to the AIR and EARTH symbol. The one on the left is the AIR symbols hour hand dial and the one on the right is the EARTH symbols hour hand dial.

Set these hands to match the time on the clocks for these 2 symbols. Then when you have set these hour hands, if you go up to the Bridge, you will notice for the AIR and EARTH symbols, the dials and their hands are matching the times for each corresponding clock

Now we just need to match the times for the last 2 symbols which are located in the ENGINE ROOM. When you find the dials in the engine room area, the dials on the left are for the FIRE elemental symbol and the ones on the right are for the WATER elemental symbol.

When all dials have been matched up with their corresponding times and elemental symbols, you will hear a completion noise and you can move onto the next step.

Anyone got a charging plug?

For the next step, we need to look around the map to find 4 power outlets firing out elemental energy, total health hazard I know, out of a total of 6 possible spawn locations.

These power outlets relate to a particular element and when you find them, they will be sparking like crazy, when you find the elemental ones, take note of what element is coming from it. If the plug is dormant like in the picture above, then this is not the droid you are looking for......I mean..... this is not the plug you are looking for.

The sparking plugs can spawn in the following locations:

Aft Decks
To the right of a wooden bench with luggage sitting on it there is a window, inside the window is a knocked over chair on its side. This is where the plug can spawn.

Third Class Berths
The next location is in the Third Class Berths area and can be found by coming in from the Poop Deck entrance and down the stairs, then taking an immediate left and it should be up against the wall  on the right.

Upper Grand Staircase
This power outlet is just to the left of a chair in the Upper Grand Staircase area.

Dining Hall
This one is near the mess of black gloopy stuff, that has a chair tangled up in it, that has come through the ceiling. The plug is on the side facing the windows.

State Rooms
Another location is in one of the State Rooms, located beside 2 lovely works of art.

First Class Lounge
The last location is in the First Class Lounge, located beside the coat rack with a coat hanging on it.

Now that we know all the locations of the plugs and what element it is spitting out, we need to get that particular type of zombie to that plug and kill it in front of it. When we kill the right zombie at its corresponding elemental plug, a symbol will appear on the ground. This will then stop the plug sparking.

For example if we take a fire zombie to the plug that is spitting out the fire element and kill him in front of it, we are in business.

When you activate the plug, you will have to play to the next round in order to reactivate the sparking plugs again.

Now you need to go and repeat this for the other 3 sparking plugs, taking the relevant zombie that matches the elemental energy coming from the plug.

To complete this step the 4 types of zombies you will need are:

  • Flame Zombie 
  • Gas Zombie
  • Water Zombie
  • Electrical Zombie

Once you have a teleporter symbol on the floor at each of the 4 plug locations, we can move onto the next step.

Click here to go to Part 2 of the Easter Egg Guide

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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