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5th Perk on Voyage of Despair Zombies - Call of Duty Black Ops 4

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here is how to get a free 5th Perk on the Zombies map Voyage Of Despair in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. This perk is obtained in the same way it is obtained in the Viking Easter Egg within the zombie map IX.

Basically, in order to obtain this 5th perk, we will need to find 6 FISH scattered around the map. In order to make it a bit easier for us, you should obtain a sniper rifle at this stage in order to complete this 5th perk. 

This will allow us to see the FISH much more easily, as they are quite hard to see in some places. Also the sniper is a confirmed weapon type that this will work on, some weapon types when shooting the FISH do not cause them to fall down and will not work.

The Koshka sniper rifle can be bought straight off the wall in the Engine Room area. You can also of course take a gamble on the mystery box and see if it pops a sniper rifle out at some point. 

Only one fish will spawn in the map at a time. So you will have to locate the fish that has spawned, shoot it down and pick it up. This will then cause the second fish to spawn in a different location.

Something Fishy Going On
Lets tackle these fish and see where they are hiding out so we can catch them hook line and sinker.

Fish Spawn Location 1 - Poop Deck on one of the ropes leading up to a mast

This one is on one of the ropes that leads from the Poop Deck up to a mast in the air. The fish is hanging on the rope for dear life about halfway up it. Its quite small and hard to see, almost needing a microscope to see it, but that's where Mr sniper rifles zoom scope comes into its element. 

Simply find the fish, shoot it. When you hit it correctly, a hit marker with an X will appear letting you know its been hit successfully. The fish will fall to the floor with a PLOP noise and you can pick up the FISH. When you do you will hear a squelching noise.

Fish Spawn Location 2 - The forecastle area under the lookout mast platform.

This one is much easier to see and hit. The fish is hidden just under the lookout masts platform....when I imagine fish and platform together the words make me think fish inside platform shoes. Just like Disco Stu from the Simpsons and his platform shoes, hilarious.

Fish Spawn Location 3 - The Mid Deck area on the side of one of the smoking engine funnels 

This is a fairly easy one to see, its stuck on the side where there are a few slabs of iceberg lying on the deck within this area. It is located where the funnel changes colour from gold, brassy colour to black. The fish is right on this line of black.

Fish Spawn Location 4 - In the Boiler Room area on top of a blue pipe

This is the hardest one out of them all to see. Turning up the brightness on the game as full as it will go will help you in finding this fish. Even with the brightness up full, it is quite tricky to see.

Looking up at the blue pipe on the ceiling, you should see a bit of a texture change on the pipe itself, this is the elusive fish. Shoot it down and pick it up. When it falls down it falls into the water below so keep walking over it and holding the use button until you hear that squelch noise.

Fish Spawn Location 5 - In the Aft Deck area on top of a type of rope ladder

In the Poop Deck area, going up the flight of stairs on the left makes the deck turn into the Aft Deck area. Look at the double ladder type rope heading up to the mast up high. You will see a tiny fish tail hanging down halfway up the rope.

Shoot him down and pick it up and that's your 5 glorious fish..... I'm suddenly in the mood for fish and chips all of a sudden....soooo hungry.

Fish Spawn Location 6 - In the Promenade Starboard Deck under the grate

This fish is best shot from the Promenade Starboard Deck area as shooting it from underneath in the Engine Room is pretty much impossible, as it is so had to see.

Enter the Promenade Starboard Deck area from the Galley area and look down through the grate. Shoot the fish, where it will then fall down into the Engine Room area below. Run to the Engine Room and pick it up.

Don't forget the sun cream

Lastly, we need to run to the Sun Deck area and find the box which has 2 fish on it. Place all 6 fish you have collected on this box. In doing so you will incur the wrath of the sea and a huge tentacle will come up to say hello. 

This will then splash back down into the ocean and will leave the 5th perk hovering in the air for you to pick up. 

It is a totally random 5th perk each time, but who says you don't get anything for free these days? Pick it up and its yours to keep......but if you go down at any point, you will lose this perk so just be careful.

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's Youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys and gals.


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