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Flying Car Easter Egg in Voyage Of Despair - Black Ops 4 Zombies

Hi guys,

here is how to activate the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Style Easter Egg in Voyage of Despair in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies. This Easter egg was cause a car to fly around the map with a skeleton in the driving seat, blasting out some tunes and dropping various power ups around the place like a mad man.

Lets get into the driving seat and take this bad boy for a spin.....ladies and gentlemen......start your engines!

Before we start on our quest to defy gravity and send a car hurtling through the air on will power alone, we need to:

  • Activate the Sentinel Artefact on the Poop Deck

Once both of these tasks have been completed, we can begin.

Bank Robbers Crack me up with their codes
From the main spawn area in the Forecastle, we need to head down the stairs to the Mail Room area through the destroyed skylight. When you drop down into the Mail Room area, you will see a safe in the middle of the room. Equip your Ballistic Shield and walk up to the front of the safe where you will see a code cracker device attached to it.

Melee the code cracker device with the shield and it will fall onto the floor, pick it up. We will need this later on.

However before we use the safe cracking device, we need to look around the map to find 4 bone parts of a skeleton.

Putting this skeleton puzzle together.....bone by bone
The first bone part is in the Mail Room area across from the safe in the pigeon holes. It is on the bottom larger hole which looks like its used to hold small packages:

Now you have picked the bone up, look down under this parcel / pigeon hole table and you will see a scrap of paper with a number / code written on it. It is sitting on top of all the spilled letters from the mail bags underneath this table. Take note of the numbers written on it, this play through, the number code was 2340:

Each time we find a bone location, it will have a corresponding piece of paper with a code on it for all 4 locations. For each bone:

  • Note what body part it is "Hand", "foot", "skull" or "Long Large bone"
  • Also note the code at each location

Later we will use the code to match it to the body part. Think of the 4 digit code as a barcode. This will be used later when we use the safe cracking device on 4 safes we will have to find later once we have all 4 bone locations and their respective codes.

Mulder and Skull...….y...….X Files Joke
The second skeleton piece is also located in the mail room near the stairs which take you out of it above deck. Just underneath the stairs is a table with a skull on it and just behind it, against the wall, are some bottles on top of a box. Go up the stairs slightly and look down on it, its easier to use a sniper rifle to zoom into this piece of paper as its quite difficult to see, and take note of the number / code that is on the piece of paper located here. In this play through the code was 4520:

Give this skeleton a hand, literally
The third bone part is also in the mail room just opposite the stairs on a desk, beside the safe which will be on the desks left. On the desk is several small document folders with the outline of a hand smeared in blood across them and on the wall behind them. This nicely leads us to a skeleton hand resting on the desk which must have made these imprints.....maybe before the zombies caught them they wanted to finish some filing before getting torn to shreds? We will never know.

The number / code is also on the floor towards the top left leg of the table. Again its a bit of weird angle and hard to see, thank god for sniper rifles and their intense zoom......if only someone could invent a magnifying glass instead of carrying a high calibre weapon around just to see small print text. In this play through the code was 1404.

The names hold....cargo hold
The last bone part is located in the Cargo Hold. This part is the foot and is quite ironically located inside a small shoe box, beside a much larger box labelled "Standard Shoes"....which is a nice little touch.

This is much easier to see as its a well lit area. The skeleton foot is just below the waters surface and the number / code is just to the right in pain view on the floor between the other bits of paper. This is a brighter white piece of paper. This was the code 1912.

Safe Hunter
Now we have all 4 bone parts, what body part it is along with their codes, we are going to have to find 4 safes located around the map. You can access these safes in any order.

First Safe Location
This is located in the Bridge area where you open the door from the Spawn Area in order to access the Boat Area. Its one of the first doors you will open in this map. The safe is beside a bed with a gun on top of it and a wine glass:

Hit the use button on the safe and you will put the safe cracker on the safe. It will run some numbers and then the safe will open. 

While the safe is open, note the number on the safe cracker it used to open the door with. In this case it is 2340. You know where this is going right? Where have you heard or seen that number before? Please don't say on a 24 hour got the Mail Room area with the long large bone in the pigeon hole. The code underneath the table read 2340.

You need to go and pick up the Large bone in the mail room and bring it back, and fire it into this safe. When you hit use on the safe with this bone, it will slowly hover and disappear into the abyss inside it....possibly a black hole? Then the safe will close and give off a slightly blue vapour from it. 

All you need to do now is equip the ballistic shield and melee the safe cracker that is still attached to the safe. This will cause it to fall off and allow you to pick it up again. There is only one of these dudes onboard so don't forget to pick this up each time you move from safe to safe.

Second Safe Location
The second safe location is in the 1st Class Lounge Section to the left of where the 2 green sofas are facing each other in this room. The safe is located on the floor in a dark corner to the left of the knife wall buy.

We simply rinse and repeat the previous steps:

  • Attach code cracker to safe, Safe opens
  • Get the code from the code cracker on outside of safe door
  • Go get the bone part that relates to this code in whatever location
  • Insert bone into the safe which seems strong enough to contain a black hole
  • Safe closes, use ballistic shield to melee code cracker off safe
  • Pickup safe cracker and move onto next safe location

The code this time was 4250, which corresponds to the skull. Go back to the Mail Room area and to the table where it was located, pick it up and stuff it into this safe. When it closes, melee the safe code cracker, pick it up and move on.

Safe 3 Location
The next location is in the Millionaires Suite on the C deck.....this deck has all the Ca-Ching! .....hence why the deck starts with a C.....anyway, coming down the lower grand staircase, as soon as you come to the bottom, take the door on the right facing you as soon as you go down and stare forward. The safe is in the room to the right beside the fancy table and mirror.

Crack that baby open and lets see what code it beholds. This time around it is the number 1912. This correlated to the foot in the Cargo get it. Bring it back, stick it in the safe, get the code cracker and move onto the last safe location.

Safe Location 4
The last safe location is in the Third Class Berths area. in the hallways and corridors which are all white. The safe is sitting in front of one of the small containers that are blocking on e of the corridors. Repeat all previous steps. The last code we had was 1404, but as there is only one bone part left, we know which one it corresponds to, this is the hand which is also located in the Mail Room area on the desk with the bloody hand smear.

Now when the hand is inserted into the safe and it disappears, you will not be able to melee the code cracker device off the safe anymore....sad I know boo hoo…..but good news is, it means we can move onto the next step. Smiles all round.

Lets take this car for a spin
Now that we have all the bones together, head down into the Cargo Hold where the car is located and you will see a skeleton sitting in the driver seat. Hold the use button on the car and it will slowly start to sink into the abyss below. When it is gone, head up above deck and look to the sky.

Is it a bird? it a plane? its a skeleton using supernatural energy to levitate a vintage car around the map blasting his CD player  as loud as it goes with extra sub woofer and bass, occasionally dropping 3 power ups at a time from above before doing a runner into the night.....never to be seen again.

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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