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Obtaining the Kraken Wonder Weapon - Voyage of Despair Zombies

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here is how to obtain the Kraken Wonder Weapon on the zombies map Voyage of Despair in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. 

This weapon is exactly what it says on the tin, or barrel, as it is totally crackin'......kraken....get it? Terrible joke I know so moving swiftly on, lets show you how to obtain a free Kraken every time within this doomed ship.

As a matter of Artefact 
First we need to do the needful and activate the artefact on the rear POOP DECK in order to make each of the areas within the ship available to us:

I am so Stoked about this
Next we need to find a Stoker's key. These are obtained from the Stoker zombies that spawn in from around round 10 on wards. you need to kill the Stoker zombie with a normal non specialist weapon in order for him to drop this key.

When he drops it pick it up and we will use this key to unlock a treasure chest dotted around the map in one of 5 possible locations.

Treasure Hunt - Treasure Chest Locations
1. Mail room after coming down the stairs from the top deck.

2. At the back of the STATE ROOMS in between a plant and a green couch, on the floor in front of a set of double doors.

3. In the back of the dining hall in the GALLEY 

4. In the PROVISIONS AREA where all the tasty meat is stored. On the floor with a barrel to its left and some tasty looking ribs sitting on top of the box.

5. Lastly in the TURBINE ROOM it is hidden away at the very back in the right hand corner of this room. To the left of it a fan is spinning around.

When you find where the chest has spawned, use the Stoker Key to open it. The box will open and emit a gold aura. All you need to do now is feed the chest as many zombie souls as it requires to stop its tummy rumbling, by killing zombies nearby to it. The souls will get sucked in till it has had its fill then explode.

Deja vu..... times two.
Next we need to check out the other 4 spawn locations for the chest to see where it has re-spawned next, as it is still hungry for lost zombie souls. 

We will need to charge it up 2 more times making it a total of 3 in the end. Why they cant invent a zombie soul charger and plug it into the chest the way we have battery chargers for mobile phones etc these days, I will never know.

So when you find it a second time, charge it and then move onto the last third possible locations it can spawn and do it a third time. 

Some people say the chest can actually re-spawn in one of the locations it has previously spawned in so be sure to check all 5 of them again if you get a bit lost.

Click and Collect your item
When you have finally charged the final chest, you will notice that it will open and reveal an item to you. This is telling you the location of where to go in order to pick up the Kraken, as the item it is showing you is dotted somewhere around the map already.

The possible 5 items that can come out of the box are:

Binoculars - Located in the Forecastle area

Compass - Located on the Boat Deck

Globe - Located in the Mid Deck

Compass Drawing Tool - Located on the Aft Decks area

Telescope - Located on the Poop Deck

Special Delivery
When you get near the box that matched the item that came out of the treasure chest when charged with zombie souls, a huge tentacle will reach up out of the water and deliver the Kraken wonder weapon literally to your front door.

In this case our item was the telescope and was located on the Poop Deck so the Kraken Monster emerged from the water, splashed me a bit and got a brand new suit I bought that day soaked, ruining it, but I forgave him for delivering me a weapon of mass zombie destruction.

Still not sure how to do it then check out GLITCH's Youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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