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Building the shield in Voyage of Despair zombies - Call of Duty Black Ops 4

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here is how to build the sturdy, trustworthy and rather defensive of its own feelings, shield in "Voyage of Despair" in Call Black Ops 4 Titanic level. There are 3 parts to find in a total of 9 possible spawn locations. These spawn in different places each play through.

First up, to make this little hunt for parts much easier to follow, we will start at the very back of the ship by activating the artefact on the Poop Deck. This will mean we can open doors that couldn't be opened until this was activated. Once this has been done, we will make our way back to the Forecastle are (Main Spawn area) where we will start our quest for the elusive shield parts.

So, on your marks.....get set.....poop.......as in make your way to the artefact location on the Poop Deck at the very back of the ship and activate it, then return to the Forecastle area so we can begin.

Shield Part Spawn Locations

Bridge Area - Bridging relations between the shield parts
Part 1 spawn location 1
The first part can be located by making your way from the Forecastle area to the Bridge area. This shield part spawn location is just to the left of the bridge which has the wheel and all the dials with levers.

Part 1 Spawn Location 2
From where the first part spawned on the Bridge, do a 180 while facing this location and head forward and take the first door on the left of which beside it is a torn in half life boat. As you go through the door, you will see a small storage section behind the main Bridge room and the part will be on top of a couple of wooden boxes. 

Part 1 Spawn Location 3
Also located in the bridge area, if you simply exist where part 2 was located near the wooden boxes, turn 90 degrees right looking down the bridge corridor, and take the second corridor on the right. Down this small narrow corridor section, the part will be on the banister on the right, half way down.

State Rooms - A Stately affair
Part 2 Spawn Location 1
If we make our way from the main spawn area, the Forecastle, and open the door that leads to the State Rooms, we can go down the corridor and take the door that is the first on the left to reveal the next part. It is sitting nicely up on a shelve with lots of warm and cosy looking towels.

Part 2 Spawn Location 2
Then come back out of the door you entered for spawn location 1 for this par and look down the corridor. You will see a wall at the bottom of the corridor, on the right hand side, that has a huge hole in it. Go through this hole and into the room, then take another left through the equally large gaping hole in this wall. When you finally enter the room, directly facing you should be a wooden chair next to a small cupboard, The second part location could be here on top of the wooden chair.

Part 2 Spawn Location 3
The last location for part 2 is on the opposite side of this corridor. Exit through the whole in the wall you came in and to the left slightly there is a narrow room taking you to the other side of this area. This room is full of towels. Keep going to the end of the corridor and take last door on the left. Here the part will be sitting on a very comfy looking chair which I wouldn't mind sitting on myself....looks comfy....but expensive.

3rd Hand parts - Provisionally speaking
Part 3 Spawn Location 1
This next part spawns in the 3rd Class Berths section. If you take the stairs going down from the Poop Deck into the 3rd Class Berths, take a left then go forward until you hit another set of stairs going down to the very bottom of the 3rd Class Berths. When you get to the bottom take a left 90 degrees and the part will have spawned on top of the banister.

Part 3 Spawn Location 2
From spawn location 1, if you take a 180 from where this part spawned, you will see another door on the far side of the stairs you came down. When you make your way through this opening you will notice more stairs on the right that will take you down to the Provisions area of the ship. Follow this long corridor down to the end and you will see the part sitting on top of the boxes at the end of the corridor.

Part 3 Spawn Location 3
The last spawn location for Part 3 is on top of boxes next to a huge crate of apples. To get here simply do a 180 when facing the spawn 2 location, then follow the corridor round until you get to the room which has the sign saying PROVISIONS with an arrow pointing in. As soon as you walk in on halfway down the room there is huge crates of apples. The part will be spawned on the boxes lower down in front.

Building the Ballistic Shield
Now we have all 3 parts for the shield, if we make our way to the Poop Deck, you will find a buildables bench in the centre area of where the door leads down to the 3rd Class Berths. 

Simply walk up to the bench and hold the use button on it and the skills to pay the bills will craft you a very cool ballistic shield which has 2 different attacks.

One is the melee attack and the other is where the shield is put in front of the player and a tiny gun that comes with it is used to blow some holes in zombie flesh, with great satisfaction.

Still unsure how to build it? Then check out MrRoflWaffles video below:

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