Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Verruckt FREE PDF Download Guide From COD Zombified - Call Of Duty Easter Eggs, Secrets and Map Layouts

Click for more FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF Guides for:

 Five --- Kino  Der Toten ---  Shangri La --- Verruckt --- Call Of The Dead --- Nuketown Zombies --- The Moon --- Shi No Numa --- Nacht Der Untoten -- Die Riese

Hi guys,

Here is the second PDF guide I have created for all the past Zombie Maps that have existed so far in the Call Of Duty Universe!

The first one I created is for Nacht Der Untoten which the link for can be found at the top of this post. The document is available on Google Drive to view only and can be downloaded for free to your Tablet, PC or Mobile device for quick reference when playing the game.

To view the PDF for Verruckt online simply visit:

I recommend playing the older maps again if bored as there are so many secrets and easter eggs to find that you may have missed some on the first few play throughs. Zombies, no matter what map, never bores me and it probably never will, which means its a game that will always be a classic in my eyes and never die......kinda just like a zombie?

To view the PDF for Verruckt simply click below:

Thanks for reading guys


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Exo Zombies Teaser Trailer

Hi Guys,

If you haven't seen it, then here is the video to see the new COD Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Teaser.

2015 Lookout!

Check out the trailer starring John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal.

Not going to speculate anything or say it looks bad or anything like Extinction was, will just have to wait and see as it shows no Gameplay footage really.

Lets hope they can come up with some magic just like the good old folk at Treyarch have done countless times.



Nacht Der Untoten FREE PDF Download Guide From COD Zombified - Call Of Duty Easter Eggs, Secrets and Map Layouts

Click for more FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF Guides for:

 Five --- Kino  Der Toten ---  Shangri La --- Verruckt --- Call Of The Dead --- Nuketown Zombies --- The Moon --- Shi No Numa --- Nacht Der Untoten -- Die Riese

Hi guys,

Due to the limits of App Inventor 2 from MIT, making a Call Of Duty Zombified App had proven a little bit difficult. This is due to the sheer amount of information that needed to be included in the App which basically caused my phone to wanna jump out the window when it saw the download coming for it.

SO instead I have tried making my own PDF documents. They are downloadable or can simply be viewed online via Google Drive. I have only shared them so that they can be viewed, but cannot be changed but anyone but myself. I know I feel like a spy going all secret super hacker security safe on them but I like them the way they are.

Check out the layout of the documents, they should be easy enough to read on any PC, Mobile or Tablet device. This is the layout of the first PDF document which covers Nacht Der Untoten:

Access, View and Download the Nacht Der Untoten Guide here:

I will be doing a PDF for every single level over the next month and hopefully they will be finished at the end of January. It is fast creating them as a lot of the content for older maps is taken frmo the Call Of Duty Wiki, where the newer maps which I have covered will include all my blog tips as well. I will also try to include links to videos within the documents, as they are interactive PDF documents, meaning links can be clicked inside them which will open up your Mobile, Tablet or PC defaults Web Browsers Automatically.

These documents are FREE to download and FREE to share with anyone!

Thank you for reading guys always a pleasure :)


Friday, 14 November 2014

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Bullet Proof Room Glitch on Horizon Multiplayer

* UPDATE* This has now been fixed in one of the patches. After posting it on Twitter, I got a reply from Activision Support saying the bug was reported to the development team for fixing. Was quite surprised speed it was fixed at.

Hi guys,

Noticed a cool glitch in COD Advanced Warfare today that intrigued first it annoyed me because I couldn't kill the people once they got inside this room, then when the map came round again in the rotation, named HORIZON, I got into this room before anyone else and dealed out some payback :).

Basically it is a glitch on the multiplayer map HORIZON where part of the glass doors to a elevator in the map are not solid and the player can pass through a small section of them, This then gets them into a very small room which  should be inaccessible to anyone playing the map. I wonder if any of the other doors that are locked in other multiplayer maps have this small glitch in them and allow players to go out of bounds so to speak, and shooting at people through what appears to be, one way bullet glass :). Bullets come out of it but don't go into it from the front.


check out the video I made to show you how to access it and how it works by shooting people through it. It does however, as you will notice in the video, make the AI quite confused as to the AI, the player appears invisible to them behind the glass, because basically they are not in the combat arena anymore and are not being picked up by them.

I have noticed various glitches in the game, sometimes it randomly crashes, sometimes you can get stuck in an endless loop if you pass a check point and jump off the edge of the map by accident, the checkpoint then reloads, and you keep falling and falling again and again forever. Surely the developers would have noticed this if they tested it properly? I was about 4 minutes into the first level when this happened jumped and hovering down the destroyed skyscrapers. Twice in fact it happened even when restarted the game again. To me this is a bit sloppy to be honest.

Other times it freezes the game when picking up guns which are required to complete the missions which throws the game back to the Advanced Warfare screen without warning. Why? Must be coding issue or some kind of collision problem either with game physics or world, but to me it has not been properly or thoroughly tested.

At present I am a software tester in my place of work and if I can spot these after a few minutes of gameplay, I am sure everyone else has. Maybe this has been a bit of a rushed title as I read in the developer interviews on IGN that the single player was meant to be even longer than the last COD Ghosts was and I know for a fact its not. Played and completed it on VETERAN mode and done it in about 5 hours.

Really worries me how they can charge so much for games while the one player side of them is going down hill fast and all they concentrate on is multiplayer. Why not try a HALO 2 approach? Amazing one player and amazing doesn't take just talent when designing a game or the brains to think up ideas to create them, it takes both!

My version of what I feel, but sorry for rambling on guys, make sure any bugs or glitches you find you give me a shout and I will list them here and a link to your videos and websites.

Thanks for reading guys



Friday, 7 November 2014

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Exo Survival includes Zombies Teaser WATCH NOW FIND OUT HOW TO UNLOCK IT ON RIOT!

Hi guys,

been playing Call Of Duty Advanced warfare now past few days and am very impressed with it, this is a major step in the right direction to refreshing the COD franchise. No more is it a rehashed version of the previous game in the series each time, its no longer stale as a piece of bread thats been left outside for days on end thats now hard as a rock, this is change in the making.

I think however this is what Ghosts should have been as it is a bit like Call Of Duty mixed with Titanfall which is the ultimate mashup and have to say, it works very well together. 

Anyway we are not here for a review we are here to talk about the zombies that are in the Exo Survival mode and see what little secrets and gems we have in the game, if any that is, as COD Ghosts in extinction was not up to the zombie standard if you ask me so I kinda bypassed giving advice and tips out on it completely. However this Exo Survival mode has given me new hope that the pile of dung I seen replace zombies in Ghosts has been flushed finally down the toilet as I don't want to see it again in the next game ny Infinity Ward......OR ELSE! :)......I simpy won't buy it.


Complete 50 rounds of the Tier 1 Maps in Exo Survival Mode - This will then unlock the tier 2 maps - (These are the first 4 maps available)

Next Complete 75 rounds of the Tier 2 Maps in Exo Survival Mode - This will then unlock the tier 3 maps

Lastly Complete 100 rounds of the Tier 3 Maps in Exo Survival Mode - This will then unlock the final Zombie map

If a friend has already unlocked the MAP and you haven't, they can create a private party and you can simply jump into their game that they create.

When the map RIOT is unlocked, you then complete the first 10 rounds. After defeating the Goliath in round 10, an event will take place after this round where all the enemy Manticores around the map will explode. You black out and eventually come back, however your exo suit will temporarily be knocked offline briefly. Keep killing the zombies and avoiding them using the exo suit abilities when they come back online to dodge the crazy and very fast zombies.

Eventually a radio message will play telling you to get to the evac point to allow you to escape. Get there, a cutscene will play and voila you are home free :). 

Exo Survival Run Through With ALI-A (Youtube User)


Exo Survival is played on a multiplayer map called RIOT that is one of the multiplayer maps you will see when playing Team Deatchmatch, Search and Destroy etc so it will be very familiar to you allowing you to jump in and kick some ass instantly. The game basically never ends as you play against constant wave after wave of increasingly difficult and better kitted out enemies as the waves incredase, making it a hell of a lot more challenging.

This game type is slightly harder than zombies as the bad guys shoot back, not bite back baby so don't get too close get a hell of a long way away from the enemy this time around as bullets can run a lot faster than you can :).

In Exo Survival there are 3 different classes, Lightweight,  Heavy Weight and Special Exo classes.

After each wave, you can upgrade your weapons, upload ammo and make changes to the weapons, kinda like the same in the mode in I think Advanced Warfare 3 which allowed you to purchase airstrikes, weapon crates and AC130 cover etc. in survival mode. Check out the menu above for the upgrades.

Also on the map there is an Exo Suit symbol which allows you to upgrade your Exo Suits abilities, as well as view the stats for the suit and change classes between the 3 available.

Looks like this is a teaser for an upcoming zombies DLC content as everyone is raving about however the zombies better not just be wave after wave get to some point like in Extinction and thats the game over.....people want the Treyarch format back, solving puzzles, figuring out mysteries, collecting parts as well as some new ideas thrown in.

I hope it isn't a sellout but if it is, I will not be bothered as I am more interested in Treyarchs zombies, never accept imitations I say, nothing will ever beat the original creators of its version. Think many would agree with that.

The entire map feels like Mob of the Dead in Alcatraz prison you will get the feeling, especially when in the central building and you see the prison cells and their layout looks almost identical to Alcatraz, except with the large bits inside and outside of the prison the Treyarch version had.

Looks like its just a teaser really but Hopefully it lives up to all this hype.

Thanks for watching guys and reading all the best as always.



Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Classic Zombie Map Layouts along with Easter Eggs and Secrets - COD Zombified

Hi guys, 

Here are some classic zombie maps and their secrets if your in the mood for some retro zombies with your friends either on one player or multiplayer matches::

Call Of The Dead:

Der Riese:

Die Rise:

Kino Der Toten:

You may have missed some secrets when first playing these levels so check them out to see if there are any parts, secrets or Easter Eggs you may have missed the first time around.

Thanks for reading and watching the videos on them.


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

US UK ASIA REGION FREE Xbox One and PS4 Games up to £12 cheaper than in store prices! Tried and tested from supplier in Japan.

Hi guys,

I thought I would let you know about REGION FREE games that are available for your Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles which could save you from £7 - £12 off the prices you would pay in game stores on the high street or even on Amazon, Ebay or Play websites.

Many people think there is some catch with the games because they are so cheap, however that is not the case. If you think around £37 is cheap for one game, then you must be loaded! When you think of the grand scheme of things, all new release computer games are quite expensive, however ordering them from Asia, like most other things, can work out cheaper for you in the long run. The only catch is that you may need to wait up to two weeks, 14 days, for delivery from the release date to start playing your game. This is a minor issue though.

My mission today is to save you money. A supplier I have used since 2008 for Xbox 360 region free games is Play Asia, of which I have placed 13 orders since being a member. Every order has come without any problems with delivery, with customs or items not being sent at all. They are a very respectable company and remind me a lot of the Asian version of in relation to how their website is laid out. They also send money off vouchers with orders quite frequently which can get you up to $5 - $10 off your next order by inputting it in at the next checkout process.



What are Region Free Games?
Video games are released in different formats for different countries. America has NTCS australia and europe have PAL and japan has JAP. a game that is a different format than the system it is trying to be played on will give the system a disk read error. A region free game is one that is made in a universal format so all countries to get the same exact game. So for instance you could a region free game in a PAL xbox and a NTCS xbox. 

Example of PAL vs NTSC version of the game Watchdogs:

As you can see there are very minor differences and there usually are mainly on the front or back cover. You can see that the ratings are differentas well as the logo in the top right hand corner which states whether the game is NTSC, NTSC-J or PAL. The game is exactly the same when you play it as one you pick up at a local GAME store or anywhere else in the UK, US, ASIA, EUROPE you name it, it doesn't matter. The formats relate only to how it is displayed on the different TV's around the world. The barcode may be slightly different also as it relates to the country of origin.

Now lets look at the price difference if ordered from Play Asia for XBOX ONE with FREE P&P:

Watchdogs Price: £46.00
Watchdogs Price: £49.99
Watchdogs Price: £44.98

MINIMUM saving is  £7.68 and MAXIMUM saving is £12.69

If you do buy a lot of games per year, you can clearly se ehow these savings can add up over time. I have over 110 Xbox 360 games, as you can tell, I play a lot of games, and have bought 13 games since owning my Xbox 360 from Play Asia. This means if I saved a minimum of £7.68 per game for instance, 13 times, I would have saved £99.84!

It doesn't sound like much at the time that you are saving, but over time it does all add up trust me. The key is patience, buying a game the dya it comes out is not always the way to go, patience will yield savings :), poetic I know, but thats now my favorite saying at present.

  Any questions or doubts about ordering please let me know and I will give you any advice I can as ordering from China and Japan should be safely done, its all about choosing the correct supplier. This is a 100% legitimate supplier and if you have any problems with them you cna call me all of the names of the day, however I wouldn't hold your breath :).

Thank you.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Get 12 Months Xbox Live GOLD Subscription for £27.23 ($45.99) and 12 Months Playstation Plus Network from £29.60 ($49.99)

Hi guys,

Just letting you know how to save money when it comes to your Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3, Playstation 4 yearly subscriptions that could help go toward your next game. Also how to get games a lot cheaper, delivered right to your door from Asia, which will work without any compatability problems whatsoever on your game console. These are what is known as REGION FREE games.

Before I get onto the juicy stuff of how to get the cheaper games and explain what the difference is in them, which is very little, from one you can walk down the street and buy for around £7 - £10 more, I will let you know how to save around £6 - £12 per year on your Playstation and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

A website I have used for years, but no one has really heard an awful lot of, even to this day, is Play Asia. I find it hard to beleive not many people in the UK and Europe use it as much as they should, as I found it in 2008 and have ordered many items from it for Xbox 360 and Playstation without a single problem. I ordered Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for my Xbox 360, as my first game, just to test if it was a legitimate site or not, which it is! It is sort of like an Asian version of or HotUK Deals.

There are some real gems to look out for if you know what to look for. One which I will let you into right now is the prices for Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions and Playstation Plus yearly subscription.

Playstation PLUS Network 12 Months Subscription

The Playstation PLUS Network UK subscription for a year is £34.34 or $57.99. If you want to switch from paying online directly the £39.99 per year when signing up to the network from your Playstation device, then this is a great way to save a few pounds. The US version is even cheaper at around £29.60. It is delivered digitally and very fast delivery. have it for £39.99 for the exact same service and will save you around £5.64 which is money everyone could use in their pocket these days. 

Click the link below that corresponds to your country:

Playstation PLUS Network Subscription - United Kingdom (UK)

Playstation PLUS Network Subscription - United States (US)

XBOX Live GOLD 12 Months Subscription

The Xbox Live GOLD Subscription for a year is £27.23 or $45.99. If you want to switch from the yearly Microsoft billing of £39.99 then click on the link below that corresponds below to your country which the subscription relates to:

Xbox Live GOLD Subscription - Europe

Xbox Live GOLD Subscription - Japan

Xbox Live GOLD Subscription - United States

Prices may change due to currency conversions that change daily. Make sure to order the correct one for your country / region, or it obviously may not work, or only allow you to download content exclusive or available to that specific country the code relates too. 

Play Asia is a very reliable website and I can vouch for them I have ordered around 18 items since 2008 and never had a thing go wrong with an order. No taxes are usually charged on import duties due to their are under the normal threshold. However all tax relates to your country of residence and you should follow its laws, rules and regulations.

I will make another post now about the REGION FREE GAMES and how to get them cheaper from PLAY ASIA as well.

Thanks for reading guys.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Watch the trailer here released 4th November 2014!

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Sledgehammer games news

Out November 4th November 2014!

Hi guys,

Well the news has come a lot sooner than we expected about the new Call Of Duty game that is being called Advanced Warfare. We do not know however if this will be the actual title when it will be released as they are just teasing us with this trailer at the minute featuring none other than the awesome Kevin Spacey!

The trailer had somehow got leaked onto youtube by accident as it was not supposed to be aired until this Sunday the 4th May. This pictures are obviously not of the highest resolution and look like they maybe have been taken of the screen while the video was playing or someone has done a bit of shoddy job doing a screenshot and lost some quality in the compression of it. It could also be very early game footage even though it may be nearly completed, it hasn't been fully polished yet.

Anyway who cares about that for now its KEVIN SPACEY who is a very good actor in films and hopefully it will transfer across his energy and emotions etc and talent into the game as well.

From the link apparently Spacey in it says:

"In the video storyline, The House of Cards star, features as the head of a private military corporation that has attacked the United States.

Earlier this week, there was also an Instagram teaser posted shortly before the full trailer was leaked.

In it Spacey speaks to the camera in an extreme close-up. "Power determines who is right," he says.

"I have the power, so I'm right.

The video closes with the Microsoft and Xbox One logos, followed by date the new Call of Duty game will be revealed."

Enjoy the teaser and looking forward to seeing what other teasers are released the closer we get to release date. I am eagerly waiting to see what is in place of zombies or extinction this time as it is going to have to live up to one hell of a lot of expectations from people.



Thursday, 24 April 2014

Call Of Duty 2014 - No Zombies Confirmed - Screenshot of soldier from Call Of Duty 2014 Modern Warfare 4

Call Of Duty 2014 first picture released of realistic soldier....but is it enough? 


NO ZOMBIES in the 2014 Call Of Duty Game By the third studio to join the now 3 strong development team to take it in turn to produce COD games. This studio is called Sledgehammer Games, but will the promise of ultra realistic graphics be enough to keep the Call Of Duty Franchise running with fresh new ideas?

The basic game has hardly changed since modern warfare, the gameplay, mechanics and perk system etc. They will need to do something very special this time around to give us a wow factor now we know zombies will not be part of this game.

Activision may cave into demand and produce a separate zombie game with Treyarch as they know everyone is screaming for more and they know its a huge money making machine zombies.

I think Treyarch should produce a separate game for Xbox One and PS4 until it is their turn to churn out another COD title. They could spend some time working on it, maybe hiring a seperate development team to work on it and another working on the next Call Of Duty game.

Zombies is a huge cash cow and Activision would be silly to ignore huge demand from players for zombies, sooner, rather than another year or two down the line. However what will COD 2014 bring?

Maybe there is something better than zombies they will include as a co-op game type? I hope its not something like Extinction because I was very unimpressed about the lack of replay value in the map packs and levels exctinciton offers compared to the awesome zombies we are used to.

Anyone any ideas what Sledgehammer Games baby will be with this COD game? Any views please let me know.

Here is the picture everyone is going crazy about the high spec detail on the character from the upcoming game which is yet to be named. To be honest, COD Ghosts promised many high detailed characters etc, you can see the hairs on their arms, wrinkles etc but everything moves so fast in it to be honest I have not noticed this once because they don't stop moving in the game people.

Let me know your thoughts.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Titanfall Map Layouts - Xbox One


Hi guys,

I recently bought titanfall on the release day and have to say it was well worth the money. It may look in videos like its a Call Of Duty clone, but it does not play like Call Of Duty games as this is what the COD Ghosts game engine should have been if you ask me.

I thought I would include some map layouts for it as it is made by the team that created the original Call Of Duty franchise so you know that the game is going to be good :). They have definitely created a great mixture of fighting on foot and in the Titans themselves with a great balance of gameplay between the two.

The maps are a very well laid out and allow multiple tactics to be used on the same map as there are so many nooks and crannies you can shoot through, duck under with your titan to surprise attack other titans and men, or lots of underground corridors and pipes etc for the player to cloak and slip unseen into hidden underground layouts.

There is a very good selection of maps included with the game and it is kinda needed as the campaign is basically multiplayer maps but with a bit of a story to it, even if you have no idea what the story is about as its not explained anywhere. This is definitely more geared towards being a multiplayer solely and feels as if the campaign was rushed or just thrown in because they couldn't release a multiplayer only game as it would n ot make any sense. It is however still enjoyable as you are mainly playing against other human players as well as the computer which makes it very interesting.

Here are the 14 map layouts:



Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Onslaught "Egg-Stra XP" Achievement Easter Egg in Onslaught Map Pack DLC Call Of Duty Ghosts

Onslaught "Egg-Stra XP" Achievement Easter Egg in Onslaught DLC

Hi guys,

here is a cool little Easter Egg to get a special achievement in the new Extinction Map called "Nightfall". The achievement will get you an Xbox Live Achievement, plus 10,000 XP in the new map for Extinction which is Nightfall. This will help you rank up very fast and get better guns, perks and equipment to help you survive the alien hordes.

The actual bulk of work to get this achievement is done in public multiplayer games on the various new maps which are "Fog", "Bayview", "Containment" and "Ignition".  There are 4 alien eggs growing in these maps you have to find. All you need to do is shoot them in order to activate the "Egg Hunter" task, and each time you shoot one, on the left hand side of your screen, it will flash up that you have 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of the eggs collected.

When you have them all collected, all you need to do is go into the "Nightfall" extinction map, and destroy a hive. Once destroyed an achievement will flash up giving you gamer points and 10,000XP to spend and use in perks etc in the setup equipment part of extinction.

Pretty sweet!

Check out the video w if you are unsure where on the new levels the Eggs are located and how to activate them. This reveals all locations and shows you the achievement being given live in game.

Thanks for reading guys, stay tuned to the blog for more secrets and info!


Monday, 20 January 2014

Call Of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC Coming 28th January - Extinction & 4 Multiplayer Maps

Call Of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC Coming 28th January

 Hi guys,

here is the video for the Call Of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC. I am interested to see how the extinction in this map pack is different from the brief extinction map included with the game, as it is very very short I think. I had it completed within about 3 hours of buying the game.

It was good but it needs to be longer and perhaps just surviving, like in zombies, to the highest level would be a better way of playing it rather than just reaching the end and the game ends.

Anyway there is 4 multiplayer maps called:

FOG - completing a field order in this map will let you become micheal myers with an axe!

BAYVIEW - completing field orders on this map will allow you to fire all of the destroyers at your enemy that are out in the ocean!

CONTAINMENT -completing the field order will allow you to detonate the large missile in the centre of the map killing everyone within range.

INGNITION - completing the field order in this map will allow you to activate the test engine and burn anyone near it.

and the NEW extinction map: EPISODE 1 NIGHTFALL

There is also a gun to download with 2 variations of it which looks pretty awesome. There is a new gun derived from Alien weaponry in the new map which is set in ALASKA, there is also a new enemy called a phantom who jumps a lot but also becomes invisible. The boss creature is huge and is called a breeder.

Check out the video for it below:




Sunday, 19 January 2014

FREE Google Android App called "Gamers Boffin Quiz" - Computer Game Quiz App for Android


Hi guys,

just letting you know of an app I created using the Google MIT app creator online and I have to say it is an outstanding piece of kit the online developer environment. I created a simple gaming quiz with around 30 questions that is FREE to download from my website at

It is FREE to download / share with your friends and family, can be great for long road trips, flights / train journeys, or quite simply if your just bored.

More quizzes will be made when I know this app works on the majority of devices without any major problems. The quizzes which will follow will be on the topics of things like:

  • Sport
  • Movies
  • Music
  • General Knowledge
  • History
And many more. I have a few more ideas for apps and with the help of the MIT app developer videos, should get some useful apps that can be used to help people in everyday life. 

To download and install this .APK file on your phone, you will need to have in your phone settings, the ability for it to install apps from an unknown source. On the home page of the website tells you how to do this.

Thanks and enjoy guys.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Classic Zombie Map Layouts from from Black Ops 1 & 2 - Call Of Duty Black Ops

Going back to older Zombie Map Layouts In COD Black Ops 1 and 2.

Hi guys,

This post features map layouts from:
  • Tranzit - Black Ops 2
  • Kino-Der-Toten - Black Ops
  • Moon - Black Ops
  • The Five - Black Ops

Just trying to get as many detailed maps as I can now about even older maps that some people still play on their Xbox 360's and on the PC versions of Black Ops incase they are having trouble or difficulty finding their way around.

I wont go into detail about all of the secrets in each map and redrawing them in Microsoft Paint or in FPS Creator, but I will reference other peoples maps which they created themselves, long before I started the idea for this blog. I hope you enjoy them as some are very high quality much better than mine I think some are:

Tranzit Map Layout - Black Ops 2 from

Kino-Der-Toten map layout - Black Ops from

Moon Level Layout for Black Ops 2 from Image Shack User in the US

The Five map level layout from user

Thanks for reading guys and I hope this was useful to some of the guys and gals who like playing the classic maps from time to time on either PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.