Friday, 21 March 2014

Titanfall Map Layouts - Xbox One


Hi guys,

I recently bought titanfall on the release day and have to say it was well worth the money. It may look in videos like its a Call Of Duty clone, but it does not play like Call Of Duty games as this is what the COD Ghosts game engine should have been if you ask me.

I thought I would include some map layouts for it as it is made by the team that created the original Call Of Duty franchise so you know that the game is going to be good :). They have definitely created a great mixture of fighting on foot and in the Titans themselves with a great balance of gameplay between the two.

The maps are a very well laid out and allow multiple tactics to be used on the same map as there are so many nooks and crannies you can shoot through, duck under with your titan to surprise attack other titans and men, or lots of underground corridors and pipes etc for the player to cloak and slip unseen into hidden underground layouts.

There is a very good selection of maps included with the game and it is kinda needed as the campaign is basically multiplayer maps but with a bit of a story to it, even if you have no idea what the story is about as its not explained anywhere. This is definitely more geared towards being a multiplayer solely and feels as if the campaign was rushed or just thrown in because they couldn't release a multiplayer only game as it would n ot make any sense. It is however still enjoyable as you are mainly playing against other human players as well as the computer which makes it very interesting.

Here are the 14 map layouts:



Thanks for reading.