Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Onslaught "Egg-Stra XP" Achievement Easter Egg in Onslaught Map Pack DLC Call Of Duty Ghosts

Onslaught "Egg-Stra XP" Achievement Easter Egg in Onslaught DLC

Hi guys,

here is a cool little Easter Egg to get a special achievement in the new Extinction Map called "Nightfall". The achievement will get you an Xbox Live Achievement, plus 10,000 XP in the new map for Extinction which is Nightfall. This will help you rank up very fast and get better guns, perks and equipment to help you survive the alien hordes.

The actual bulk of work to get this achievement is done in public multiplayer games on the various new maps which are "Fog", "Bayview", "Containment" and "Ignition".  There are 4 alien eggs growing in these maps you have to find. All you need to do is shoot them in order to activate the "Egg Hunter" task, and each time you shoot one, on the left hand side of your screen, it will flash up that you have 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of the eggs collected.

When you have them all collected, all you need to do is go into the "Nightfall" extinction map, and destroy a hive. Once destroyed an achievement will flash up giving you gamer points and 10,000XP to spend and use in perks etc in the setup equipment part of extinction.

Pretty sweet!

Check out the video w if you are unsure where on the new levels the Eggs are located and how to activate them. This reveals all locations and shows you the achievement being given live in game.

Thanks for reading guys, stay tuned to the blog for more secrets and info!


Monday, 20 January 2014

Call Of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC Coming 28th January - Extinction & 4 Multiplayer Maps

Call Of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC Coming 28th January

 Hi guys,

here is the video for the Call Of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC. I am interested to see how the extinction in this map pack is different from the brief extinction map included with the game, as it is very very short I think. I had it completed within about 3 hours of buying the game.

It was good but it needs to be longer and perhaps just surviving, like in zombies, to the highest level would be a better way of playing it rather than just reaching the end and the game ends.

Anyway there is 4 multiplayer maps called:

FOG - completing a field order in this map will let you become micheal myers with an axe!

BAYVIEW - completing field orders on this map will allow you to fire all of the destroyers at your enemy that are out in the ocean!

CONTAINMENT -completing the field order will allow you to detonate the large missile in the centre of the map killing everyone within range.

INGNITION - completing the field order in this map will allow you to activate the test engine and burn anyone near it.

and the NEW extinction map: EPISODE 1 NIGHTFALL

There is also a gun to download with 2 variations of it which looks pretty awesome. There is a new gun derived from Alien weaponry in the new map which is set in ALASKA, there is also a new enemy called a phantom who jumps a lot but also becomes invisible. The boss creature is huge and is called a breeder.

Check out the video for it below:




Sunday, 19 January 2014

FREE Google Android App called "Gamers Boffin Quiz" - Computer Game Quiz App for Android


Hi guys,

just letting you know of an app I created using the Google MIT app creator online and I have to say it is an outstanding piece of kit the online developer environment. I created a simple gaming quiz with around 30 questions that is FREE to download from my website at www.techville.co.uk

It is FREE to download / share with your friends and family, can be great for long road trips, flights / train journeys, or quite simply if your just bored.

More quizzes will be made when I know this app works on the majority of devices without any major problems. The quizzes which will follow will be on the topics of things like:

  • Sport
  • Movies
  • Music
  • General Knowledge
  • History
And many more. I have a few more ideas for apps and with the help of the MIT app developer videos, should get some useful apps that can be used to help people in everyday life. 

To download and install this .APK file on your phone, you will need to have in your phone settings, the ability for it to install apps from an unknown source. On the home page of the website tells you how to do this.

Thanks and enjoy guys.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Classic Zombie Map Layouts from from Black Ops 1 & 2 - Call Of Duty Black Ops

Going back to older Zombie Map Layouts In COD Black Ops 1 and 2.

Hi guys,

This post features map layouts from:
  • Tranzit - Black Ops 2
  • Kino-Der-Toten - Black Ops
  • Moon - Black Ops
  • The Five - Black Ops

Just trying to get as many detailed maps as I can now about even older maps that some people still play on their Xbox 360's and on the PC versions of Black Ops incase they are having trouble or difficulty finding their way around.

I wont go into detail about all of the secrets in each map and redrawing them in Microsoft Paint or in FPS Creator, but I will reference other peoples maps which they created themselves, long before I started the idea for this blog. I hope you enjoy them as some are very high quality much better than mine I think some are:

Tranzit Map Layout - Black Ops 2 from www.gameswallpaperhd.com:

Kino-Der-Toten map layout - Black Ops from www.gamersbin.com:

Moon Level Layout for Black Ops 2 from Image Shack User in the US

The Five map level layout from tinypic.com user http://i55.tinypic.com/21nmw5f.png:

Thanks for reading guys and I hope this was useful to some of the guys and gals who like playing the classic maps from time to time on either PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.



Golden Alien Easter Egg in Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode

Golden Alien Easter Egg in Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode

Hi guys,

found a cool video on youtube which shows you how to activate an easter egg where, when fighting the aliens in extinction mode, when they die, makes golden aliens spew out of their remains. Its not gruesome or anything they look like little alien teddy bears that glow gold, awwww so cute.

Anyway this is how you do it in Extinction, you need a sniper rifle to do it to hit the letters on the motel sign in the first part of the level. The video below shows you which letters to hit and which order to do them in. You will know when it has worked as a multi-coloured "LOL" message appears on screen.

The next set of aliens, and from then on, when you kill them, will throw out these little tiny gold alien teddy bear like things. Not the most amazing Easter egg in the world but does make it a bit more fun to play when you see it happening.

Here is how to do it in the following video:

Thanks for watching and reading guys as always



5 Ways to destroy the barriers faster in Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode


5 Ways to destroy the barriers faster in Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode

Hi guys,

Been a while since my last post but have got back into the multiplayer of COD Ghosts and am nearly finished my second prestige. I was slightly disappointed with the whole mode but it will not stop me offering tips and advice from myself and others from around the web, especially some of my subscribed to channels on youtube.

Some people have trouble holding out when destroying the barriers in extinction mode, waiting for the chopper to do the work for them, however there are some tips and tricks to destroy them a lot quicker than usual. The main one which I found when I completed the level on the second day the game was released, was upgrading the gun turret to a grenade launcher turret, and placing it in front of the barrier, then letting it rip!

The grenade turret takes large chunks of the alien barriers health down and usually needs to maybe have a second turret to finish it off once the first turrets ammo has been depleted. Make sure you have enough cover before doing any of the tips below as it requires you to either carry propane tanks, using turrets manually or other tools you have picked up along the way.

Here are the 5 best and quickest ways to destroy the alien barriers:

1. Sentry Gun (Upgraded to grenade turret works best)

2. Propane Tanks
( These detonate instantly when shot - just requires you to stack them onto barrier)

3. Use your handheld Weapon
(Upgrade bullets to explosive or shock ammo for more damage)

4. SOFLAM Strike
(Quick to use but make sure you have cover as you cannot shoot aliens when using this)

5. Strike Package
(Not as powerful as the SOFLAM and a lot more expensive but helps when others are shooting and you want to contribute a lil something something to the alien scum!)

If you need help or wondering how to use any of the above to take out the alien hive barrise, please check out the video below:

As always, thanks for visiting guys and keep those aliens at bay with this blogs tips and tricks :).
Peace out.