Thursday, 9 January 2014

5 Ways to destroy the barriers faster in Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode


5 Ways to destroy the barriers faster in Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode

Hi guys,

Been a while since my last post but have got back into the multiplayer of COD Ghosts and am nearly finished my second prestige. I was slightly disappointed with the whole mode but it will not stop me offering tips and advice from myself and others from around the web, especially some of my subscribed to channels on youtube.

Some people have trouble holding out when destroying the barriers in extinction mode, waiting for the chopper to do the work for them, however there are some tips and tricks to destroy them a lot quicker than usual. The main one which I found when I completed the level on the second day the game was released, was upgrading the gun turret to a grenade launcher turret, and placing it in front of the barrier, then letting it rip!

The grenade turret takes large chunks of the alien barriers health down and usually needs to maybe have a second turret to finish it off once the first turrets ammo has been depleted. Make sure you have enough cover before doing any of the tips below as it requires you to either carry propane tanks, using turrets manually or other tools you have picked up along the way.

Here are the 5 best and quickest ways to destroy the alien barriers:

1. Sentry Gun (Upgraded to grenade turret works best)

2. Propane Tanks
( These detonate instantly when shot - just requires you to stack them onto barrier)

3. Use your handheld Weapon
(Upgrade bullets to explosive or shock ammo for more damage)

4. SOFLAM Strike
(Quick to use but make sure you have cover as you cannot shoot aliens when using this)

5. Strike Package
(Not as powerful as the SOFLAM and a lot more expensive but helps when others are shooting and you want to contribute a lil something something to the alien scum!)

If you need help or wondering how to use any of the above to take out the alien hive barrise, please check out the video below:

As always, thanks for visiting guys and keep those aliens at bay with this blogs tips and tricks :).
Peace out.


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