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Shadows Of Evil Complete Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide Part 1 - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies


Easter Eggs: Apothicon Sword Guide (Weapon) -- Musical Easter Egg -- Free Mega GobbleGum -- SHADOWMAN Round Skip & Tons of CASH! -- Upgraded Lil' Arnies --
Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3
Hi guys,

here is the full walkthrough and Easter Egg Guide to Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies map Shadows Of Evil from start to finish. It will go over absolutely everything in the map so there is not a stone unturned and will give you the know how to complete the level much more easily.

It is one of the largest maps I have seen in any of the zombies maps from Nacht Der Untoten up to any of the Advanced Warfare maps, which compared to this one, are miniscule. Shadows of Evil is like an elephant and every other zombie map, in relation to size, has been a fly on an elephants behind compared to this!

Anyway without further ado, lets delve into this maps secrets and Easter Eggs.

There are 4 main areas in this map which are:
  • Junction -  Central Waypoint linking all other areas together
  • Canal District - Cops Area
  • Footlight District - Girls Area
  • Waterfront District - Boxers Area
Broken Perk Bottles
First up lets explain why in different areas of the JUNCTION area, each gate that needs to be opened to gain access to the others, has a BROKEN PERK BOTTLE outside them. These bottles tell you what PERKS are available in this area once you open the gate to them. They change from game to game and are totally random so what was once in one area during one game, will more than likely not be in the same place next play through.

The Perks in this map are:
  • Juggernog - RED BOTTLE
  • Speed Cola - GREEN BOTTLE
  • Double Tap - YELLOW BOTTLE

The Weeds / Pods that grow on the map
Around the map you will see these weeds growing which you need to use the FUMIGATOR on in order to open them. This type of searching for powerups and rewards in this manner is very much like the digging in ORIGINS from Black Ops 2 where you used the shovel to dig up items from the ground. The difference with the weeds is that the longer you leave them, the better the powerup, weapon or sometimes part you need, are.

They range in 3 different colours which are:
  • Green - Give you basic things like zombie spawn, grenade trap, basic spawn pistol, flying demon spawn,
  • Red - powerups, better guns
  • Purple - wonder weapon parts, better powerups, more powerful guns, 1000 points, firesale, max ammo

Pack A Punch
To get to Pack A Punch, the key here is to perform all 4 rituals that are located on the maps around the level. In order to perform a ritual at each site, you will need at least two things. The first thing you need is the SUMMONING KEY which is in the main spawn area called EASY STREET. It is on the back of the pickup truck in the alleyway in a crate and must be smashed open while you are the BEAST.
To complete the full Easter Egg on this map, you will need 4 players to do so. The first step in completing the Easter Egg is to complete each characters RITUAL TABLE. Once each RITUAL table has been completed, you can then open up the Pack A Punch machine which will help set things in motion to completing this level.

Before you can start any of the rituals, you will need the SUMMONING KEY which is located in the main spawn area called EASY STREET. You need to turn into BEAST mode and then smash the box on the back of the truck in the alley way to reveal the key. When you turn human again, go over and pickup the SUMMONING KEY. Without this key, none of the rituals can be performed.
In order to perform the rituals, you will also need personal items that relate to the characters within the game, one for each character. Each area of the map belongs to a certain character, for instance the boxers district is the Waterfront District where you can find his boxing ring near the pier.

The first Personal Item however which is accessible right from the start is Neros Lawyers Fountain Pen, which is just outside EASY STREET in the JUNCTION area that connects the whole maps areas together. Turning into BEAST mode and shocking the crane you see overlooking the market area, will make it turn around. Once human again, go over and pick up the FOUNTAIN PEN. When you do, gate keepers will spawn, 2 of them, and attack you so keep an eye out.

To perform the ritual, you need to go to NERO'S LANDING from EASY STREET, however you will notice that there is a mechanical gate which is closed that grants access to the stairs up to it. You first need to turn into BEAST mode and go just outside the EASY STREET door, look up to the fire escape where the SHADOWMAN was standing at the very start of the game and press the grapple button. You will see a grapple icon on the Eagles Head Statue sticking out of the side of the building.
You will be hoisted up via your alien, slippery tentacle thingys and granted access to Nero's Workshop. Run to the back of the roof and go down the stairs and there you can shock the POWER SWITCH to open the gate. This will allow your human form to make it up those stairs. Place the SUMMONING KEY on the ritual table, then press the action button X or Square again, to place the FOUNTAIN PEN down.

Once the pen is placed onto the ritual table, the RITUAL will begin. Once a Ritual is initiated, it is pretty much the same as activating the generators in ORIGINS in Black Ops 2. You just need to activate them and hold out for a certain amount of time, while you are attacked by demons that come out of various portals.

When it does there is a set time until it ends and Gate Keepers will appear while the ritual is going on, spawning continually no matter how many of the blighters you kill. They can overwhelm you at times so keep moving around the room and do not stand still for too long or your mince meat. Once the ritual is complete they will vanish and the body that was floating on the RITUAL TABLE will come down into a pile of bones. On the table you will now see a GATEWORM piece that you need to pick up and take with you.

Once the ritual is finished, they will disappear. When they do, go over to the ritual table and pick up the GATEWORM that will be left behind by each sacrifice. There are 4 GATEWORMS to collect, one for each persons ritual room, and these will be used to open up Pack A Punch.

Lets move on to step 2 of the Easter Egg Guide

If you are stuck at any point in the guide look up the great Mr DALEK JD Videos which are great. This is the Entire Easter Egg Below:

Thanks for reading.


Shadows Of Evil Complete Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide Part 2 - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Easter Eggs: Apothicon Sword Guide (Weapon) -- Musical Easter Egg -- Free Mega GobbleGum -- SHADOWMAN Round Skip & Tons of CASH! -- Upgraded Lil' Arnies --
Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Step 2

The Boxers Personal Item is located in the WATERFRONT DISTRICT. When you enter this district you need to go into BEAST mode and grapple up to the Eagles Head point which is just above the Mystery Box location. You then smack the box down which contains the CHAMPIONSHIP BELT personal item, and then collect it whenever you return to human form. Collecting the belt will spawn another 2 Gate Keepers who think they are going get a sneaky K.O. on you so watch out.

When in BEAST mode in this area, you also need to smash the door to get into the Boxing Ring.....why we can't just knock? We will never know, but this will reveal the boxers RITUAL TABLE and the same steps will happen as did in NERO'S LANDING ritual table with the SUMMONING KEY.

If all 4 players are in an Ritual room while the ritual is being performed, it will make it finish much quicker.


The COPS area is the CANAL DISTRICT which looks very like Amsterdam a bit to me the way its laid out. His personal item is the DETECTIVE BADGE which is hidden in a wall in the canal itself. I hope you brought your welly boots cause its time to get wet! Again we need to use the grapple action of BEAST mode in order to unlock this areas item.

When in BEAST mode near the BUILDING TABLE in the CANAL DISTRICT look up towards the side of the RUBY RABBIT building where you will see a grapple point up to a balcony on it. When you grapple up to it, it will let you gain access to inside. Start making your way downstairs to the front door and when you get their, to the side is a POWER SWITCH which you need to shock in order to open the mechanical gate that leads from the CANAL DISTRICT area.

Love to swim? Good cause next jump into the lower level of the canal, don't worry there is no sharks....I think, and find the void in the wall that appeared as a strange red symbol on the wall when your in human form looking at it. In the void you will see a POWER SWITCH which you need to shock. Once this is shocked it will open up a little door in the canal wall where you can find the personal item box which must be melee in BEAST mode to open first. Once you have the DETECTIVE BADGE, go into the RUBY RABBIT in human form and find the RITUAL TABLE to get this gig started. Complete the same way as all the other ritual tables.

Burlesque Dancer / Femme Fatale - Footlight District - Personal Item

When a player arrives in the FOOTLIGHT DISTRICT, they must enter BEAST mode and then turn and face the Burlesque house where you will see on the very top face of the building another grapple point for you to whip your tentacle at and grapple up to. When you get up there, shock the POWER SWITCH that is up on the roof area. Before diving off in a blaze of glory, look out the same direction the building is looking out and look to the right, you will see another grapple point. Grapple onto this and follow the path to the back alley area of the street where you will see a box on a ledge. Jump across and smash the box open and voila! That is the last Personal Item.



Now that all rituals are complete, each player should possess a GATEWORM in their inventory. You need to take these worms through to the RIFT. There are 3 RIFT teleporter locations around the map. These are in the:
  • One in the Canal District
  • One in the Footlight District
  • One in the Waterfront District
Go through the teleporter and you will appear in a secret area. When you do, 5 Gate Keepers will appear as they are the welcome party and will try and stop you. Kill all 5 of these dudes and then walk towards the wall which has 5 yellow lit symbols on the wall. When you do the wall will crumble away like a bad plastering job on a new wall, and it will reveal another secret area.

In this secret room, there are 4 spots where GATEWORMS can be placed so each player places their GATEWORM on an available spot. When you place the worms on the spots, you will notice walls starting to be built on the sides of this room. When they are all placed, you can wall run over them to the other side. When you do, the SHADOW MAN will appear and have a bone to pick with you.
When he appears he says: "Your services to the overlords is appreciated. Our complete assimilation of this dimension will now proceed"

When you go outside again, you will see a huge creature hovering above the city which will definitely make anyone feel uneasy with a mouth that big!

STEP 4 - The Sword
In order to obtain the sword on this level, which can be used as a very cool weapon, you need to obtain 3 symbols that can be seen form the train as you travel to different locations throughout the map on it.

Please see my Apothicon Sword guide which I made before this guide if you are not sure how to obtain it. It will open in a new window.


Step 5 - Upgrading the Sword
Next stage once we have the normal sword, we need to upgrade it. This is done by going to the CONFESSION room that relates to your specific character. When you get to the confession table for each character, you will see a ghostly apparition hovering above the table holding and egg called THE ARC OVUM, which is essentially a new type of egg. Pick it up and this will begin our next quest.

Around the map you will notice there is circular symbols on the ground which emit strange lights from them when you walk on them, this is where we will place the ARC OVUM. There are 4 locations around the map we will need to place the egg which are:

  • The Canals - In Front Of The Build Table
  • The Junction Area near where the Fountain Pen Drops
  • In front of the Boxers Confession Room outside on the peer
  • Last one is in front of the Burlesque house

Every player will need to charge up their own egg in these 4 circles.

When you place your first egg, it will spawn a Margwa which you will need to kill. The circles can only be done once per round, so it will take a total of 4 rounds in order to charge all of them up. Best to do it in the lower rounds if possible to save a set of gnashers biting you in the behind later on.

When you put your second egg down, 2 Margwa's will spawn which you need to kill.
The 3rd egg is placed? you guess it, 2-3 more Margwa's will appear so watch your back and be quick on your feet. Another 2 to 3 will spawn as well when you place the last egg.....don't you just love Margwa's?

When all of the hell that has broken loose is settled after the 4 charge circle locations, you take your egg back to your confession room / ritual table location and hand it back to the floating apparition where it will grant you the upgraded sword. When all 4 players have the upgraded sword we can move on.

Now lets move onto Part 3 of the Easter Egg Guide for Shadows Of Evil

Thanks for reading as always guys.

If stuck at any point please check out Mr Dalek JD's full Easter Egg Video:


Shadows Of Evil Complete Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide Part 3 - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Easter Eggs: Apothicon Sword Guide (Weapon) -- Musical Easter Egg -- Free Mega GobbleGum -- SHADOWMAN Round Skip & Tons of CASH! -- Upgraded Lil' Arnies --
Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Step 6 - The Flag
Now you have the upgraded sword, head back to NERO'S LANDING and approach the book shelf withal his latest gossip mags, I mean books, and on the book shelf you will see several jars. A player has to hold the use button on this jar. When they do, you will see a book levitate, no its not the library scene from the start of the Ghostbusters first movie, and this will cause a FLAG to appear in the RIFT area, which we will use to get to the next stage.

As soon as you pickup the flag, it will spawn an infinite amount of meatballs and parasites to constantly nag you. Good firepower, upgraded weapons and above all, JUGGERNOG is essential to even remotely surviving this step. Having enough money to buy the civil protector is essential also to helping you in your survival at this stage.

When the flag has been picked up, you will notice that lightning bolts start to appear to be coming out of the ground. There are:

  • 2 Lightning bolts in the Junction Area
  • 2 in the Footlight District
  • 2 in the Waterfront District
  • 2 in the Canal District

When you place the flag on these lightning bolts, you will notice it starts to charge up. At this point the SHADOWMAN will realise what your doing is not in his best interests, he will spawn and start casting magic spells on the flag to try and slow your progress down. You need to stop him and as soon as you see him or any other team member, light him up! He will appear in about 4 different positions. When the flag is charged up, your ready to go onto the next lightning bolt location. When it is charged at each lightning bolt location it will make a dinging noise. Picking it up again will reveal a max ammo powerup thank god.

Once the 2 lightning bolt locations in each district have charged the flag, you need to run back to the nearest RITUAL TABLE / ROOM in that area where the Gatekeeper at the table will suck the energy out of the charged flag. You need to do this for each areas 2 lightning bolts and a time and then take the flag to the RITUAL TABLE / ROOM location to transfer the energy to the Gatekeeper. Only one area can be down per round so as there is two lightning bolts per area, it will take at least 4 rounds to do this. 

When this has happened, all of the meatballs and parasites will vanish to give you a breather and it will return to zombie spawns.


I know your thinking what am I nuts? Possibly but it has to be done he has no place in this dimension that's for sure. When you are at the end of a round, leave a few straggling zombies behind and enter the Pack A Punch room where we placed our GATEWORMS way back many many rounds ago by this stage.

At each GATEWORM you will see a Gatekeeper hovering above, sleeping, just waiting to be activated. To activate them, hold the use button on each one to cause a surge of power to go towards the SHADOWMAN in the middle and draw him out so that he can be killed. The surge of energy breaks the protective shield like bubble that surround him.

When he becomes free of the bubble, keep shooting him like crazy, he will be quite tricky to hit at times as he will teleport here there and everywhere so just be careful where he is heading to. The more you shoot and hurt him, the closer he gets to the ritual table inside this room. Keep shooting him while he is being held above the ritual table.

Once he is finally killed, the ritual being performed here will make the SHADOWMAN disappear into the SUMMONING KEY. If you don't kill him first try around a Magwa will spawn and you will need to kill it first before trying again. You know you have killed the SHADOWMAN as a huge GATEWORM will appear in front of the ritual table before disappearing into oblivion.

Once he is gone, you will start to see a purple haze start to go over your screen. This is an infection that you have contracted and can only be cured by running into WHITE whisps that appear around the map. The purple haze happens every 30 seconds so make sure you are near a WHITE WHISP of gas, otherwise its night night. Purple Symbols also appear in the ground while this is going on and have purple gas emitting from them. Stepping on these will cause damage to yourself so be careful, think of them as landmines stay clear!

While this is going on Margwa's will start to spawn in with Purple heads instead of the normal orange ones the previous Margwa's had. Killing just one of the Margwa's will activate a purple fountain around the map allowing you to enter BEAST mode. Once BEAST mode is entered in this way, you now have INFINITE BEAST MODE, which will only deplete if you take damage from Margwa's, walking into Purple Whisps or by not cleansing yourself on the white whisps.


To complete the Easter Egg, 3 out of the 4 players must be in BEAST mode and one must be at each train station across the map. They are going to shock a little power box each on the ceiling, when the 4th player calls out when the train is coming.

The 4th player must be in the Junction area, the square area, in front of the Giant Gateworm also in BEAST mode. He will just wait here for the meantime. Have any of the 3 players call the train to any location on the map whilst human, then re-enter BEAST mode. The player in the Junction area needs to call out when the train is about to squish the giant gateworm. When he calls it out all 3 players at the train station locations need to zap the power box on the ceiling like a bat out of hell!

When performed properly, the train track will change colour and glow BLUE. Then the person in the square needs to zap 3 gate keepers that are in the square. If done correctly, everyone is thrown out of BEAST mode and you get to see the ending cut scene, cool :).

When you complete the game you will get 1000XP points and the message "Apocalypse" averted displays. This will mean you have completed the Easter Egg and give you an additional DARK OPS challenge and a secret calling card that can be used in game. You will also get to keep all your perks while you stay in the game or until everyone is totally dead. Even when you respawn the next round you died in, all the perks you had previously will still be active.

That's it for another Walkthrough Guide, I will continue over the next few days to complete the rest of the map layouts for this Shadows Of Evil Map which I like an awful lot and am enjoying immensely playing online and offline with everyone

If you are still unsure about anything in this guide, follow Mr Dalek JD's video on youtube as he is the best in Guides there is!

Thanks for reading as always guys


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Shadows Of Evil Waterfront High Street Area Map - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Easter Eggs: Apothicon Sword Guide (Weapon) -- Musical Easter Egg -- Free Mega GobbleGum -- SHADOWMAN Round Skip & Tons of CASH! -- Upgraded Lil' Arnies --
Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3
Hi Guys,
here is the Map Layout for Shadows Of Evil's Waterfront High Street area in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies. This is the part that branches off the area that leads up to the train platform through a side gate that can be opened for 1250 credits.
At the very end of the walkway the main goodies are located in this area, such as the:
  • Random Perk Machine for this area
  • Apothicon Statue - Needs Broken first in Beast Mode
  • Fuse
  • Buildable Part
  • Power Switch to open up shortcut from the Waterfront Entrance near the Junction
  • 2 Shortcuts to drop down from above into the lower areas

This area can get you out of some sticky situations if you have unlocked the areas on the side of the walkways when tons of zombies stream along them you can just dive off and leg it pretty quickly. Just watch out there are no zombie hordes waiting below as one dig from any direction and your toast! These zombies throw punches and bites left right and centre in this map so always watch your back.

Here is the map layout for this area:

I have got the information needed to complete the Easter Egg for this map and will do it in my next post before completing the maps as they take a lot of time to do.