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Shadows Of Evil Musical Easter Egg Locations - Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Hi guys,

here is the locations of 3 radios within the Shadows Of Evil zombies map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. They can be hard to spot sometimes as they are 3 little wooden radios sitting in plain site, but it may not cross your mind to go up and push play on a radio when there are 500 hungry zombie mouths wanting you for breakfast...


Listen to it hear it is an awesome tune:

The locations of these little musical gems are as follows:

The Anvil Boxing Ring

When you enter the boxing ring joint, go up the stairs to the right of the ring where there will be a small office with a large observation window overlooking the ring. On the right there is a desk with a red poster and lots of boxing legends photos in black and white, the radio is to the right of the pictures on the desk.

The Footlight Station

This one in the train station is very well hidden as it is a similar shade of BROWN as the bench it is sitting on. Walking past it and've missed it....luckily I am here to point at it with a big stick and show you everything so you don't miss a beat. Simply walk up to it and activate it and your done quite an easy one to do.


Ruby Rabbit

The last one can be found on the first floor of the RUBY RABBIT as soon as you enter, turn left and right against the left hand wall is a unit with a lamp and a few drinks all laid out for some of the "clientele" who frequent this establishment. Once you activate this last one the song will start to play and you can sit back, and relax and kick back with some awesome tunes!

If you are still having trouble doing this part of the Easter Egg for this map, please check out the video linked below:
Thanks for reading as always guys and happy gaming!
Stay Alive

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