Sunday, 8 November 2015

Shadows Of Evil Map Layout "Junction" Area - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

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Hi guys,

here is the "Junction" area map layout for Shadows Of Evil zombies map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. It is a very busy area which can also get very crowded in this market section, not with people shopping and looking for great deals on food, but with zombies looking for their next spoonful of human brains. The good news is they have found you and you will be their next meal, only problem is they have to catch you first, as this meal still has its legs.

This area contains the first glimpse of the GobbleGum machine which offers either automatically, or manually, activated temporary power ups which give you a helping hand in certain rounds when you need it the most. It costs 500 to purchase one of these sweets but can make the world of difference between life and death in some rounds. You can setup the GobbleGum perks in the zombies lobby before joining a game. Compare what the other players have and change it up a bit to get the maximum from your team. You can see their GobbleGum custom selection underneath their names when they log into the lobby.

Here is the Junction Map Area Layout for Shadows Of Evil Black Ops 3 Zombies:

How to get the Fountain Pen in the Junction location by using the BEAST? Watch the video below to find out:
You cannot pick up the Fountain Pen while in the BEAST mode. When you return to human form, go back and pick up the Fountain Pen from the destroyed box that fell. This is one of the items you are meant to collect throughout the map and is used in conjunction with the SUMMONING KEY in the 4 RITUAL TABLES that are dotted throughout the map.
The SUMMONING KEY is collected in the main spawn area of the map, on the back of the truck when the box is smashed while in BEAST mode to unlock it. See the Neros Landing Section for more details and videos on how the RITUAL TABLES are used.
The Junction area also contains:

  • Door to Canal District - Costs 1000 to open
  • Door to Waterfront District - Costs 1000 to open
  • Door to Footlight District - Costs 1000 to open
  • Various locations for the Fumigator to be found
  • Become the Beast Fountain
  • 2 Wall Mounted Weapons
  • 2 weed locations
  • 1 Stamina Up Machine with attached power switch that needs shocked when you are the BEAST
  • 1 Civil Defence Station

Thanks for reading as always guys and will get the next section of the map up tomorrow at some point. Enjoy the game!


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