Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Shadows Of Evil Neros Landing Area Map Layout - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

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here is how to get to Nero's Landing pretty much right from the start of the game from the main spawn area. You will see at the start of the game the Shadow Man standing on the fire escape to his "apartment" so to speak which can only be got to by turning into the beast and using the grapple function to whip yourself up to the upper level.

You will then run around while in BEAST mode and shock a power switch that is behind the closed gate that you can see from the main spawn area. It will open instantly. When you return to your normal form, you can simply walk up the stairs and gain access to this area.

Here is the map layout for Nero's Landing Area:

How to Get up to Nero's Landing to unlock the gate in the main spawn area to begin with:

This area contains a RITUAL TABLE which is 1 of 4 dotted throughout the map. It is used in conjunction with the summoning key that you pick up in the main spawn area (EASY STREET on the back of the truck in the alleyway) which you then combine with the personal items you have found from the list you have on your inventory.

The following video shows how to obtain the FOUNTAIN PEN in the JUNCTION area from the crane and show you what happens when you insert it into the RITUAL TABLE. Whenever the ritual is completed, you will be left with a piece of GATEWORM that you have to collect:

When you finish the ritual for each item on your list you need to find, it will be replaced with a GATEWORM letting you know that the ritual has been completed for that item.
If you want to see what a crazy illusionist / magicians place looks like, then you will have difficulty telling which one is a bomb site and which one is where he lives as the place is a mess! I thought my room was bad, wait till you see this place.

Anyway enough about his tidiness, its actually a very cool place which is full of things like throwing knife boards, spell books and illusionist props etc, and has a mysterious aura about it whenever you are inside. Being in this room feels like a mystery wrapped in an enigma kind of feeling, as its hard to work out what this guy is up to. Does he dabble in dark forces or are the voices he hears just confirming that he is in fact totally crazy? Probably both to be fair.

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  1. I found a part in Nero's room over by the big saw to the right as you come in. It's like a metal rod with a base at the bottom of it. It doesn't tell you if you can pick it up but you can and when you do there's an audible noise.. any idea what it's for.. thanks..

    1. Hi Lee I will have a look and see if I can find the same thing, sorry took so long to reply been away doing UNI work and normal work stuff so been very busy fortnight but just finishing mapping out the canal district and the footlight district then I will be delving into more secrets about the divinium and other secrets etc I haven't covered yet. When I open Neros Landing in my next game I will see if I can activate that sound too.

    2. That part is one of three needed to get an easter egg song. All 3 parts form a microphone (Neros place has the stand) once all 3 are found u got toe Black Lace Bruliquse and interact with the one on stage and enjoy the song. Oh the other 2 parts are the microphone itself (under the bench above the gobblegum in the train station where widows wine is) and the wire (found under the stairs in the canal by the giant curse symbol) hope this helps.

    3. ah cool thanks I didn't know there was more than one Easter Egg song in the map will have to do a post in it too and a video of where the parts are. Almost finished the map just the Footlight main area to do, the Canal High street and the right and that should be this one finished. Then I will add all the secrets I have found or have seen on youtube to make sure everything is covered. Thanks for the find :)