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Shaolin Shuffle Easter Egg Guide Part 2 for Infinite Warfare Zombies - Call Of Duty

Tips: -- Turning on the Power -- 

Secrets:  -- Elemental Chi Upgrades -- Hidden Song -- Pack A Punch -- Double Pack A Punching -- Skull Buster Easter Egg -- Nunchucks --

Easter Egg: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Easter Egg Guide Part 2

Step 7 - Defeat the Rat King....a no brainer

When the correct Cypher word is input from step 6, you will hear a gong noise echo throughout the map. The word you spelled will now be written fully on the wall.

This means its time for round 2 and you’ll get another chance to fight the Rat King. Go to the  RPR Evo wall buy beside the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Machine to find another Rat King boss battle opportunity. A yellow glowing symbol will be on the floor again. Walk over it to activate it and go Rat A Tat Tat on this vermin. You aim is to defeat him and collect his brain....if you can find he should have known better than to come up against a formidable foe such as yourself.

Once you beat him, pick up his glowing blue brain and then head back to the Dojo to speak to Pam Grier.

Step 8 -Subway Handyman

Once you speak to Pam at the dojo after defeating the Rat King, wait three rounds, and then the game will throw you forward another three rounds will automatically. This is to make the following sequence harder. These Call Of Duty boys do not liking making things easy for their players.

Use these spare 3 rounds to upgrade you Chi abilities, weapons and anything else you need for the fight of your life.

Come prepared to fight in an enclosed environment. Magic fire will block all the exit doors from the Black Cat Dojo, and a swarm of enemies will appear from all directions. Take them all out and survive the onslaught.

A piece of a turnstile gate will appear at the entrance to the Black Cat Dojo after completing the survival wave. Collect the turnstile and use it on the broken turnstile gate in the Spawn Room subway.

Step 9 - Going Shang Tsung  on zombies ass! Your soul is mine...if you still have one!

There’s another symbol to shoot to start the next sequence of events. Go to the Mule Munchies Perk Machine alleyway and climb the wooden ladder. Look for an open window at the very end of the platform and when you see the rat king yellow flashing symbol in the window,  shoot the symbol inside a building across the way. This will make a shutter fall down and block the window.

It will also summon a wave of glowing yellow symbols all over Shaolin Shuffle. You know what to do — go to each of the magic circles and kill zombies inside to collect their measly souls. Keep killing zombies under the circles disappear and the next event can begin.

The circles may move around 4 or 5 times in the map, and can also appear in the same place more than once so don't freak out if they do. You will know you have successfully completed the step when you hear a gong sound resonating through the map once completed.

Step 10 - This is your resident DJ, all zombies report to the dancefloor ASAP

Enter the Disco Inferno and head up to where the DJ Booth overlooks the dance floor. Interact with the best quality sound system ever invented, the vinyl player, and if you look down on the dance floor below, you will see a tiny disco ball appear ready to get its groove on.

What you have to do here is coax a zombie to walk underneath the disco ball where he will not be able to resist the rhythm of the music and he will start dancing quite awesomely under the disco ball. Kill only the dancing zombie and keep leading more zombies onto the dance floor of the Disco Inferno, not to tango, but to ONLY KILL WITH THE DISCO BALL TO DANCE....THEN DIE.

Each time you kill a zombie, it will randomly pick another feisty dancer. Keep killing disco ball zombies until it completely stops spawning. An ongoing argument with people which is a bit of a rumour is that you have to stay on the black and white disco tiles while doing this, as walking off them will reset your progress. Urban myth or phoney baloney? Lets just stay on the tiles to be safe.

Step 11 - Have you no heart Mr Rat King? So selfish...

Go outside the Disco Inferno to find a new Rat King Symbol. Activate it to initiate the third battle against the Rat King. When the Rat King is defeated this time, you’ll get his heart.  He probably won't fall in love for stealing his heart as its usually a metaphorical term, I don;t think he meant to steal it literally.

You’ll now have; the eye, the brain,and the heart....building a Frankenstein monster are we? With all 3....ewwww...body parts in tow, go back to the Black Cat Dojo and talk to Pam Grier for the final time and prepare for the final boss battle of the map.

The heart will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, careful not to drop it, its a slippery slimy bugger.

Step 12 - Big Boss Man

To initiate the final boss battle, travel down to the underground where the Rat King’s Lair is located. Complete a round while everyone is inside the lair to begin the battle. The Rat King will appear in the chamber and attack with zombies. Clear the zombies and shoot down the Rat King until he retreats.

TIP: Pam Grier provides unlimited revives if you’re on Solo. Use the Chi Elemental Powers to open crates in solo / team to reveal Perk Spawns which you can buy while in the battle. Collect the power-ups throughout the battle to keep an edge over the Rat King. If he gets one up on you, your dead, but you can use after life arcade etc to return to the battle if you go down.

After defeating the Rat King, there are three more stages to the boss fight which you can select any order to complete them, any body part which takes your fancy at the time. Each time you shoot the Rat King and he retreats, the 3 body parts will be floating around the room for you to choose. All 3 tiers must be completed in order to complete the Easter Egg:

  • Eye: Use the Rat King eye ability with [L1] to see glowing symbols. The Eye in the arena bounces around, making new symbols appear on the ceiling that are only visible with the eye ability. Quickly shoot the symbols on the ceiling as they appear to complete this stage.
  • Brain: Zombies will swarm the brain and the Rat King will try to stop them. When enough zombies have crowded round the brain for long enough, you will have completed this stage, this is the easiest of the 3. Focus on shooting the Rat King, when he’s down, a Max Ammo will appear.
  • Heart: Acid is dumped around the arena. Get kills while in the acid to clear the section, clear all the acid from the arena to complete this stage of the battle.
Complete all three steps to unlock the ending.

On completion you will not only get the achievement for doing so, you will be able to pick up the Kitana at the Black Cat Dojo, pick up the Soul Key and view the ending cut scene.....SWEET!

If you cannot wait to see the ending or have not purchased the DLC, here is a spoiler alert for you....the ending....ta da:

Still unsure how to complete it? Fear not, check out Mr Darlek JD's video below which is very easy to follow:

Thanks for reading as always guys


Shaolin Shuffle Easter Egg Guide for Infinite Warfare Zombies - Call Of Duty

Tips: -- Turning on the Power -- 

Secrets:  -- Elemental Chi Upgrades -- Hidden Song -- Pack A Punch -- Double Pack A Punching -- Skull Buster Easter Egg -- Nunchucks --

Easter Egg: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Hey guys,

here is the full Easter Egg walkthrough guide for Shaolin Shuffle Zombies in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Completing the Easter Egg will unlock the “Message Received” trophy / achievement and finally bring an end to the Rat King’s reign of terror.

It involves collecting the Rat Kings body parts, spelling competitions, charging zombie souls, meeting celebs and deciphering Morse code....not an easy task but you bought the DLC so you signed up to it....lets get started!

Step 1 - I wanna meet a celebrity!

Lets get to work and we need to go to talk to Pam Grier at the Black Cat Dojo .....who will hopefully offer us some advice and sign and autograph for me :). She will start rambling on about how you need to master the arts and I am not talking about not the kinda art with a paint brush. Opening the entire map before you start will be a huge bonus and you will also need to have turned the power on throughout the map and Pack A Punch ready as they will be needed later on.....better being prepared as "chance favours the prepared mind"....Under Siege 2 Quote :).

Now after meeting a Hollywood star and are a bit star struck, you need to play onto round 5.  Once you get to this round you will have your first round against Roller-Skating Zombies which you need to defeat, you will then have the Chi abilities unlocked and available to work towards that will help you kick some serious zombie ass in the form of the:
  • Tiger
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Crane

To see the full guide on what each Chi ability gives you and how to get it, check out the CHI GUIDE HERE.

You can chose any ability you like to work on and get for your character whether your playing on CO-OP or SOLO, life's full of choices, choose a Chi and go for it. 

On CO OP mode, only one person needs to get the Chi ability to progress onto the next step, but if all 4 of you are working on it, the chances are one of you will get there pretty fast.

Once you keep upgrading your Chi ability, you will eventually get the Shoryuken.

Step 2 - I smell a rat

See the Rat Cages found throughout the map? Some contain rats. Use a Shuriken on the rat cages containing rats and it will explode into  puff of yellow phosphorous smoke. This will release the little blighter and it will start running for the hills. Follow the rat and it will lead you to another rat cage. When you get here, do the same again, throw the Shoryuken at the cage and repeat the process. The rat will take you to several different cage locations.

At the final destination, the rat will leave behind a special item. Collect it and a yellow magic circle will appear. Now you need to do what you do best and kill zombies while inside the magic circle. Once you have killed enough zombies within this magic circle, it will summon a wave of deadly ninjas to test your abilities. Kill every ninja you see and you know you have killed enough as they will drop a key once defeated. 

If the key does not appear instantly, go back and talk to Pam, then run back to the area where the yellow circle was and it should be there.

Step 3 - This locker is symbolic...literally.

Head down to the Subway Station area with your fancy looking, hopefully solid gold key (We're Rich Yippee!),  and go to the area where the Bang Bangs Perk Machine is. Beside the machine should be a set of lockers, crack open these lockers and find the locker with the word “SOULKEY” written on the inside and has white Chinese writing on the outside.

Next, you’ll need to find Chinese symbols scattered across the map and shoot them in a very specific order so I hope you have been practising your aiming. Only shoot the symbols once and if you have shot them correctly, you will hear a weird gong sound letting you know you have successfully activated that symbol.

1. The first symbol is found to the right of the Black Cat Dojo on the side of a building
2. The second symbol is in the Disco Inferno restroom on the side of a cubicle.
3. By the lion statue at the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Machine. Shoot the left symbol first, then the one in the middle.

Shoot all four symbols in order to unlock a battle with the Rat King. Once all symbols have been shot, head over to the front of the Black Cat Dojo

Step 4 - This Rat King gets really...ratty very easily

After shooting the four symbols, find the rat king magic circle just outside the font of the Black Cat Dojo. The Rat King will appear here and you will need to defeat him. Once his tail end has been kicked, he will drop a special Eye item. Collect that eye and this will grant you a special ability to reveal secret Rat King Symbols dotted all over the map.

ALL PLAYERS in CO OP need to pick up this eye. It will be glowing green like the mutagen that made Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Once everyone has a souvenir Rat King Eyeball, head back to the Dojo and talk to.

She’ll send you on a new quest — you need to locate and shoot 6 Orange Rat King symbols around that map that are only revealed with the eye. Press [L1] to use the eye on PS4.

The Rat King symbols appear one-at-a-time in random order. Check the following list of locations and activate the eye to spot the glowing orange symbols. When you do, shoot the symbol, another will appear until this mini quest has been completed. Remember you must shoot 6 symbols in total, telling Pam you shot them all when you only shot 5 means she will be severely peeved off with you.....Pam knows everything! Even what you had for breakfast this morning..... Remember that :).

Rat King Symbol Possible Locations:
  • On the roof of an airduct visible through the rooftop skylight at the Inferno Disco.
  • Directly above the Black Cat Dojo door.
  • Through the window of the barbershop next door to the Black Cat Dojo.
  • In the Subway, behind the stairs near the Bang Bangs Perk Machine.
  • On the side of the Inferno Disco marquis, across from the theater.
  • Marked on an abandoned police car behind the Bombstoppers Perk Machine.
  • Look right of the Ripper wall buy at the building with a shack on top, above a broad balcony.
  • On a broad sheet hanging from a clothesline in the alley above Deadeye Dewdrops / Magic Wheel.
  • In the Spawn Room, look up at the metal grates above (and behind) the subway train.
  • Find the rooftops near the dojo and look in a window giving off sickly yellow / green light. To the right of a painting.
  • Behind a large bass speaker near the Heebie Geebies Perk Machine.
  • Look on the water tower visible from the rooftops of Disco Inferno.
  • Go to the blue-ish room by the Trailblazers Perk Machine. In the left back corner. May need to jump to see it....put your back into it.

Step 5 - Break the code....a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, contained within a conundrum!

After successfully shooting 6 symbols, the pay phones around the map will start ringing. These are located in the Main spawn room or near the Bang Bangs Perk Machine. The phones you can answer will be glowing red, go up and hit the use button on them and you will receive a Morse code message in response.

Why people cannot simply say hello in English anymore is beyond me.You’ll need to translate the morse code message into a single number. Get out your Morse code hand book and start to translate the messages.....just kidding :), I have provided a picture from the Internet depicting what the beeps and symbols mean:

Morse Code is all about dots (short beep) and dashes (long beeps) — type your morse code message into a translator like this to get a 3 digit number. You will need to listen for 5 beeps. Long beeps = “-” / Short beeps = “.” mixed together. If at any point you have to fire a few deafening rounds off to keep back zombies in the process and miss a few beeps, don't fret, simply hold the button on the phone again to activate the code and listen again.

Now that you’ve got a number, go around the map looking for the Summer Nightmare posters dotted around the map randomly on the walls. Each poster will have a specific number printed on it and you need to find the one that matches the Morse code 3 digit number you received via the old telephone blower.

Once you collect the correct poster place it on the spotlight on the roof of the Inferno Disco....I would love to cut a bat shape out of the poster and place it on the spotlight to make a Bat symbol but Infinity Ward said oh hell no.

WARNING : be sure the poster you collect is the correct number otherwise you will have to repeat STEP 4 again and shoot 6 Rat King symbols and repeat the Morse code process again with the same 3 digit number. Repetition sucks!

Step 6 - Spelling Bee

When you place the correct Summer Nightmare poster on the spotlight, found on the roof of the Inferno Disco, a large “X” will appear in a nearby window. This window can be located by simply standing facing the spotlight straight on and do a 180 degree turn and it should be on a building just to the right.

Use any explosive weapon on the “X” to summon a wave of ninjas. Kick the ninja's asses that appear and look for the real challenge that appears. A bunch of scrambled glowing letters will appear after the ninjas are defeated. This is a cypher puzzle, and you’ll need to shoot the glowing letters to spell out the correct word. The word is random every play through.

The symbols / letters for the words we will be spelling out appear on the Disco Inferno rooftop. 

These symbols appear in the following 6 locations:

  • By the Door Leading Downstairs from the Disco Inferno Rooftop

  • Under the scaffolding Sheath  Cloak

  • On the wall to the left of this scaffolding

  • On the underside of the scaffolding top floor board 

  • Inside one of the open windows on the rooftop

  • On a groovy 70's style white coffee table

To help figure out the Cypher, here are some confirmed words the community has found so far. Depending on the length of your word, one of these might work


Cypher Rules: A backwards “S” = “W”

BASEMENT (confirmed)
BREEDER (confirmed)
BROADWAY (confirmed)
BRUTE (confirmed)
CRANE (confirmed)
DEATH (confirmed)
DRAGON (confirmed)
FAIRIES (confirmed)
FORGE (confirmed)
GHETTO (confirmed)
HIVES (confirmed)
KATANA (confirmed)
KEVINSMITH (confirmed)
LOSANGELES (confirmed)
MEMORIES (confirmed)
NEWYORK (confirmed)
NIGHTFALL (confirmed)
NUNCHUCKS (confirmed)
OBELISK (confirmed)
PAMGRIER (confirmed)
PINKCAT (confirmed)
RATKING (confirmed)
REDWOODS (confirmed)
SHAOLIN (confirmed)
SHUFFLE (confirmed)
SLASHER (confirmed)
SPACELAND (confirmed)
TIGER (confirmed)
YETIEYES (confirmed)
ZAPPERS (confirmed)

To get a hint for the word that you are looking to spell, go to the doorway which leads to the stairs and takes you off the rooftop. On the wall, you will see the first letter of the word in pink you are trying to spell. Use the list of words above to work out what the word is and it will help narrow down the word your trying to spell. As you shoot each symbol, the letter if correct, will appear on this wall and you can see what is being spelt out.

If a word is proving difficult to spell and you want an easier one, mess up the spelling of the word by spelling it purposely wrong. The sequence will start again but with a new word to spell.

Here is the full cypher to decode what the symbols translate to in English letters. This is from Mr Darlek JD's video below:

Still unsure? No worries, check out Mr Darlek JD's Video below for an easy tutorial:

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Getting the nunchucks in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies - Infinite Warfare

Tips: -- Turning on the Power -- 

Secrets:  -- Elemental Chi Upgrades -- Hidden Song -- Pack A Punch -- Double Pack A Punching -- Skull Buster Easter Egg -- Nunchucks --

Easter Egg: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Hey guys,

here is how to get the NUNCHUCKS in Shaolin Shuffle for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies. Most of us have come across a pair of nunchucks at one point or another....and hard can it be to be like Bruce Lee and spin them around like its a wet lettuce on a string travelling at 500 miles per hour through the air. Well most of us who have tried to imitate that move usually end up with an ice pack on their head as it takes a hell of a lot of skill and years of training.

Luckily the nunchucks in Shaolin Shuffle are much safer and you can swing them around like a cat in a tiny room without worrying about knocking yourself out. Just worry about knocking zombie skulls off their shoulder and staying alive is your job.

Lets see how to get these iconic kick ass weapons right now! This ain't gonna be easy but somebody has to do these steps...

* NOTE * - On very rare occasions, nunchucks can drop from the MAGIC WHEELS where if you a bit of ga gambler, you might get them at a knock down and save all the hassle of theses steps. Following the steps however will guarantee you a pair rather than a slim chance.

Step 1 - Ahhh....Ahhh...Achoo!....Ahhh....Ahhh....Chi!

First we need to obtain a Chi power from the Black Cat Dojo, and use the power to break wooden barriers which have boarded up portal doorways around the map. To unlock nunchucks, you’ll need to complete several clock puzzles. You better be very punctual and always on time, any slackers who fall behind, will get a clip round the ear rather than a pair of nunchucks :).

The first clock puzzle is found inside the Inferno Disco just as you enter the front door, directly ahead there is a small table , like the reception area, with an alarm clock sitting on it. Activate the alarm clock and a timer will begin to countdown. 

A good thing to have at this point is the Racing Stripes Perk as we need to do everything double time in order to keep up with the timers. Racing Stripes lets you spring for a longer duration without running out of breath.

Do a quick U turn and head out the front door of the disco and run to the upper-left end of this area, to the left of the board up portal door. There will be an item on top of several wooden pallets which you need to pick up, immediately to the left of BLUE BOLTS PERK MACHINE. The item will depend what character you are currently playing as.

If playing as these characters check their corresponding items which will appear:

  • AJ = Trophy
  • Andrea = Mic
  • Poindexter = Comic
  • Sally = News

Melee the item for your particular character, then enter the portal to the right of these pallets.

This portal will transport you to the rooftops, as soon as you arrive, haul ass and turn left and melee the next item on a stack of wooden sheets.

If you have done it in time, you will hear an audio quote from Willard Wyler.

Step 2 - I'm going...I'm going....Deeper Underground! Jamiroquai Baby!

Head down to the Subway area where the Bang Bangs Perk Machine is located. Find and activate the alarm clock here, it is to the left of the stairs as you go down into the subway in front of a giant skull wearing a crown.....what the graffiti artist was thinking when he painted this god knows. However the alarm clock is sitting in front of it on a bit of debris. Activate it then turn left again, and head through the portal door.

This portal door will take you to the area with the Bombstoppers Perk Machine.

Step 3 - My item dumped me

When you appear from the portal, you will be in an alley near the Bombstoppers Perk Machine. To the left of the perk machine is a dumpster which will have another item on it, melee it and you will erase and rewind time back to the subway area. Head back over to the Perk machine Bang Bangs and in front of it will be another item to melee.

I know you feel like this is going on forever to get these nunchucks when I could just order a set off Amazon...but I pat you on the back for getting this far and the end is in sight trust me.

Step 4 - Fire in the Disco! Fire in the Disco! Fire in the gates of Hell!

Now you need to head back up to the Inferno Disco rooftop to find the third alarm clock which is sitting on top of a stack of pancakes....I mean pallets....sorry hunger is taking over my brain as I type this, just below a type of scaffolding. Simply activate it and drop down through the hole in the ceiling which is in the window skylight in front of the poster that's on the wall with what looks like a hand coming out of the ground.

While the alarm clock is activated, drop down through the roof and turn 180 degrees and head toward a purple coloured box which will have a book on top of it that you will need to melee attack to activate it.

Once you slap the taste out of this books mouth, you will be rewound to the roof, where you can run to the edge of the roof and melee attack another book which is sitting on the edge of the building. When you reappear on the roof just do another 180 degree turn and run to the edge of the building and smack it.

Step 5 - Dude your on TV!

For this part we need to activate 1 of 4 TV's dotted around the map. The TV we need to activate depends on what character we are within the game. Each TV is in a different location, here is a list of the TV locations and which character they relate to:

  • Andre's TV - Inside Heebie Geebies - Enter in the door and turn left immediately

  • Sally's TV - inside the train carriage on the seat in the main spawn room

  • A.J.s TV - outside the Pink Cat in front of two cars, one a yellow taxi in the street. On top of a wooden table.

  • Point Dexter's TV - Near Deadeye DewDrops perk machine, in the roof, up the stairs facing the perk machine

If you find the right one, the TV will default to the color test pattern. Keep interacting until a cartoonyrendering of your character’s face appears on the TV set. Once you display your own face on TV, a wave of Zombies and Kung-Fu undead will spawn. Defeat the wave!

Some people argue that you need to defeat the kung fu zombies twice but it worked for me only doing it the once....strange.

Step 6 - Are we there yet?

For this is very last step we need to smash all of the alarm clocks in quick succession. So lets get to it:

1. Melee the alarm clock on the Inferno Disco roof sitting under the scaffolding and on top of a wooden pallet table.
2. Drop down the ledge and attack the clock inside the Inferno Disco itself on the reception desk
3. Enter the Bang Bangs subway and melee the third alarm clock sitting on top of the box on the platform.

If you attack all three alarm clocks quickly, a Fire Sale will appear. Grab the Fire Sale and go to a Magic Wheel. Use the Magic Wheel, and the Nunchuks will appear. You are now the proud owner of a lethal weapon that kicks ass 27/7.

Still not sure how to get them? Follow the video below for an easy step by step guide.

Thanks for reading as always guys.