Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction game mode revealed, includes trailer!

Hi guys,

here is the video for the Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction game mode which the trailer has just been released for and looks very interesting.

Seems to be instead of zombies from Treyarch its some kind of alien infestation that's taking over the planet and its up to the Ghosts or group of 4 characters players to kick some ass and send them back to whatever planet they came from.

Here is the video below and looks quite interesting, cannot wait to try it out. I wonder if it is like a horde mode where you have to just survive to the highest level as it gets harder and harder as it goes on. I love game types where the odd's are stacked against you and have to fight to survive makes it a lot more exciting.

Check it out:

Thanks for reading and don't forget I will be posting all secrets, hints and tips form this game mode and from one player on this blog when its released.



Sunday, 27 October 2013

Call OF Duty Ghosts Game Modes, Multiplayer and Campaign features - COD Ghosts

Quick Background Information from Wikipedia Article to get you In The Mood!

From, Activision, this is to be the tenth main installment in the Call of Duty series, and the sixth developed by Infinity Ward.


The player will assume the role of a character dressed in a military Ghost uniform known only as Hesh. However, Infinity Ward's executive producer Mark Rubin has stated that Hesh is not the character's final name and is just a place holder until the studio can come up with a better name.


As confirmed in the behind-the-scenes video released by Call of Duty, the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Ghosts will not be like the previous Call of Duty games.[how?] New mechanics have been added to the multiplayer. Maps now have areas that can be altered or destroyed. 

On certain maps, there is a Nuke-like kill-streak,the Odin Strike, that can be used by killing the top player on the other team and then completing various challenges after picking up a briefcase that is dropped. The sniper-rifle scopes will also have new "dual render technology" allowing the player to see around the outside of the scope when zoomed in. On October 3, a new multiplayer type was revealed, called Squads. 

This features a squad that you build and you can face other squads around the world. Your squad can be leveled up and will act like a true individual. There have been six confirmed maps so far. "Strikezone", "Octane", "Whiteout", "Stonehaven" and "Chasm" are the five confirmed maps that are in Call of Duty: Ghosts so far. The dynamic map, "Free Fall", is a pre-order bonus. It has also been revealed that the game will feature playable female soldiers.
Multiplayer game modes

Call of Duty: Ghosts brings back a number of fan-favorite modes, while introducing seven new game types, including:

Search and Rescue: A take on Search & Destroy, but rather than having a single life per round, in Search & Rescue a player's team can revive them. It combines that teamwork and communication from Kill Confirmed with the objective-based cooperation of Search & Destroy.

Cranked: In this team-based game mode, the player has to kill an enemy which triggers a timer. The player must get another kill before the timer reaches zero, otherwise they die. The player's movement is enhanced in this game mode.[9]

Free for all: The classic gamemode from previous installments in the franchise returns in Call of Duty: Ghosts, in which players must rack up a total of 30 kills to win the game against seven other opponents or rack up to most kills in a 10 minute time limit.

Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch returns in Call of Duty: Ghosts: two teams, 10 minutes, 75 kill limit.

Search and Destroy: A gamemode in which one side has five minutes to plant a bomb at a choice of two sites and the other team is tasked with defending the sites, the catch of this mode is there are no respawns and the game ends once one team wins four rounds.    

Domination: A gamemode where three flags are scattered throughout the map for players to take and control. Every two seconds a flag in controlled will gain a player's team a point, if a player's team controls two or three flags they gain two or three points. The first team to 200 points or the team with the highest amount of points after 10 minutes wins.

Kill Confirmed: A gamemode in which two teams battle, similar to TDM, with the catch being that when a player kills an enemy they drop a dog tag, which is worth points when collected. If a player collects a fallen teammate's dog tag, no points are award to the enemy team; first team to 100 points wins the game.

Infected: Same as Modern Warfare 3 infected.

Grind: No Information    

Blitz: This team-based game mode is similar to Capture the Flag in that the player needs to go to a portal located at the enemy's spawn point while preventing players from the enemy team from reaching theirs. These portals are temporarily closed when they are captured to prevent players from rushing.

Hunted: No Information 


A playable German Shepherd dog is part of the player's squad.

San Diego is kinetically bombarded by an American space station called the Orbital Defense Initiative (ODIN),[9] after being hacked by a group called the "Federation", resulting in what becomes known as "The Event." As a result, the global balance of power changes: Many countries are decimated, geographical landscapes have changed, and the United States doesn't exist as a superpower. American industries and infrastructures are devastated, casualty ratings are critically high, and the contiguous United States is made vulnerable.[7]

In 2023, the "Federation" (consisting mostly of South American regions) emerges as the world's dominant superpower, invades the crippled United States, and overwhelms their military. With its military crippled, state territories falling, and government structure collapsing, America is losing the war, but remnants of the U.S. military aren't giving up without a fight, so they all created a specialized unit called the "Ghosts", led by a retired U.S. Army captain, Elias Walker (Stephen Lang). He is joined by his sons, Logan and David Walker, American soldiers, along Booth and Neptune, a trained German Shepherd named Riley, and a U.S. Navy SEAL commander, Thomas A. Merrick.[7]

The "Ghosts" are an elite paramilitary force of former U.S. special forces who became more skillful than the Federation's military forces that are capable of waging dangerous guerrilla warfare, clandestine operations, and infiltrations behind enemy lines, even on their mainland, to eradicate all threats in order protect what remains of the United States. These soldiers are determined to keep the existences of the United States and to destroy the Federation by hunting down their leading members, Almagro and Rorke, and to hack the Federation's newly developed space station, "Loki" to completely annihilate them to re-establish American superiority over the world once again.

Call Of Duty Ghosts is Almost Here!! Watch the 3 trailers!!- Call Of Duty Ghosts Posts will be coming soon

Hi guys,

I cannot wait as the new Call Of Duty Ghosts Game is nearly here only about a fortnight left until the carnage begins!

I will be using this blog to leave hints, tips and tricks etc on the one player along with any hidden easter eggs or secrets I find. If there is anything like zombies or as we already know its not Treyarchs turn to make this one, it may be survival mode where all the terrorists etc attack you non stop and you have to hold out as long as you can until the highest level, before going splat.

The tips I will leave if it is a survival mode is the kinds of baddies you will encounter at certain levels, how much weapons cost, cool tactics to use to outwit the enemy and much much more!

Here is all 3 Call OF Duty Ghosts Adverts below if you have not seen them all yet, check them out they are quite good :):

Teabagging - Tea Time Advert

Dinner Time - Cool Sound Effects

 FABOOM! - Best One

Thanks for reading guys and hopefully be enjoying the action with you very very soon :).