Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction game mode revealed, includes trailer!

Hi guys,

here is the video for the Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction game mode which the trailer has just been released for and looks very interesting.

Seems to be instead of zombies from Treyarch its some kind of alien infestation that's taking over the planet and its up to the Ghosts or group of 4 characters players to kick some ass and send them back to whatever planet they came from.

Here is the video below and looks quite interesting, cannot wait to try it out. I wonder if it is like a horde mode where you have to just survive to the highest level as it gets harder and harder as it goes on. I love game types where the odd's are stacked against you and have to fight to survive makes it a lot more exciting.

Check it out:

Thanks for reading and don't forget I will be posting all secrets, hints and tips form this game mode and from one player on this blog when its released.



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