Sunday, 27 October 2013

Call Of Duty Ghosts is Almost Here!! Watch the 3 trailers!!- Call Of Duty Ghosts Posts will be coming soon

Hi guys,

I cannot wait as the new Call Of Duty Ghosts Game is nearly here only about a fortnight left until the carnage begins!

I will be using this blog to leave hints, tips and tricks etc on the one player along with any hidden easter eggs or secrets I find. If there is anything like zombies or as we already know its not Treyarchs turn to make this one, it may be survival mode where all the terrorists etc attack you non stop and you have to hold out as long as you can until the highest level, before going splat.

The tips I will leave if it is a survival mode is the kinds of baddies you will encounter at certain levels, how much weapons cost, cool tactics to use to outwit the enemy and much much more!

Here is all 3 Call OF Duty Ghosts Adverts below if you have not seen them all yet, check them out they are quite good :):

Teabagging - Tea Time Advert

Dinner Time - Cool Sound Effects

 FABOOM! - Best One

Thanks for reading guys and hopefully be enjoying the action with you very very soon :).


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