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All Origins Easter Eggs and Secrets Revealed! Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies

Main Spawn Area:

Trenches Layout from Labratory to the Tank Station and Workshop:

Tank Station Layout:

Workshop Area Layout:

Activating Main Dig Site with gramophone and black record:

Building The Lightning Staff from the purple staff parts and using the tank:

Hi guys,

here is the ultimate post with all of the secrets, easter eggs, hints and tips that Origins has to offer! There is an accompanying video from youtube users, oy myself, to help create the post and show you how to do everything on this map as there is a lot of things to do in it which you may not have seen or heard about.

If there is something not included in the list, it has already been mentioned in my other posts about this level. Such as the original rock song activation by collecting the 3 green rocks for example.There are many videos below so please give them a few seconds to load their image placeholders. Videos are better than text as they show you exactly how to do each of the secrets!

The list of the easter eggs and secrets in this post include:
  • Airstrike Monkey Bomb
  • Golden Shovel Upgrade
  • How to Get The Golden Helmet
  • How to make the Wind staff
  • How to make the Fire staff
  • How to make the Ice staff
  • How to make the Lightning staff
  • FREE MG08 Pack A Punched
  • Extra Zombie Blood When You Need It
  • Zombie Spawn Trick
  • Second Hidden Song Easter Egg
  • Little Lost Girl Easter Egg Achievement
  • Maxis Drone
  • The Ending to Origins

Map Layout for Origins: Updated 08/01/2015
Located at:

Airstrike Monkey Bomb

To get these awesome destructive weapons, you have to take a pebble that is found in the tank station to the church, and place it in the fountain in order to allow it to absorb the souls of the zombies that you kill.

Once you charge it at the fountain with souls, the pebble will appear clean, as it was dirty before, and you must take it back to the table in the tank station wher eyou got it from, and place it back where it was. You Then start killing more zombies and charging their souls into it and voila! Once you have done it a strange object will appear which you can pick up and use it anytime to throw and activate the awesome power of the monkey bomb airstrike.

Check out the videos below of how to do this if not sure how to do these things:

Golden Shovel Upgrade and Golden Helmet

To get the golden shovel, all you need to do is constantly dig up the dig sites that spawn randomly around the place in each round. You need to dig up around 50 of these to get the golden shovel. Once you have the golden shovel, you will notice the bottom right hand corner symbol for your shovel will turn from grey to gold. Now when you dig up dig sites, you will notice a lot more better powerups appearing more often than lots of boobie traps or spawning zombies.

When you have the golden shovel, if you pick up zombie blood, you can dig up flourescent red piles. I believe there's one near Juggernog and one near the laboratory. Not sure about others. It gives you an empty bottle, which then allows you to buy another perk.

Check out the video to see how to get the golden shovel:

To get the Golden Helmet

The Golden Helmet is got by digging up a further 20 dig sites after getting the gold shovel. The Golden Helmet protects you from being stomped on by the robots. A tip is to get a group of the zombies into a robot stomp area and keep them running around until the foot squishes you. The screen will go black but you will get up again yourself, without loosing any perks, and all of the zombies will be killed, as they are now flat as a pancake.

Video On How to make the Ultimate Wind staff

Video On How to make the Ultimate Fire staff

Video On How to make the Ultimate Ice staff

Video On How to make the Ultimate Lightning staff

FREE MG08 Pack A Punched Using The Maxis Drone

Extra Zombie Blood When You Need It

Zombie Spawn Trick

Second Hidden Song Easter Egg

Little Lost Girl Easter Egg Achievement

Building The Maxis Drone

The Ending to Origins

Thanks for reading and watching all of these guides guys and please subscribe to the people who have provided them on thanks.



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