Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Origins Zombies - Activating the main dig site with the gramophone and black record

Origins Zombies - Activating the main dig site with the gramophone and black record
Hi guys,

I have been really busy job hunting and have not been able to draw all of the maps for the Origins map, so instead, I have decided to create my own videos showing you the locations of the parts, how to activate or do certain things in different areas etc as it is a lot faster than drawing the maps out and a lot more clearer.

The Origins map has a lot of different parts to it and including them all on one or two images can be a lot to take in and quite confusing seeing all images etc plastered all over the place.

In this video I have created, I will show you the 3 spawn locations of the BLACK RECORD which is used to be played in the Dig Site Chamber, underneath the Pack-A-Punch Machine, to open the stairways to the place where you can build the 4 different staffs with the parts you have been collecting throughout the level.

There is also a Maxis Drone part in the dig chamber before you go down which looks like a "Valve" from a pipe. If it is not in the dig site chamber before going down the stairs that appear, then it is on the very bottom floor just above where the staffs are built on a small platform which is shown in the video.

When leaving the dig site, don't forget to take the Gramophone with you again as if you go to another dig site without it, it will say you have place it at another location, which can be a bit frustrating sometimes.

Here is the video of how to activate the dig site and where to build the staffs:

I have so far only built the Lightning Staff and the Ice Staff which is linked to at the top of this post.

I am uploading a 30 minute long video which does a walk through of the whole level up to the dig site and before getting onto the zombie tank, which has a separate post, as there are 3 parts to the zombies tank run which you must jump off in order to get all 3 staff parts for the purple (lightning rod).

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Thanks for reading and watching guys.


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