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Zetsubou No Shima Map Layout LABRATORY B - Black Ops 3 Zombies



Map Layouts: -- Main Spawn -- Lab A Perimeter -- LAB A Swamp -- Laboratory A -- LAB B Perimeter -- Laboratory B -- Laboratory B Swamp -- Bunker -- AA Gun -- Docks

Secrets:  -- Gas Mask -- Skull of Nan Sapwe -- Zombie Shield -- KT4 Wonderweapon -- Masamune (KT4 Upgrade) -- Musical -- Golden Bucket -- Spider Bait --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hi guys,
here is the map layout for the 3 sections in the LABRATORY B area of Zetsubou No Shima zombies in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. This areas ground floor is quite large and all 3 floors to the area contains some interesting features such as a zombie shield part spawn location, a spider trap, a musical Easter Egg Teddy location and a temporary power generator.
To get an overview of the entire area before discussing the features, lets take a look at the map layout for LABRATORY B which has been split into 3 areas / floors:
Ground Floor Contains:
  • Trip Mines - Cost 1000
  • Vesper Sub Machine Gun - Costs 1250
  • Spider Trap
  • Zombie Shield Part Spawn Location (1 of 3)
  • Seed Planter
  • Map
  • Access to LABRATORY B SWAMP area
  • Access to LABRATORY B PERIMETER area
  • Access to the BUNKER area


Second Floor Contains: 
  • Spider Trap Control Switch
  • Bucket Spawns
  • GobbleGum Machine
  • Temporary Power Generator (1 of 2)
  • Buildables Table

Third Floor Contains:
  • Musical Teddy Easter Egg Location (1 of 3)
  • Bucket Spawn

There are 3 possible spawn locations here for the zombie shield part to appear on. If you want a definitive guide on how to build the entire zombie shield and where to find the remaining other 2 parts, please check out my ZOMBIE SHIELD GUIDE.

If you love the hidden music the boys at Treyarch throw into their zombie levels, then you will want to activate the Musical Sock Puppet/Teddy that sits on top of a trolley in the LAB B 3rd floor area. Simply go up to it when you find it and hold the use button on it to hear a weird sci-fi special effects kinda sound, indicating you have successfully activated it. All you need to do is find the other 2 teddies, one of which is in the BUNKER and the other in the LAB A area right beside the BLUE IRRADIATED WATER.


As mentioned in the LAB A area map, the spider traps are for luring the spiders that spawn in spider rounds, or  along with the zombies in the higher rounds, in order to extract the first part of the KT4 wonderweapon. Once you have this first part of the KT4, any subsequent spiders you capture and harvest them in the spider trap machine, will yield various powerups such as Max Ammo, Carpenter etc from time to time. If you want to know how to build the KT4, check it out here KT4 BUILDABLES GUIDE.

The temporary power generator is also probably the other most significant feature in this area, as it is 1 of 2 temporary generators that need to be active at the same time as each other in order to grant access to the BUNKER area, where you can then flip the switch for permanent power. This will mean the power will be on to everything in the map for the rest of the game.

Thanks for reading as always guys.


Monday, 20 June 2016

Zetsubou No Shima Map Layout LAB B Perimeter - Black Ops 3 Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Main Spawn -- Lab A Perimeter -- LAB A Swamp -- Laboratory A -- LAB B Perimeter -- Laboratory B -- Laboratory B Swamp -- Bunker -- AA Gun -- Docks

Secrets:  -- Gas Mask -- Skull of Nan Sapwe -- Zombie Shield -- KT4 Wonderweapon -- Masamune (KT4 Upgrade) -- Musical -- Golden Bucket -- Spider Bait --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hi guys,

here is the map layout for the LAB B Perimeter, which consists of two areas, for Zetsubou No Shima zombies in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. This area does not have a lot of room so watch out for tight spaces and corridors that you may get swamped in by a zombie horde. You can get into this area straight away by opening the first door on the right of the MAIN SPAWN AREA.

I think the saying goes 4 heads are better than one? this area as it contains the MAIN SKULL SHRINE which houses all 4 skulls that need to be placed on each of the shrines dotted around the map, which corresponds to that skulls symbol.

Lets see what the area looks like from above for LAB B PERIMETER:

This area has a few key features to note such as:

4 Skull Shrine

Use the 4 skulls to match their corresponding symbols to the shrines dotted around this level. Pick up a skull, check the symbol on it,  and take it to the corresponding area that has that symbol on its skull shrine. Place the skull on it and you will initiate a spawn of zombies hell bent on only destroying the shrine itself rather than you. While they are doing this however, the normal zombies will spawn within the round you are in so watch your back. One zombie may not attack you but one may surprise you and take a chunk out of your arm when you least expect it....don't be on the lunch menu!

To help you out, here are the 4 symbols that the skulls have on them:

Personal Challenges on the Pillars around the Shrine

As part of the Main Easter Egg, each player must complete their own personal challenges before continuing a certain part of the Easter Egg, if 2 or more players are playing, everyone has to complete their own personal challenges, on solo mode, you only need to complete the 3 given to your character.
Walk up to the pillars around the SKULL SHRINE and you will only be able to look at the ones that apply to you so check all of them. Some of the tasks you may be asked to do include:
  • Use the Fan Trap to Kill 20 Zombies
  • Kill 10 Spore Infected Zombies with headshots
  • Kill 3 zombies as they are mutating
as well as many others so just keep track of which ones you have completed and have still to do. Once completed each one will flash on the screen notifying you which one has been done. This is part of the MAIN EASTER EGG and must be completed to finish this map.
Other things in these two areas include:
  • Perk Machine
  • LCAR-9 machine pistol
  • Argus shotgun
  • 2 Seed Planters
  • 4 Skull Shrine
  • Mystery Box Location
  • Access to Bunker
  • Access to Lab B Swamp
  • Access to Main Spawn Area

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Masamune Upgrading the KT4 Wonderweapon Buildable Guide - Zetsubou No Shima Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Main Spawn -- Lab A Perimeter -- LAB A Swamp -- Laboratory A --  LAB B Perimeter -- Laboratory B -- Laboratory B Swamp -- Bunker -- AA Gun -- Docks

Secrets:  -- Gas Mask -- Skull of Nan Sapwe -- Zombie Shield -- KT4 Wonderweapon -- Masamune (KT4 Upgrade) -- Musical -- Golden Bucket -- Spider Bait --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hi guys,

here is the guide on how to upgrade the KT4 Wonder Weapon in Zetsubou No Shima zombies for Black Ops 3. The steps in this guide can be done in any order that you like, however these appear to be the easiest way of upgrading the weapons as bees do.... it birds do..... it even educated fleas do it.....and so does everyone else on Youtube videos. So lets start the guide off and get down to business with the first "recommended" step.

Step 1 - Giant Killer Spiders....Just Another Day At The Office

We will first deal with the Giant Spider Boss that lives in the cave covered by spider webs, just behind the blue irradiated water pool. This is located in the LAB A area of the map. You will of course need to have the original KT4 built already in order to upgrade it.....silly of me to mention now....but I just remembered :). Simply locate the cobwebs in the LAB A area and charge the KT4 with a charged shot and blow these cobwebs into oblivion.

Simply go into the cave, initiate the boss fight and kill the giant spider boss by shooting it in its weak spot which is its mouth. When it collapses into a giant heap, walk up to its mouth and pull one of its teeth need to freeze the won't feel a thing as its dead anyway. This is the first part that is required as part of the KT4 upgrade well done.
Step 2 - Use your scone....I mean skull.
In order to get the second part for this upgrade, you will need to have already obtained the SKULL OF NAN SAPWE. The skull will relate to the 3 individual challenges that are randomly placed on the pillars for each player at the start of every game near the LAB B area. This is the area which has 4 pillars and a plinth in the middle of them containing the SKULL SHRINE skulls.
These 3 challenges, if playing in SOLO MODE, need to be achieved first for this step to work.....if playing in CO OP MODE...all players must have their characters individual challenges completed first. Once ALL players or yourself in SOLO mode have all these 3 challenges completed, you now want to build yourself the ZOMBIE SHIELD.
Once you have it built, you want to return to the 4 pillars area near LAB B and equip the shield on your character. Then you need to stand in the circular plinth area and hang around until your hit by a lightning bolt to electrify your shield. When you equip your shield, you will notice little electrical currents running through it, this means it has worked.

Step 3 - Batter that Control Panel

With your Zombie shield now charged with several billion volts of electricity, which I am sure is entirely safe, head over to the LAB B area and make your way over to the cage within LAB B. Equip your electrified zombie shield and hit the control panel while the power is on and the cage is within the lab and not lowered. When you hit the control panel, you will notice the cage door will open and allow you to get inside it.

If playing in SOLO MODE, simply get in the cage and it will automatically lower you down into the murky depth's of an underground section....if in multiplayer, when you get into the cage, you will need another player to press the control panel to activate your descent. Don't be afraid when the cage door opens, get in and it will start to lower automatically in SOLO or tell someone to hit the button to lower. You will then descend down into a blue glowing room. You will have a certain amount of time to find the skeleton who has perished down here at some point and take the second part off its decaying bones which is a blue sort of vile.

If in SOLO mode as soon as you pick up the piece you will return to the LAB B automatically, if in multiplayer, someone will need to hit the switch again to bring you back up or you will be stuck there forever and end up like Mr Skeleton you just met.

Step 4 - Green Fingers with Rainbow Water

In order to perform the final step in this guide, you will need one SEED that has been dropped by a zombie along with a special kind of water called RAINBOW WATER, which is a type of Element 115 water. To perform this final step, you need to head down  from where the VISION 9 test subjects room is to where the pipe system is located underneath.


use the sewer pipe control panel to throw you out into the SWAMP AREA of LAB B, but, on your way through this pipe you need to keep an eye out for a blue glowing area inside the tube which contains a special type of Element 115 water called Rainbow Water. You will need to have the bucket equipped and hold the use button in when going past and looking at the BLUE glowing area. This will fill the bucket with the special water.

Now that we have the special water we need gathered for step 4, we need to head back down to where the VISION 9 test subjects are for a little swim again. Head down to the area where MULE KICK is and go under the water in this area. Head down to the area where you picked up the UNDERWATER FLOWER part for the original building of the KT4 Wonder Weapon and whip out the Skull of Nan Sapwe. Where the part originally was for the KT4, use the skull to make the wall disappear to reveal a hidden underwater seed planter which lets you plant a new seed.

Once planted, you will need to come back here a total of 3 rounds after this, watering it each round until it is ready to be picked up as a part. You will notice it growing each round and then bursting into flower at the end. On the third round after watering, get down there and pick this part up.

Once you have all 3 part, simply go back down to the area where you built the original KT4 and instead of putting it in the same machine, put it in the machine located to the right of it, which is the upgrading machine. Place the KT4 in this machine and it will be upgraded to the MASAMUNE

This weapon does some very dangerous damage to any zombies or creatures caught in its blast radius. It has a chain reaction when it is fired and makes quick work of large groups of zombies, as well as having much more ammo than the normal KT4.

If you are unsure about any of these steps, check out MR DALEKJD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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Zetsubou No Shima KT4 Wonderweapon Buildable Guide - Black Ops 3 Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Main Spawn -- Lab A Perimeter -- LAB A Swamp -- Laboratory A -- LAB B Perimeter -- Laboratory B -- Laboratory B Swamp -- Bunker -- AA Gun -- Docks

Secrets:  -- Gas Mask -- Skull of Nan Sapwe -- Zombie Shield -- KT4 Wonderweapon -- Masamune (KT4 Upgrade) -- Musical -- Golden Bucket -- Spider Bait --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hi guys,

here is the guide on how to build the KT4 Wonderweapon in Zetsubou No Shima. This awesome weapon can shoot out acid shots as well as charged shots that just create absolute to delight for you to watch, but creates a total nightmare for the zombies caught up in its charged blasts. It is very much like the Sliquifier's big brother from the map in Black Ops 2 Called "Die Rise". Holding down the shoot button charges the weapon and fires out a massive burst of slippery acid which also kills the zombies at the same time as making them fall on their backsides.

Your probably dying to see how its built right? Well lets get down to it, get the parts, the tools and get DIYing.

Step 1 - Spider Hunter

For the first step, we need to have the LAB A area opened up and power active in this area. In order to get the power active for LAB A, you need to fill a bucket with irradiated water and dump it into the power generator located inside the lab. This is a temporary power generator and only lasts around 2 or 3 minutes before running out and needing a refill. Only start the generator if you know your coming up to a spider round, usually every 5 or 6 rounds.

Once the generator is up and running and you have paid your electric bill, use the control panel that was originally lit up as red which is beside the cage in the middle of LAB A. Activating this control panel will drop the cage down below, along with some bait, in the form of a smelly, rotting, purple coloured hand, which attracts spiders to it.

When on a spider round, stay down below near the cage until a spider runs into the cage and gets trapped within it. If there are still spiders around, kill the remainder of them, there's no rush, unless the trapped spider can chew through solid steel which is highly unlikely, however stranger things have happened.

When the round is over, head back up to the control panel to retract the cage back into the lab. When it comes back up, the machine beside it will automatically extract purple stuff from it into a vile located on the robotic arm carrying out the procedure. This will reveal the first part of the KT4 Wonderweapon which can be picked up by simply holding the use button on the machine when it finishes to pick up the purple vile.


Don't worry if the power runs out when the spider is trapped in the cage and you cannot retract it, simply go and fill the bucket up with irradiated water and fill up the temporary generator and then hit the control panel which will be active again.

Step 2 - Did you pay this months Electric Bill?

In order to collect the second part for the KT4, the PERMANENT POWER for this map must be activated first. When the power is activated, in the next 2 to 4 rounds, you will notice glowing zombie at some point. We don't mean glowing as in a giant shiny disco ball, but you will notice a small glowing object on their person. When you kill this particular zombie, it should drop the part for you to pick up.

The part does look like a radioactive glowing rod from the Simpsons that Homer carries around from time to time. What it is....I am not sure....what it is used the KT4 Wonder Weapon....enough said.

Part 3 - I'm Going....I'm Going....I'm Going Deeper Underground!

For the third and final part we need to head over to the bunker area and head to the very far end of it and take a door on the right hand side. This room will lead you to an area which contains the Division 9 test subjects who are not looking to well at all. Walking on past these monstrosities, there will be some stairs you can head down that lead to a door that needs opened. As soon as you open the door, you won't be greeted with a mule kicking you in the face, but the MULE KICK perk machine s located on the other side of this door.

I hope you like swimming and brought your trunks, because its time to go for a dip under this section of water that you can see in the above picture. While down there, you will also find a PACK A PUNCH piece, but we are solely interested in the KT4 piece, which is a type of flower that grows underwater. Sticking mainly to the right hand side of this underwater section, make sure you keep taking in regular air by surfacing in the available areas above you, or by using the underwater spores to replenish your oxygen supply. To do this, simply shoot the spore and when it explodes, swim into the air bubbles it creates to get some oxygen goodness.

You will know when your close to the flower as its in a very blue area as shown above. It is right at the very end of this underwater tunnel. If unsure where to go, check out MRDALEKJD's video at the end of this post.

Step 4 - Putting the Pieces together like a jigsaw

Once you have all the 3 pieces, head back to the area where MULE KICK is and find the area which has an industrial looking machine with lots of pipes and weird stuff coming in and out of it. Put all the parts into here and let it work its magic to give you the weapon every zombie hunter dreams of.

Still unsure how to build the KT4 Wonderweapon? Then check out MR DALEKJD's youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.