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Shadows Of Evil Waterfront Area Map Layout Part 2 - Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies


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Hi guys,

here is the second part of the Waterfront District for Shadows Of Evil Black Ops 3 Zombies. This area here leads down to the ANVIL boxing ring where the ring houses one of the four Ritual Tables that are spread across the map. To get into the Anvil boxing ring, you need to be in BEAST mode to open the door.

Here is the Map Layout for The Waterfront District Part 2:

It also houses one of the maps BUILD TABLES along with access to the walkways that are above the Waterfront District Part 1 which lead to a building that reveals an Apothicon Statue location. This access is just off the stairs going up to the train station and costs 1250 credits to get access to this area from this side. 

Apothicon statues as we know are used to charge the Apothicon Eggs that have been brought back from the RIFT in order to charge the eggs with zombie souls to get the Apothicon Sword in return. That's one heck of a mouthful in one sentence, but, if you have watched my Apothicon sword guide then you will understand it completely.


More importantly though this actual area contains the train station for the area which allows you to hop aboard the zombie express and make your way to the other districts spread across the map. Don't forget when on the train to keep an eye out the BOOTLEGGER side of the train in order to spot the symbols in the open windows of certain buildings which can be used to open the wall location to the Apothicon Sword in the RIFT area.

The TRIP MINES in this location are a real life saver sometimes and are definitely worth the 1000 credit investment. Placing them in strategic locations can help stop zombies sneaking up behind you or dropping down from above unexpectedly, trust me it will happen from time to time.

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